Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Second Chance Book Swap!

Were you unable to attend the book swap last week here on the blog? If you did come, did you think of some other books you'd be willing to exchange or some more books you've been eager to find? Well, here's your second chance to swap some books!

The guidelines are the same as the ones posted last Friday. If you missed that post, click HERE to check it out.

I personally won't be joining in on this one since I made a lot of swaps last time, but I hope that everyone enjoys this opportunity to swap again!

Just post a list of some books you're willing to swap and a list of some books you're interested in, along with your e-mail address, in the comments section, and see if anyone's lists match up with yours!

Let the swapping begin!

(Remember that you will have to cover the cost of shipping for each book you swap. Have fun!)


Amber Holcomb said...

Well, I guess everyone pretty much had their fill of swapping, then! ;)


Katie Marie said...

lol! Well, I have a few I am willing to swap - but since I participated in last weeks swap, I was going to wait until somebody new posted theirs first. :-)

I'll still be checking back on this post, if any newcomers come by this weekend. :-)

~ Katy

Beth said...

Last week I didn't get to sawp any books. I guess no one else in Australia reads this blog (or if they do, they didn't want to swap).

I have added one more book to my list. I can't think specifically of any books I really want at the moment (I know there are some, but most of them haven't been published yet).

*A Very Private Grave by Donna Fletcher Crow
*Virtually Eliminated by Jefferson Scott
*To Catch a Thief Series by Jill Elizabeth Nelson (3 books)
*Historical Fiction series by Liz Curtis Higgs (4 books - Thorn in My Heart etc)
*Key to Zion by Bodie Thoene (#5 in the Zion Chronicles)

So, if there is anyone in Australia ...
contact me at
bethstitch09 at yahoo dot com dot au
Please put Seasons of Humility Book Swap in the subject line.

Katie Marie said...

Ohh, those books by Liz Curtiz Higgs and Bodie Thoene look tempting! But...unfortunantly, I do not live in Australia. What a bummer!

Here's the list of my books available for swap...

- The Confirmation, Ralph Reed
- They Called Her Mrs. Doc, Jenette Oke
- Love's First Bloom, Delia Parr
- (ARC) No Safe Haven, Kimberly & Kayla Woodhouse
- Glimpses of Truth, Jack Cavanaugh
- All I'll Ever Need, Harry Kraus
- Song of the Silent Harp, BJ Hoff
- Heart of the Lonely Exile, BJ Hoff

Books I am looking for...

- Highland Blessings, Jennifer Hudson Taylor
- Scattered Petals, Amanda Cabot
- Courting Morrow Little, Laura Frantz
- Abigail, Jill Eileen Smith
- One of Michelle Moran's books :-)

USA to USA only

~ Katy

Amber Holcomb said...

BETH: I'm sorry you haven't had any takers yet... :( But I still think it would be great if you could host a book swap for the bloggers in Australia! It was a lot of fun swapping here in the U.S., and I would love to see you have a chance to swap, too!

KATY: Thanks so much for stopping by! Before your comment I could hear the crickets chirping in the auditorium... LOL Here's hoping some of those who didn't get to participate last week stop by soon! :)


Katie Marie said...

Amber - lol! Well,even if no one stops by for this second chance - ill save my books for the next swap you host. *wink*