Seasons of Humility

A Poem by Amber Stokes

All that remains of a broken dream:
Shattered leaves strewn on the ground.
Once so whole, so vibrant, so green,
Faintly glowing without a sound
As darkness surrounds.

Just dead gold and red left on the tracks
And flying by the window in the wind.
Words that say, "No more lookin' back,"
But turn around and it's there again:
A plea to send.

Oh! The autumn ends so painfully;
Winter months last so very long.
Yet through it all, a Presence beside me:
Comforting, enduring, and strong,
Above the wrong.

Spring comes again; new trust blooms forth.
Bright blossoms grow from rain and tears:
A reminder of the journey's worth.
In the humble cycle of holy fear,
God is near.