My Rating System

I thought I would add a fun touch to my ratings for books that I review, so here's what each rating means:

Summer ~ This book is excellent! A "couldn't-put-it-down," "hate-to-see-it-end," "would-read-it-over-and-over" sort of book! This is the kind of book that is beautifully written and will not be soon forgotten.

Spring ~ This book is good! A "fun-to-read," enjoyable book that is well-written and insightful. This is the kind of book that is great, but perhaps not fully "grown"—still in the blossoming stage.

Fall ~ This book has potential. It's all right to read this book once, and it provides some entertainment. However, this book might not be as deep, and it is not as easily recommendable.

Winter ~ This book cannot be recommended. For some reason, whether it is poorly written, inappropriate, or simply superficial, this book does not provide a good or meaningful reading experience.