Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

As you can probably tell by the new background, color scheme, and banner picture, a new season has come to "Seasons of Humility!" It's always fun redecorating the blog for each new season and thinking about the seasons of humility in conjunction with the seasons of nature.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the poem I wrote that inspired the title of this blog, feel free to click HERE if you're interested in reading it. The "spring" of the seasons of humility is a time when "new trust blooms forth"--a time when we have gone through the painful process of letting go of our own dreams/plans and waited to see God's plan, and now we can catch glimpses of His work in our lives. The "rain and tears" have given way to new blossoms, and growth is starting to become evident in our lives. Through God's grace may we come once again to the "spring" season of humility!

I think the banner picture captures this season of humility well. It shows the barren trees leftover from the time of waiting and faith in the "winter," but it also shows green grass and bright yellow daffodils--reminders of "spring" and new life. There is a joyous sense of expectation and hope. (The picture is one I took on my field trip last weekend to Fort Vancouver; that is the garden right outside the front of the fort. Doesn't it look inviting?)

As for the background, one of my favorite children's books is one my mom used to read to me (and one we quote off and on!) called A Picnic in the Woods. In the book Mickey, Minnie, and their nephews see a lot of plants and wildlife while they're in the woods, and one of the plants they see is the Black-eyed Susan flower. Now, I'm not completely positive (as I'm not a horticulturist) but I think that's what these flowers to the left (in the background) are. I mostly picked the picture because it matches with the banner picture and it goes well with spring, but I do also like that it reminds me of that cute book! ;)

Anyway, happy spring to you all, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new design if you'd like to share!


Kav said...

Love the new design, Amber. There's something so cheerful about polka dots, isn't there? And yep, these look like the brown eyed Susans I have (or will have) growing in my garden. We're still under piles of snow here, but there are patches of yucky brown stuff that will soon be grass again! LOL. And the birds have started singing in the morning again. Haven't seen a robin yet though, but the air feels like spring, if that makes any sense.

Michelle said...

Love the new design! So pretty.

I traveled home this weekend, and noticed the trees are starting to bloom. :)

Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you so much! And yes, I think polka dots can be quite cheerful! :)

I'm glad I got the name of the flower right--thank you for reassuring me. ;) I hope that "yucky brown stuff" becomes grass soon, and that you get to see a robin in the near future! It's wonderful that you're starting to feel spring in the air. :)


Amber Holcomb said...


Oh, I'm glad you like it--thank you! :)

Yay for being at home! I'm here at home for spring break, and it's wonderful to be with my family again. :)

I noticed the trees on campus just started to bloom recently, too--hooray!