Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogoversary Day 4: Remembering Mystery Week

Welcome to the fourth day of my blogoversary extravaganza! Today we're looking back to Mystery Week (from last September). While I may not have another short mystery story for you today, author S. Dionne Moore has a very special and fun treat for ya'll!

For those of you who are visiting or are new to the blog (or if you just want a blast from the past!), here are the links to the posts from Pre-Mystery Week:
And here are the links to the posts from Mystery Week, which included a short story I wrote in five installments:
It was so much fun glancing back at these posts and the subsequent comments when adding the links here--I might just have to include another Mystery Week in my second year of blogging! ;) Just out of curiosity, what themed weeks would you like to see make a repeat appearance on "Seasons of Humility"?

And now, the "Mysterious Mrs. S." is back with an awesome interview!

Amber: It’s such a pleasure to host you here at “Seasons of Humility” again! I guess you’re no longer the “Mysterious Mrs. S.” anymore, since we already revealed your name last time. ;)

Sandra: Nope. And I can blame the whole “S” thing on the *other* Sandra. My editor contracted her before me, so asked me if I had some other name I wanted to use to avoid confusion. Since my middle name is unique, that’s what I decided to use.

Amber: I think it makes for a very cool pen name! Could you share with us what you’ve been up to in your writing career since September 2010?

Sandra: Oh dear. Since September 2010? Let’s see. I finished up the edits of my second PA Historical Romance, Promise of Yesterday, which released in December. Finished writing the last book of the series, Promise of Time, which releases in April of 2011, and both started and finished the first book in my Wyoming Historical Romance series titled, A Sheepherder’s Song. Oy! I didn’t realized I’d accomplished so much in such a short time until I had to answer that question.

Amber: Wow! Way to go! I'm definitely looking forward to diving into some more of your work this summer. =) What’s on the agenda for this next year? Any new books we should be on the lookout for?

Sandra: In addition to the first book in my Wyoming series, I’ll be working on the second (April - July) and the third (August - November). I’ll have edits for Recipe for Deceit which allows me to return to the first character whose personality landed my first contract, LaTisha Barnhart. Promise Brides, the 3-in-1, of all the PA historicals will release in November. Recipe for Deceit releases in October.

Mystery lovers might be interested to know that Recipe for Deceit, the third and final book in the cozy mystery series, revisits the town of Maple Gap. We discover just what Mayor Taser, Hardy, and a slew of new characters have all been up to using Your Goose Is Cooked, Maple Gap’s premiere restaurant, which LaTisha now owns, as setting.

Amber: Awesome! I loved the characters from Polly Dent Loses Grip. ;)

Your first interview here was centered
on mysteries: ones you’ve solved, ones you write about, and ones my readers could help you solve. Got any new mysteries for my readers to solve?

Sandra: There’s a hidden object game on my Website. For those of you who can find all eight mice, email me with the locations and I’ll enter you for a chance to win the entire collection of my PA Historical Romance (3 books!), autographed to you or the person of your choosing.

Amber: Sounds super fun! (Readers, you better head on over there as soon as you finish reading this interview!)

If we could celebrate this blogoversary in “real life” (as a tangible party and not just a cyber party) and you were asked to help come up with ideas for the party, what would you suggest?

Sandra: Armchairs with ottomans. A librarian-look-alike lady, bun and spectacles in place--her presence will maintain the quiet needed as we read quietly. Hot chocolate, teas, and mochas will be served. Reading glasses must be in place before entering the premises.

You will be handed a mystery and asked what hot drink you would like to accompany your escape into crime-solving. A tuxedoed male will keep the fire roaring in the fireplace. Every 50 minutes there will be a break from reading for a bit of sharing on the likes/dislikes of the book you’re reading.

Is this party rocking it or what?

Oh. I forgot to add an event in my description above--Naptime is a requirement and will occur at three hour intervals.

Amber: Hahaha--love it! Do you have a funny memory you can share with us from a party/celebration that you attended or hosted this past year?

Sandra: Uh. Heart-shaped balloons give a really bad impression as they deflate. I was decorating for a Bridal shower to be held at our church, in the fellowship hall. Every time I caught a glimpse of those balloons, I just wanted to crawl under the table.

Amber: Hehehe! Oh goodness, Sandra--too funny! ;) Thank you so much for joining us today and for putting together that activity for my readers!

The Giveaway

Well, if you've been observant when reading this interview (as any good sleuth would be, right?), you already know what the giveaway is! But just to remind you, here it is:

"There’s a hidden object game on my Website. For those of you who can find all eight mice, email me [Sandra] with the locations and I’ll enter you for a chance to win the entire collection of my PA Historical Romance (3 books!), autographed to you or the person of your choosing."

So head on over to Sandra's website right now! And if you're a proper detective, you should have no problem discovering Sandra's e-mail either. ;) (Hint: Check out her website!)

(The first author I ever interviewed on my blog was Leanna Ellis--and tomorrow she's visiting here again with another fun interview and giveaway! Be sure to stop by!)


Elizabeth Ludwig said...

MICE? It couldn't be bunnies, or chocolate eggs in keeping with the season?


Congratulations on a year of successful blogging, Amber. I hope you have many happy posts ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me back, Amber. And please, to all those who read the interview, I'm being overrun with mice. Help me get the population under control before I'm nibbled and chewed to death.

And Lisa, babe, shouldn't you be working instead of blogging? Hm. . .??

Casey said...

LOL, okay, you talked me into it. That and the cover. ;)

I'm headed over. :)

Julia said...

Great interview. I don't know if I have time to find the mice, but just wanted to say I enjoyed the interview very much and love all these themed parties!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Casey. I love the cover of Promise of Time too. So ethereal. Hm, did I spell that right?

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

well done Amber & thx, Sandra, for creativity!

Amber Holcomb said...

Sandra, thanks so much for doing this fun interview with me! :D

CASEY: Did you find all the mice??? I hope somebody helped Sandra catch all of them, because I've heard they've been there for a while... ;)

LISA: I know, right? I'm game for chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies! ;)

JULIE: Aw, I'm glad you like the themed parties! Thanks for stopping by!

FAITH HOPE CHERRYTEA: Thanks! :) Isn't Sandra creative?

SANDRA: I have to agree with you and Casey--the cover of Promise of Time is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Done! YAY!

Amber Holcomb said...

MOLLY: Do you mean you found all the mice??? Hooray! I'm sure you've already done so, but (just in case) be sure to e-mail Sandra and let her know! She'll be thrilled. :)