Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of Summer Bash with T.L. Higley!

I am thrilled to host author T.L. Higley here at "Seasons of Humility" today! Tracy's "Seven Wonders" books are fascinating, and she has a new book coming out this fall! You can find out more about Tracy at her website.

Welcome, Tracy!

Amber: What is your favorite part about late summer?

Tracy: I love the perfect weather in late summer, in my part of the country (the Northeast). Perfect for sunset walks, for sitting on the deck, with just a hint of coolness.

Amber: If you were planning an “End of Summer” party for your family and friends, how would you envision it? Would you want a beach party, a picnic in the park, a neighborhood barbecue, or something else entirely?

Tracy: I’d love something adventurous! Maybe a scavenger hunt, or hiking in the woods, with a big campfire in the evening. Lots of s’mores, of course!

Amber: Yum! =) Sounds good to me! As autumn appears on the horizon, what do you anticipate about this next season the most? Do you have any fall traditions or memories you would like to share?

Tracy: I absolutely love the colors of fall. I tend to dress in warm autumn colors, and my home d├ęcor is all burgundies and chocolate browns and golds. So when the fall actually arrives, it feels like home to me!

Amber: Of the books you have written, do you have a favorite? If so, which one is it and why is it your favorite?

Tracy: Tough question! That’s like asking which of my kids is my favorite. I like them all, for different reasons! I’d have to say that my favorite characters thus far are in Guardian of the Flame, including Cleopatra and Julius Caesar!

Amber: I loved the characters in that story, too. =) What’s next in your writing career? We would love to hear about any upcoming releases!

Well, Petra: City in Stone releases in a couple of weeks, followed by Pompeii: City on Fire next year. I’m very excited about both of these books. If you’ve seen the third Indiana Jones movie, The Last Crusade, you’ll recognize Petra – it’s a city built into stone in the middle of the desert, and a great setting for a historical suspense novel!

Amber: I am so excited for this new series! Thank you so much for joining the celebration!

Tracy: You’re welcome! Thanks for including me!

Now, readers, as many of you know Ashley from After All....... Tomorrow is Another Day is having a countdown party anticipating the release of A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman. (Be sure and click on the picture link in the sidebar and enter her fabulous giveaway!) Anyway, we've been discussing which books we've really anticipated (or are still anticipating) this year. I have to tell you, Petra: City in Stone is up near the top of the list for me! I can't wait to read it!

So, in addition to leaving a comment for Tracy, does anybody want to share about the books coming out this fall that you're looking forward to reading? With the release of so many wonderful books this next season, we have quite a lot to look forward to!


Casey said...

Am I the first? That is unusual!

I have noticed something lately, all authors pretty much say the same thing: they can't pick a favorite of their books because it is like choosing favorite children. So interesting!

I am really looking forward to Tamera Alexander's latest book: Within My Heart. So excited to get that one!! It can't get here soon enough, I have been waiting for this one for a long time.

Amber Holcomb said...


I was kind of curious that there weren't any comments waiting when I woke up this morning. Everybody must be busy today or something! ;)

And yes, isn't that interesting! I guess I need to stop asking the "favorites" questions, because when it comes to books none of us can choose! (Just ask Kav!) ;)

I'm really looking forward to Within My Heart, as well! I loved the first two in the series, and I just know this one will be special!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Julia M. Reffner said...

Great interview! I loved meeting T.L. especially since I listened to your recommendation and will be reviewing her newest. Can't wait! It sounds fantastic!

Amber Holcomb said...


Glad you enjoyed the interview! :) Tracy is great, isn't she? And I'm so happy you're going to be able to review her latest book! I hope you enjoy it!


Bluerose said...

I hate to say this is a new author for me. I will definitely be checking out her books, though!! They sound very interesting!
When I started trying to decide my top 10 can't wait reads, it was so hard!! There's so many I can't wait to read.
I think I wrote at Ashley's blog yesterday that my top 9 is probably a 9-way tie. (and that's leaving out lots of them)!! :)

Amber Holcomb said...


I hope you do check out Tracy's books--they're great! :) The first one I read was City of the Dead, which is actually the second of the "Seven Wonders" series. But in my opinion it's fine to read them out of order as they are all completely different storylines--but I definitely recommend all 3 of them: Shadow of Colossus, City of the Dead, and Guardian of the Flame. They're great!!!

I don't think I've even tried to narrow down my can't-wait-to-read books to the top 10; like you said, there are just too many! ;)


Ashley (Ibreath2read) said...

Hey Amber,
I know I'm a day late, but I hope you won't hate me too much. I haven't read any og Ms. Higley's books, but I like the time periode she is using in Petra.Very fresh and interesting.
And thank you so much Amber, for mentioning my blog and giveaway. You're such a sweeheart! And a book I'm excited about reading would be Surrender The Heart. I can't wait to ge my hands on that book;)
love Ya,

Amber Holcomb said...


No problem at all! ;) I definitely recommend Tracy's books--they're definitely "fresh and interesting," as you said!

And I'm more than happy to mention your lovely blog and your fabulous giveaway. :) I'm super excited about Surrender the Heart, as well, which I will hopefully get to read soon!!! I hope you can get a copy soon, too!