Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday by the Sea

Looking out at the sea, it's moving to take in the sheer vastness of it all. Our own vision is limited so much, but isn't it wonderful to know that we can't see the ocean in its entirety from our position on the shore or even on the deck of a ship? We can glance around us and know that there are opportunities for adventure out there just beyond the horizon.

Author Cerella Sechrist wrote a post on this subject several months ago, and I remember how inspired I was by it. This subject, the idea of the distant horizon, is a hopeful one, and one I love to contemplate. When Captain Jack Sparrow says, "Now, bring me that horizon," he's reaching out for all the possibilities his journey on the sea can bring. The ending of Pirates of the Caribbean is beautiful because the ocean stretches out before the crew, and Captain Jack is heading for those open waters--the mysterious and wondrous unknown.

I love that element of adventure in MaryLu Tyndall's books, as well. Her books are enchanting, and I'm drawn to that horizon of the imagination, where stories set sail and take on life. Tyndall really captures that feeling of excitement--the thrill of being on the sea. Her first book, The Redemption, is full of life and the grandeur of far off places, and ever since reading it I've been eager to read each new book she writes.

Oh, to be able to write like that . . . to be able to live like that! When we have the hope of home--in heaven with the Lord, someday--then this life really can be an adventure. When we are at rest in the Lord's grace, why worry about the temporary aspects of this life? I know that it's one of those things that's easier said than done. I worry, but I have no need to do so. My life is a journey. I'm not home yet, but because I have the hope of going home, I have the inspiration to truly live.

I love what MaryLu Tyndall writes at the end of her e-mails: "Live in the awareness of your eternal destiny." What a stunning word of encouragement! God's plans are so much grander and so much more meaningful than anything we could think up. For God, He sees all that ocean of time out there and yet knows the specific horizon each of us sees from our perspective on the beach. And He whispers to our hearts that there's a whole ocean out there He wants to show us. So let's raise the sails, step on that ship, and agree with Jack: "Now, bring me that horizon."

"But I am the Lord thy God, that divided the sea, whose waves roared: The Lord of hosts is his name." Isaiah 51:15

(The picture above is of my sister. =) Special thanks to authors Cerella Sechrist and MaryLu Tyndall for inspiring me!)


Kav said...

Lovely reflections this morning. I like the idea of looking at the vastness of the ocean and the horizon as an opportunity for adventure rather than something to fear. Love that quote: "Live in the awareness of your eternal destiny."

This blog post reminds me of Peter trying to walk on water. He managed a couple of steps when he was all fired up with the spirit and then he let a doubt creep in and sank like a stone even though he had Jesus right there with him. I think he let fear get in the way of his faith -- and self-doubt. It was one thing for the Son of God to walk on water, but who was he to try the same thing? That's what I thought of when I read your words on the horizon. Sometimes I look at all that vastness and panic when I don't have to because I have Jesus by my side too.

Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you! I love that outlook, too--seeing all the hope of adventure instead of the fear of what we can't know right now. And isn't that quote wonderful? :)

Thank you, also, for sharing your own encouraging thoughts. That story from Peter's life is such a great reminder for us. I have so much to learn, but I need to remember that no matter where I go Jesus will indeed be by my side. We need not fear what the future holds, because He offers His strength and the security of faith.

I think it's such a comfort to know that God knows what is ahead, and it's such a blessing that we do not, because we have opportunity to trust in the Lord and to look forward to all that each step will bring.

Thank you again, Kav, and have a wonderful Sunday!


Cerella Sechrist said...


This was a beautiful post! And thanks so much for referencing my own "horizon" post on The Cerella Life. The ending of Pirates holds even more meaning now, doesn't it? :) I loved these thoughts of yours! Well, well said.


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you; I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) And thank YOU for inspiring me--I just loved that post you wrote, and if I remember correctly that was the first post I read on your blog. Talk about a great first post to read! :D

I so love the ending of Pirates of the Caribbean--and yes, it's even more meaningful now! :) Thank you again for everything!


Amanda Stanley said...

Oh Amber, thank you so much for this beautiful post! I read it yesterday before church but never seemed to find time throughout the day to comment on it. But what you said stayed with me and blessed me so very much! Such inspirational truth! When the very wind and waves obey the voice of our Captain, we have no need to worry and we can joyously experience the adventure He has charted out for us :)

I completely agree with you, MaryLu's books are so very enchanting and capture the adventures of love on the high seas, and the saving, delivering power of Christ so wonderfully! I have read her Charles Towne Belles series, which I LOVE (my favorite being The Raven Saint)!!! But I haven't had a chance to read her Legacy of the King's Pirates, yet (just the name sounds so cool!). I have The Falcon & the Sparrow waiting for me in my TBR pile and I'm a breath away from being done with Surrender the Heart :) I'm excited to write a review for it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it justice. This book has really touched a special place in my heart and in true Tyndall fashion, is quite an adventure!!

Thanks again for the wonderful post, my friend! And I love that scripture, too :)

Amanda Stanley

Amber Holcomb said...


You're welcome! And thank YOU for your lovely comment! That means so much to think that the words of this post stayed with you. :) And I love your line: "When the very wind and waves obey the voice of our Captain, we have no need to worry and we can joyously experience the adventure He has charted out for us." What a great way to put it!

And isn't MaryLu a fantastic author? :) I think The Raven Saint might be my favorite of the Charles Towne Belles series, too! Oh, and I so hope you get a chance to read her Legacy of the King's Pirates series!!! They are AMAZING, and I think The Redemption is my favorite book by her so far!

I'm so glad you're enjoying Surrender the Heart--I so cannot wait to read it! I'm looking forward to reading your review sometime, as well. :)

Also, I love that verse, too. God is in control, so no need to worry!