Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of Summer Bash with Tamera Alexander!

Tonight I'm heading over to my grandparents' house, so I'm going to post this interview a little early. =) It is my great pleasure to welcome author Tamera Alexander to "Seasons of Humility!"

Amber: What is your favorite part about late summer?

Tamera: My favorite part about late summer is my screened-in porch. In fact, I'm sitting out here now as I type. My screened-in porch is my late-summer-and-well-into-fall writing haven. With the ceiling fans going, partially frozen Diet Dr. Pepper beside me, laptop open, and Jack (our silky terrier) curled beside me on the couch, it's a perfect setting in which to create.

Amber: Sounds great! If you were planning an “End of Summer” party for your family and friends, how would you envision it? Would you want a beach party, a picnic in the park, a neighborhood barbecue, or something else entirely?

Tamera: I love the beach (we recently returned from Panama City) but since the closest beach is about seven hours away, I'd opt for a backyard barbecue complete with hamburgers for the true carnivores, but I'd also throw on some marinated chicken breasts and veggie kabobs for the lighter diners. Potato Salad would be a must (Tillie Alexander's recipe, of husband's grandmother, God bless her soul), and my mother's recipe for Ranch Style Beans and Hash Brown Casserole (Mom was a fabulous cook too). Add lots of fresh fruit with a side of pineapple-upside-down cake yogurt for dipping, along with a yummy warm Buttermilk Pie, chilled Fresh Coconut Cake, and Ghirardelli Brownies with chopped pecans and smothered in fudge frosting, and we're about there! Blend all that together with family and friends hanging out on the deck (and screened-in porch!), laughing and visiting, fold in a later evening walk down by the lake, and that's my idea of a "End of Summer" party served to perfection!

Amber: Wow! Love all the details. ;) As autumn appears on the horizon, what do you anticipate about this next season the most? Do you have any fall traditions or memories you would like to share?

Tamera: Fall is my favorite time of year so I'm always eager for its arrival, and it never stays long enough for me. Two things I always have close at hand during the fall is a blend of autumn spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves), and I keep a simmering pot warming that fills the house with that wonderful homey scent. I also love to bake Pumpkin Bread and always keep the ingredients for that on hand. Evening walks always feel better come Fall too. Lower humidity (which is always appreciated here in Nashville). And since temperatures are cooler, we don't have to wait so late for those evening strolls.

Amber: Fall is a wonderful time of year, isn't it? Of the books you have written, do you have a favorite? If so, which one is it and why is it your favorite?

Tamera: My "favorite" always seems to be the one I've just finished. Perhaps that's because there were times as I was writing it when I was certain I'd never reach THE END. My latest release, Within My Heart, holds a special place inside me because of my journey during this past year as I wrote it. We lost my mother to cancer last August (2009) and this year has been one of transition. My sweet father has come to live with us, which has been wonderful. Plus we moved homes this past spring to better accommodate the "three of us." Well, the four of us, counting Jack.

I believe the timing of my writing WMH was orchestrated by God, and I know without a doubt that He shaped and re-shaped the fabric of this story so that I would learn some crucial lessons of faith that I needed to learn at this time in my life. Lessons I needed in order to walk the road He set before me and my family. And I’m so grateful that He did.

Amber: What’s next in your writing career? We would love to hear about any upcoming releases!

Tamera: I’m already working on my next series. Historical, of course, except these next six books will take place in my native South, which I love! These books, post-civil war era, are set in Nashville and are rich with historical detail and with characters who truly step off the page, because many of them are based on people who actually lived during that time period. The first book is scheduled for release in fall 2011. We're still working on the title and cover, but you can visit my website for more details.

Amber: I can't wait to read more of your work--it sounds like this new series will be great! Thank you so much for joining us today, Tamera!

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I'll hopefully be posting a review of Within My Heart next month (after I get it in the mail and read it, that is). I can't wait!

Now, I've been asking all these wonderful authors the same questions this week, so it's your turn! Feel free to answer any or all of the questions, particularly what you're anticipating the most about fall. =) And please also check out my note at the top of the sidebar section. Thank you!


Susan Anne Mason said...

Thank you, Amber, for this lovely interview with Tamera. One of my favourite authors! Within My Heart should be winging its way to me soon and I cannot wait to dive in!

Up here in Canada, we love the amazing colours of the trees as they change in the fall. Just breathtaking! Right now, the nights are getting cooler and the days a little shorter - all harbingers of the upcoming season! Though I will miss the warm days of summer.



Bluerose said...

I'm just getting more and more excited for fall!! I've always wished we had a screened in porch, because mosquitos are so bad!! :)
I'm so excited that Tamera's next series will be in the south. I lived in Nashville for a few short months, so I can't wait to read those books.
I requested Within My Heart for review, so I'm really hoping I get it!! :)

Casey said...

Another one of my favorite authors is here!!! Tamera, I can't wait for Within My Heart. This series has been great and I can't wait to see how it is all going to be tied up.

I commend you for taking your dad into your home. You guys are such a wonderful family and a great example, not many people want to do that anymore. Bless you for it!

Thanks Amber for getting Tamera here, I loved it!! :)

Amber Holcomb said...


Tamera Alexander is a wonderful author! :) Glad you enjoyed the interview! I'm excited that I should be able to read Within My Heart soon, too!

I adore the colors of fall, and they sound lovely where you are! :) This next season is so moving and so full of promise, in a sense. I'm excited for fall to come!

Thank you for stopping by!


Amber Holcomb said...


I'm looking forward to fall, too, especially after all the fun responses from these authors! ;) Tamera's next series sounds great, doesn't it?

Hope you do get to read Within My Heart!


Amber Holcomb said...


I know; I'm so glad Tamera let me interview you her! :D I'm excited to read the conclusion of this great series, too!

Tamera has a great blog, and it is so nice to hear about her wonderful family. :)


Joy Tamsin David said...

Wow, that end of summer bash sounds like one I'd love to be invited to (grin).

I'm a huge fan Tamera's books too. I can't wait to read Within my Heart.

Great interview!

Amber Holcomb said...


I know what you mean! ;) And it seems like there are quite a few Tamera Alexander fans, me being one of them!

Glad you enjoyed the interview, and thanks for stopping by!


Amanda Stanley said...

I am SO thrilled to see Tamera here, and of course, adorable little Jack, too!!!! Tamera is really the author who started it all for me! I owe my love of historical fiction, my love for reading, to her and her beautiful novel, The Inheritance!!! Since then, I have devoured every one of her fabulous books, and just can't wait to read Within My Heart!!

There is such a depth, a richness to her words that grips the heart and delves deep into the soul. She is also one of the most quotable authors out there! I always smile when I see her quote in your side bar, and from The Inheritance, no less :) I have a journal full of her quotes and have a feeling I'll have to get another once her new six book series comes out! SIX books!!! :D

And, I wholeheartedly agree with Tamera- fall is my favorite time of year,too!! The brilliant colors, intoxicating aromas, and cooler temps are what keep me going all through the hot summer months ;)

And, a wonderful tradition that my mom and I have is making candy apples! And not just any candy apples, but those huge Mrs. Prindable looking ones! We go to the local farms and get big bushels of the Mutsu apples, and dip them in caramel, then chocolate, and then we roll them in a crushed heath bar and pecan mixture, YUM!! It's really fun and something we ALL look forward to ;)

Thank you so much for a wonderful week filled with some of my favorite authors!! You certainly do know how to end the summer, my friend :D Praying for you as you make your way to school this weekend! And looking forward to sharing a new season with you on your beautiful blog!!

Amanda Stanley

Amber Holcomb said...


I always love your comments! :D Tamera Alexander is such a great author--I agree! The first book I read by her was From a Distance, and after getting into it I was enthralled. I loved The Inheritance, as well--toward the end it made me cry, especially with the author's note! I'm so glad having the quote on my blog makes you smile. :) I just remember thinking how well that idea fit with "Seasons of Humility."

It's so hard to pick a favorite season, but I definitely think it's between summer and fall for me. I enjoy summer vacation because it means more sunshine and more time spent with my family and close friends. :) But I love nature in the cozy and inviting!

And what a fun tradition you and your mom have! :D One of the hard things about being away at college is that I miss almost all of the fall traditions we have here at home. I miss the Apple Harvest Festival, the corn maze, picking out a pumpkin, Halloween, the colors of home... :( I love Corban University, but it's just so hard to leave again! I'm sure this year will be great, though, and my parents and my sister will probably come up for a weekend again in October, which will be nice. :)

Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed this week--it was lots of fun to have all these authors be interviewed for my blog! Thank you so much for your prayers, and for your encouragement! :) I'm looking forward to sharing a new season with all of you, my dear friends!


Tamera Alexander said...

Thanks, Amber, for letting me plan my End of Summer Bash! Was such fun. And thanks everyone for the kind comments. Much love...

Amber Holcomb said...


You're so welcome! :D And thank YOU for letting me interview you! It certainly was a fun week full of great authors. :)

Can't wait to read your latest book soon!