Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Sharing a Smile" Saturday 4

There are lots of smiles to go around today!!! I'll start with the winner of the $10 gift card drawing. I did the drawing the old-fashioned way, putting 45 names (out of 11 entrants!) into a hat and having my sister pull a name out. And the winner is . . .

Emma Michaels!

Congratulations, Emma!

For all those who didn't win this time, don't give up! I'm sure that wasn't the last giveaway to be seen on this blog!

And thank you so much to all those who entered! I loved reading about your sweet food memories, and I wrote all those recipes down on some recipe cards!

Now, another order of business before sharing a few more smiles with my readers. According to the poll, of the 8 that voted, half (4) of you wanted "Movie Week." I will be happy to honor that request. So next week will be "A Week at the Movies," premiering Monday. So stay tuned!

Also, there were 3 people that voted for "Nature Week" (which was a close second), and I came up with another theme that I couldn't resist (from "Nature Week"). So the week after "A Week at the Movies," join me for "Let's Go Camping!" Start packing your hiking boots and swimming suits, and don't forget to come back in two weeks!

Now for those smiles! I'm not sure how exactly Blog Awards work, but I thought I would create my own and pass it on to some of you! Here's the award:

And here is the list of those people (and their lovely blogs) that I would like to pass this on to:

  • Renee @ Black 'n Gold Girl's Book Spot : Renee was the one who helped me get this blog started, patiently answering all my blogging questions and encouraging me. She was my first follower! Thanks, Renee, for being such a great blogging friend!

  • Cerella @ The Cerella Life : Cerella not only agreed to do an interview with me on my blog, but she has visited my blog and left comments that make me smile. :) Thanks, Cerella!

  • Lori @ Some of my Favorite Things and ~Some of My Favorite Books~ : Lori found my blog (as many new followers have) thanks to Renee and my Walmart gift card giveaway. Her comment there was so sweet, and after having just seen my blog she posted about my giveaway on her own blogs! Thanks, Lori, for your kind words and support!

  • Ariel @ "The French Poet" ( : Ariel has been leaving so many kind comments ever since the beginning of my blog (over a month ago now!). I really appreciate her! Thanks, Ariel!

  • Ashley @ After All....... Tomorrow Is Another Day : Ashley was one of my first followers (one of Renee's followers who decided to give my blog a chance). Thanks, Ashley, for your sweet words and your faith in me!

  • Hannah @ "Project Journal" ( : Hannah is one of my new friends and followers, but I think this might be the beginning "of a beautiful friendship"! Thanks, Hannah, for your compliments and your kindness!

Thank you to these people and all the others who have followed my blog and/or left comments (or even just read it!). I appreciate you all so much!

To those who I passed this award on to, if you would like to pass this award on to others, please do! I think you should be able to find the link to this picture pretty easily, but let me know if you can't (it's also on my PhotoBucket account). My only rule is that you must tell the recipients why you gave them the award!

Anyway, tune in soon for some more fun!


Emma Michaels said...

Yeay! Thank you!!!!! You just made my day!!!!!!!

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Awww this is the cutest award ever! Thank you so much! I have an awards post that I was hoping to complete this weekend and I will be adding this one to it! Also congrats Emma on winning the giftcard!

XOXO~ Renee

Amber S. said...


Thanks for replying to my e-mail! And you're welcome--I'm so happy to have helped make your day!!!


Amber S. said...

Yay, Renee!

I'm so glad you like it! I took the picture last summer on vacation in Oregon--those ground squirrels are just too adorable. :)

Thanks for being such a great blogging friend!


Ariel said...

Aw, how sweet! My day has been pretty crummy so far, but you definitely just improved it :) Thank you Amber!

Sherrinda said...

I love reading shout outs for other blogs! It's fun to find new blogs to read! :)

Thanks for advertising the giveaway for The Silent Governess! I love sharing books!!!!

Amber S. said...


Glad to have made your day a little brighter (just like your comments have done for me)! :)


Amber S. said...


You should definitely check out these blogs! (Although I'm sure you know about some of them already!) :)

And I am happy to advertise your giveaway. Thanks for your generosity! :D


Project Journal said...

Thanks SO much for this. Your kinds words about this being the start to a "beautiful friendship".....awwwww! I agree totally!!

I try to be really positive because I definitely know how it can be to have a bad day. So I appreciate it tons!

Oh my gosh!! The squirrels are TOO cute ; ) You take lots of pictures....what's your major at college? Photography maybe??? ; )

Anyway, I have one other blog award that I have to post, so I'll add this to the other and do them together. Geez, I sound like Renee now!! LOL!

Did you see my questions on my other comment? Maybe you'll answer them....I'm so glad that I've found someone else you likes (maybe you don't, I don't know!!) leaving long comments ; )

Talk to you later,

Amber S. said...


Yes, I do enjoy writing longish comments rather often... ;) Already I'm seeing some similarities!

Aren't those ground squirrels cute? I'm so glad I was able to get a picture of them when they were right next to each other! :)

But, nope...I'm no photography major! I'm not very skilled when it comes to cameras--I just capture shots sometimes when I see them. Actually, I'm an English major. :)

And I did see your questions--I left a reply comment to yours on the last post.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Project Journal said...

Lol! Good I'm glad you do....I definitely don't mind reading longish comments ; )

English major....very cool. I love english, so that's cool too. I'm going for Childhood Development/Elementary Education. I'm excited for it, I guess.....Just freaked out about the whole college idea I guess!

Talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

I'm in such good company with this blog award! I feel honored. :) Thanks so much, Amber, for awarding The Cerella Life and making me feel special!! I'm loving all the themes at Seasons of Humility - you keep up the good work because you're doing a terrific blogging job, too!!


Angie said...

Congrats to Emma! :)

Thank you for this cute little award. :)

Amber S. said...


I love being an English major, mostly because I love to write and read! And being a "plain old" English major, I'm able to have more elective hours later on. :)

That will be fun being an Elementary Education major. Children are so much fun, and I'm sure you'll love it! And don't worry--going to college can be daunting at first (I'm sure a lot depends on the college you go to, as well), but it can be a lot of fun and a lot nicer than high school in many ways. I hope the experience goes well for you! :)


Amber S. said...

Oh, Cerella! You're so welcome! :) Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind compliments--they mean a lot to me!


Amber S. said...


You're welcome! I really appreciate your comments! :)


Project Journal said...

Ahhhhhh! College.....: S I think one of the hardest parts for me is that I know I will be fine, but it's just the initial start. It will be terrible I'm sure, but I'm hoping to make some quick friends and get along with my roomate okay.....

: /

We'll see!

Oh, I bet it's fun being an English major! I LOVE to read, obviously ; ) But I'm not terribly strong in writing....well I do fine on essays but I'm lacking in the creativity department I think! LOL!

Talk to you soon,

Ashley (Ibreath2read) said...

*sniffles* Amber you just about got me balling over here. Those are fantastic blogger friends up there and it's so sweet that you put me up there with 'em! And I'm so sorry I haven't been around a lot but, with school coming to a close, I'm trying to finish up as much as I can. But, hopefully come summer, I'll have tons more time to devote to blogging and reading.LOL
Love Ya,

Amber S. said...


You'll be fine! :) Having a roommate can be different, and I was lucky to get such a sweet one, but with time you'll get used to it, I'm sure. Keeping in touch with your family will really help, too--I called my parents and grandparents quite often, and my grandma and I wrote letters back and forth frequently! (Snail mail is sooooo much fun!) Or even keeping in touch with your friends through e-mail or snail mail...that can help, too! And, most importantly, spending time with God in prayer and reading the Bible. It's so amazing to know that He's always with us wherever we are! :D


Amber S. said...


You are so sweet! :) You just keep focused on your studies--that's definitely more important right now! I'll look forward to seeing you around more this summer if you get a chance. ;)

Good luck with finals and everything!