Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our First Features: Jane Austen Movies

Is everyone comfortable? Did you all find yours seats OK? Good! Today's "features" are Jane Austen movies!

I'll start with some of the Jane Austen movies I've seen: Pride and Prejudice (the older version and the newer version, although I fell asleep during parts of the older one--I watched it really late at night!), Sense and Sensibility (with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet), Emma (the one with Gwyneth Paltrow and the PBS version that aired this past winter), and Northanger Abbey (the PBS version). I have also seen two versions of Persuasion, as well as the movie Becoming Jane.

I loved the newer version of Pride and Prejudice. I think the music was wonderful and it was so artistically done, with beautiful landscapes and settings. And Mr. Darcy! Oh my! If you have seen both of them, which one did you prefer? Which actor did you prefer for Mr. Darcy? This story shows the importance of humility, which goes great with my blog! Being able to understand (and admit) when you're wrong is hard, but vital. Relationships require humble love in order to last.

Sense and Sensibility is also a great movie, and the actors in the version I saw did a superb job (in my opinion)! I love how this story shows the need for balance--it's best not to get carried away with our emotions, but it's also important to express our feelings and not hide them inside forever. I love the ending of this movie and the men the girls end up with! If you haven't seen it, I recommend it! The version I saw was the 1995 version.

Oh, and how I love Emma! The version with Gwyneth Paltrow is my favorite so far. I especially love Mr. Knightley! If you want to see a longer version that includes more background (etc.), the PBS version is very good, as well. However, I just love the way the one with Gwyneth Paltrow was done (and the acting is so very good!). This story is so sweet, and I think it's great that it shows the importance of being friends before really falling in love. How better to know what the man is really like before marrying him? And communication in relationships--being able to be honest with each other--is absolutely key.

And I can't forget Northanger Abbey! I saw an encore presentation of this movie on PBS, and I loved it so much that I bought a copy so I could watch it whenever I wanted! I can relate to the heroine of this story--I love to read novels and I have a big imagination (or so I like to think!). I love how this story has a hero who is an honorable and fun man! The lesson of learning to care about the feelings of others, as well as the picture of true love portrayed in the film, make this movie one I am glad to own.

How about you? What are your favorite Jane Austen movies? Who are your favorite Jane Austen heroes?


Angie said...

I LOVE Sense & Sensibility..both versions that I've seen were great. Love Edward Ferras (sp?). *sigh*

I saw Northanger Abbey on PBS and like you I loved it. I'm in the process of reading the book now. Henry Tilney is a great hero..funny and sweet.

Actually, the I've only seen one Jane Austen movie I didn't like and that was Persuasion. It was a bit slow for me. But I have the PBS version on my DVR so I plan to give it another chance. Maybe I just saw a bad version.

Amber Holcomb said...


I agree with you about Sense and Sensibility! I've only seen one version, but I loved it! And of course you know I agree with you about Henry Tilney! ;)

I saw two versions of Persuasion, including the PBS version. I really like the actor for the PBS version (he also was in The 39 Steps, which was great!). However, for some reason I just don't like/understand that story as much. The ending is very sweet, and the story has a good point, but it's a bit slow in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Angie said...

Hi Amber :)

If you can you should rent the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility, it was really good. In fact it's just as good as the one with Hugh Grant. I think S&S is my favorite Jane Austen film with Northanger Abbey coming in a close second. :)

Yeah, when I watched Persuasion I felt a little lost at times, like I had missed something. I'll still give the PBS version a try though.

Amber Holcomb said...


Sounds good! I should check the BBC version out sometime. :)

Thanks! And I hope you like the PBS version of Persuasion a little better. The actor is rather dashing! ;)


Ashley (Ibreath2read) said...

Hey Amber,
Well, I'm not a BIG Jane Austen fan *ducks for cover*. But, I do love the J austen movies and I think my fave would be...probably Northanger Abbey (although I haven't seen it in a long time) My fave Austen hero? I have to get back with you on that one. LOL :D
Love Ya,

Amber Holcomb said...


To be honest, I haven't actually read any of Jane Austen's books (so should I duck for cover with you?). But a friend of mine gave me a copy of Northanger Abbey, so I'll plan on reading that sometime. :) It's a great story, and who doesn't love Henry Tilney? (I love the actor in the PBS movie!)

It is hard to pick a favorite Jane Austen hero, though, huh? ;) So many great ones to choose from!