Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Review of The Inheritance

Here's the description of the book from "Desperate for a fresh start, McKenna Ashford accepts her cousin's invitation and moves west with her rebellious younger brother to the not-so-quaint mountain town of Copper Creek, Colorado. She arrives only to find that life there is far from what she expects. Having practically raised Robert on her own, McKenna is burdened both with her failure as a parent and her deep conviction to not let her brother throw his life away. Trusting has never come easily for her--especially in issues of the heart--and that inability to trust is put to test when she meets U.S. Marshal Wyatt Caradon.

After years on the trail, Marshal Wyatt Caradon finds himself at a crossroads. He's brought countless men to justice, but he questions what lasting good his life has accomplished. When his path intersects that of young Robert Ashford, Wyatt glimpses himself, years ago, in the boy's pride and arrogance. He also sees a boy without a firm hand in his life. His well-meant attempt to help Robert brings him face-to-face with the one situation he never wanted to encounter--and the one woman who holds the key to helping him find his future.

Set against the rich, untamed backdrop of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, The Inheritance is the first historical from WOMEN OF FAITH FICTION, and is a journey that explores the depth and breadth of a parent's love, the inherent risk in learning to trust, and the cost of laying down your life for one you love."

My Rating: Summer

My Review:
What a beautiful and heartfelt message. I was so moved by this book it brought me to tears. The characters are so real, inlcuding their hurt, pain, troubles--and their love. I admired their perseverance and strength. What an amazing read!

I have read a couple other Tamera Alexander books, and I have enjoyed them immensely. I've had this book for over a year, but I'm so glad it didn't get lost among my stacks of other books. I had been looking forward to reading this one, and I feel so very blessed to have finally done so! God's timing is always perfect, even when we don't completely understand it.

While at times I wished the romance would be more prominent, I think the longing made the story even more real for me. The imagery was grand, and the story was touching. But I think it was the characters, as well as the message, that really made this story so great.

Overall, I'm so humbled by how God can use people to write stories that bring glory to Him. I hope many others can read this book by Tamera Alexander! I very highly recommend it.


Unknown said...

Great review, Amber! I've got to get with it and read some books by this author!!! I think I have at least 5 books by her on my bookshelf including this one...she gets rave reviews all over the place (don't know why I'm dragging my feet about reading one)! :o)

Amber Holcomb said...


Thanks! I hope you can find time to read some of her books soon! I've read this one as well as the first two in the Timber Ridge Reflections series, and I think they're wonderful (especially the first in that series). Have fun reading! :)