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An Insightful Study on the Vital Truths of Colossians | Review of He Is Enough

About the Book
(from Moody Publishers)

Discover the Secret to a Full Life

We live in a world of scarcity. We say, “I don't have enough time… maybe when we have more money… if only I had a little more help…” But Scripture says if we have Jesus, we have enough.

In this 6-week study of Colossians, Asheritah Ciuciu leads readers to discover the life-altering importance of Jesus' sufficiency and sovereignty. And you don't need hours a day to enjoy this Bible Study. Each day's study contains two paths:
  • Snack on the Go: a bite-size morsel of truth to chew on throughout your busy day 
  • FEAST: a dig-deep guide to maximizing the “meat” you're getting out of your Bible study 
  • PLUS! a supplemental "Serving and Leading" section that includes service challenges for making theory a reality 
You can enjoy this study in whatever way works best for you. Discover the joy and freedom that abounds when we know deep in our hearts that Jesus truly is enough.

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My Review

He Is Enough provides an insightful and encouraging study on the book of Colossians. The format offers two options for each day: a quick and simple route, and a more in-depth study. There is a lot to love about this book, and I hope that fact will shine through by the end of my review!

I'll admit, I struggled. As in, I received the Bible study in June 2018, did some of it that summer, and then didn't finish until the first month of 2019. I think there might be a few reasons for that, one being that, as a reviewer, it feels like there might be a bit more pressure in approaching the study and being thorough about it.

The truth is, I wasn't as thorough as I probably should have been. I started out trying to answer most of the questions, but I quickly (sadly) ditched that route. I figured if I wanted to actually make it through the Bible study in order to review it, I "needed" to be willing to skip questions (read them, but not answer them all).

Honestly, the book provides that sort of grace already in its format, by giving you a choice each day on how in-depth you'll go. I just chose a different route, of sorts, by reading through the longer sections and choosing which questions to answer. It's not that I recommend this path; I just want to be up-front in my review. If I had put more time into answering questions than the weekly coloring, that might have been an even better choice. (Although I did appreciate the lovely coloring pages!)

All that to say, if you go the long ("FEAST") route each day and answer every question (or even go through the leaders' guide in the back along with the study), it's going to take time and energy. It's going to take a big commitment. But in the end, you're likely to get a lot more out of the experience and have an even richer understanding of Colossians.

Now, did I still find it worthwhile to go through even some of the study? Absolutely!

I'm truly grateful for God's gracious timing, because there was a day in Week 3 of the study (which I didn't get to until this month) that touched me deeply. I ended up journaling about it and was so blessed by the way God's Word lovingly spoke to my struggles and wrong attitudes. And I'm grateful this Bible study pointed me to those verses and helped me in pondering them afresh.

And it's not just that day's lesson that was meaningful to me. There's plenty more to gain in studying Colossians and having a better understanding of particular passages and the main message. This study is great about helping you really observe the biblical text, and it also gives an awesome and useful tip for memorizing verses, so we can better hide God's Word in our hearts (see Psalm 119:11).

Whether this study takes you six weeks or six months, and even if you find yourself "snacking" more often than "FEAST-ing," there's a lot to learn from it. Colossians is most definitely worth diving into, and the truth of Jesus's sufficiency is vital to dwell on and remember. In He Is Enough, you'll find lots of great info, food for thought, important questions to address, and various extras to help you get into God's Word.

*With thanks to Moody Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.*

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