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Raises Good Questions about Our Attitude toward Food | Review of Full

About the Book (from Moody Publishers)

Can the Bible help me with my food struggles?

Have you ever felt stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and obsessive thoughts about food? Whether you feel defeated by your lack of self-control or overwhelmed by thoughts and longings for food, the answer to our food fixation does not lie in the $500 billion global diet industry. This is not a diet book and it's not a healthy eating plan. Because at the core, our problem is not really what we eat. It's why we seek fullness in something that will never satisfy.

Join Asheritah Ciuciu as she shares honestly about her own battles with food and reveals the path to freedom. You'll discover the joy of living free from food fixation so you can experience deeper satisfaction in Christ, gain a renewed sense of purpose, and yes, even enjoy good food (without regret). A healthier relationship with food through a stronger relationship with Christ—that's the goal of Full.

Includes a quiz to help you find out if you have food fixation, plus practical strategies for overcoming it.

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This book about our attitude toward food covers some great topics and challenges the reader in a good way! I started the book and set it aside for a time, but when I picked it back up, I found myself engaged by the writing, the readable structure, and the important reminders.

I found chapters 10 and 11 ("Embrace the Grace of Community" and "Serve with Food") to be especially challenging and thought-provoking. How should food be treated in the church? How can we move the focus of our hearts from food to God during times of fellowship? How can we remember and care for the hungry? These are all good questions...and things I need to think about more.

I also appreciate that a chapter is dedicated to fasting, something noted in the Bible but not overly discussed in modern times. It feels like more of a radical or foreign concept, but I don't think it's supposed to be. There's so much I have to learn about fasting, and it's helpful to have some guidance in this book.

When read too quickly, I could see Full being a bit overwhelming...there's a lot to "digest" in the area of eating! But I appreciate that the intent of this book is to direct readers to Jesus and how we can honor Him in this part of our lives that tends to "consume" a lot of our time and thinking. (Pardon the puns!)

Full is an encouraging read that tackles a touchy topic with grace.

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