Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome, October!

I love fall, especially October! Apple harvest festivals, the corn maze, the pumpkin patch, sunny days and crispy leaves, tart and delicious apple cider, golden evenings and red trees ablaze - what a wonderful time of year! I'm especially blessed to be able to spend this season at home again after three years of being away at college. There's nothing like enjoying all the delights of fall with your family! I'm excited to dive into this month like diving into a pile of fiery leaves!

With book review upon book review taking up many of the posts on this blog, I thought it was time I jumped in and said "hello" to you all again. I hope you are enjoying the season so far! As you can see, even our couch is dressed up for fall with pumpkin pillows - my mom is so great about decorating for each holiday/season!

I'd love to hear what you like best about autumn and what you're looking forward to doing in the next month. I'm definitely excited about hopefully going to the Apple Harvest Festival next weekend, finding my way through a corn maze, attending a local Medieval Festival of Courage, and maybe more!

As for the coming month here on the blog, you can expect some more book reviews... There are a lot of great fall releases, so I hope you enjoy the reviews and don't mind that there are so many of them! But I do hope to add some other fall-ish posts into the mix, so we'll see what happens!

I'll leave you with a precious look from Muffin Man. He's too adorable to resist, but he isn't much for cuddling - so you can imagine that I get annoyed looks from him a lot...


Kara said...

Looking forward to your book reviews and comments this month, Amber :)
LOOOOVE the pictures of Muffin Man, he is a cutie :)

Amber Holcomb said...


Aww, I'm so glad! :) I hope you enjoy the posts this month!

And isn't he so cute?? *sigh* It's too bad he's so stinkin' independent and doesn't like to cuddle much! Doesn't really stop me from trying, though... ;)


Rissi said...

I am just looking forward to this cooler weather! Love it!

Amber Holcomb said...


Ah, yes - I do love the weather this time of year! As for where I live, though, I enjoy those warm fall days, like the beautiful one we had today! :)


Casey said...

I'm sloooooowly accepting that Fall is basically here. We just had too short of a summer around here. But I do love the taste of Fall in the air.

Amber Holcomb said...


As cliche as the phrase is, time does fly, doesn't it? I hope you enjoy this new season! :)

Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes on all your endeavors! I know you're keeping busy! :)


Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Muffin Man is a hunk of pretty . . . and he looks as though he knows it! Love the plushy, peuter coat and the tabby stripes! (You knew you'd get me with kitty pictures, didn't you?) :)

Happy Autumnal Joys.

Lotti said...

Gorgeous cat :-) We are cat people in our house.

Amber Holcomb said...


Hehehe, it's hard to resist those cat pictures! :) I always enjoy browsing yours on Minerva Louise's blog. And I must say that I'm pretty sure Muffin Man and Minerva Louise share similar attitudes... ;)

Yes, he is a "hunk of pretty," for sure! But, as most cats seem to think, he appears to fancy himself a human member of the family: "No cuddling, thank you, I'd rather just take this spot on the couch and watch TV with you, or sit at the table and pretend I can eat with you, or sprawl out on the couch in the sun room...and stop touching me with your feet - I'm not your rug!" *sigh* ;)


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you! He is quite exotic-looking with such beautiful coloring - I just wish I could cuddle with him more! ;) (My cat who stays at my grandparents' house, Mr. Murphy, is much nicer about being held and petted.)

I'm definitely a cat person, myself. I think my dad and my sister would like to have a dog... But I love cats - they're so funny and self-sufficient!


Amanda Stanley said...

Hi Amber!!!

I feel like it's been forever since I last spoke to you - I miss you, my friend!! A lot has been going on around here and I have some testimonies I want to share with you too! Will have to email you soon to catch up, because I most certainly want to know what's been going on with YOU! :-)

Gosh, fall is my favorite time too!! I think fall is the best season for the senses, lol! The smells, the colors, the very air makes you feel alive and... thankful, yeah, thankful ;-) Mom and I just decorated the yard with bunches of pumpkins, scarecrows, mum plants - Moms just know to makes things look pretty :-)

Anyway, hope to talk to you soon! And Muffin Man is such a cutie! Too bad about the cuddling... Love the look he's giving you in these pics though, lol. My oldest dog will be 15 tomorrow and that's another testimony in itself!


May the K9 Spy (and KC Frantzen) said...


Muffin Man is pawsome!

Hey gave you a shout out on Seekerville just now. Someone is looking for a freelance editor!!

As far as autumn. Wow. It's my fave season of all - temperature, colors, anticipation, festivals... So much for which to be thankful!


Amber Holcomb said...


Aw, it has been quite a while since we've caught up with each other - I miss you, too!! I definitely want to hear what's been going on with you and how God has been working in your life. :) I'll look forward to e-mailing each other again!

Yes, I think fall is such a great "season for the senses," as you say! (Great way to put it!) So pretty to look at the trees and the harvest, so fun to hear the crunch of leaves, so tasty to drink fresh apple cider, so nice to smell the crisp autumn air, and so great to pick up pumpkins (etc.). :) (It takes a while to remember all the senses, LOL!) And aren't moms great at decorating and making everything look beautiful?? Our house is so festive! And the scarecrow my mom brought over to my grandparents' house is too cute. :)

As for Muffin Man - yeah, he's a funny guy! ;) At least I have Mr. Murphy to cuddle with (and he purrs, too!) when I visit my grandparents! And that's awesome that your dog will be 15 tomorrow! :)

Talk to you soon!


Amber Holcomb said...


Hahaha, thank you! He is pretty great, in a quirky, part-of-the-family sort of way. ;)

May is pretty awesome, herself! (As are you!!)

Thank you so much for the shout out!!! That's very kind of you - I appreciate all the help I can get! :) Still waiting for that first client... But all in God's will and perfect timing!

Definitely a lot to be thankful for in this season! :) Thank YOU for stopping by, and enjoy all the joys of fall!


Michelle said...

Muffin Man is a beautiful cat! Well, I doubt he'd like being called beautiful, so I'll go with handsome. LOL! ;-)

I love fall, too! But until today, it's continued to feel like summer. It doesn't tend to cool off in our neck of the woods until November. We're usually picking out pumpkins in 90* heat here in the Central Valley.

I'm looking forward to chilly weather, sweaters, soups, and yummy baked goods made with pumpkin and spice. :D

Hope you have a great weekend!

:::waving to Amanda. It's great to see you!:::

Amber Holcomb said...


He is beautiful in a handsome sort of way, huh? ;)

That's crazy that the temperatures stay so high for so long! Quite different than here on the coast. :) I hope it isn't too unbearable for you, and I hope you can enjoy that comfort food and cooler weather soon!

You have a great weekend, too, and thank you for coming by to leave a comment! :)