Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Wildcats

Nope, I'm not talking about a sports team. I'm talking about these cuties who charm me with their "wild," adorable ways...

Is there anything more fierce than a tabby cat who hides in the bushes? (He even lets out a deep "meow" to let you know you're approaching one of his favorite napping spots!)

Oh my goodness! What could be more terrifying than two crazy cats?? (Can you guess which one is the real one? They're practically twins!)

There goes Mr. Murphy, high-steppin' and confident!

And look at Muffin Man embracing nature and blending into the scenery! (It may be a fake plant, but an indoor wildcat has to make do with what he's got, ya know?)

OK, seriously, they'd like you to think they're ferocious, but they're just too cute! (Well, Muffin Man actually is rather ferocious...)

Mr. Murphy lives as an outdoor cat at my grandparents' house and Muffin Man lives as an indoor cat here at my parents' house. And my old Dorm Cat pillow has a nice spot in my room, even though he doesn't have the luxury of a window view anymore. ;)

Just thought I would share the cat love today, seeing as how I had some fun pictures on my camera. Hope they make you smile - these boys sure brighten my days! (Or at least make them more interesting...)


Anne Elisabeth Stengl said...

Yay! A kitty post! These boys are handsome fellows, kings of their own worlds (as all cats must be). Thanks for sharing! I love me some cat-related smiles. :)

Amber S. said...


Glad I could bring you around again with kitty pics! ;) You certainly describe these two guys well. :) Happy to take a turn sharing the smiles, as I always enjoy catching up with Minerva Louise and all your cats, too!


Bluerose said...

Your boys are so cute!

We had 2 cats adopt us in the past year or so. One keeps his(?) distance, but the other one is the most patient cat I've ever seen. My 4 year old literally carries that poor cat everywhere he goes outside.
I'd trade our inside dog for a cat any day if my husband let me! ;)

Amber S. said...


Yes, I think so, too! ;)

And oh, that's just like Muffin Man and Murphy! Muffin Man likes to be around us, but on his own terms... Mr. Murphy, on the other hand, loves to be petted and purrs like a motor - and when my sister was younger, he would let her drag him around, draped over her arm, too! ;) Gotta love cats and their personalities!

Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle said...

You know, I love cats! These guys are so cute! Thanks for sharing. : )

I don't remember if I told you, so please forgive me if I'm repeating myself, lol. My male cat will be 19 years old this month! I can't believe I had him almost 1/2 of my life. Crazy! Maybe I'll have to post a picture of my kitties on my blog for you to see. ;-)

Have a great weekend, Amber!

Amber S. said...


What's not to love about cats, right?? ;)

That's amazing that your cat is 19 years old! He must be pretty special - and the two of you must be really close. :) I'd love to see some kitty pictures on your blog if you'd like to share them!

Hope you have a great weekend, too, and thanks again for taking the time to catch up on my posts!