Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's Go Rafting!

Grab your life vest, your paddle, and some sunscreen, 'cause we're heading out on the water to face the rapids head-on!

If I remember correctly from last year, there were quite a few campers who didn't care much for rafting. If rapids don't quite thrill you, no worries--we're going canoeing tonight under the stars, which will be a lot less intense, but thrilling nonetheless! If you don't want to go rafting, perhaps you can all carpool to a spot downriver a ways where we can meet for a picnic lunch, complete with sandwiches, chips, watermelon, and maybe some leftover Laceys (cookies) from last night.

For those of you who want to give rafting a try, I vote for electing Vince our guide! At the very least, we should get him to tell us some of his rafting stories!

When I was in 8th grade, I went rafting with my class through Bigfoot Rafting Co. There was one pretty big and awesome rapid named Hell's Hole or something like that, but it was also commonly known as the Fuzzy Bunny, at least in our group. ;) So get a good grip on your T-handle on the paddle and lean back, because we're going in!

It's a thrilling and crazy ride down these rapids, and you might get a little wet, but isn't it great? When we get to some calm spots we can maybe even play the trust game like we did last year, where we stand on the edges of the raft, link the T-handle of our paddles with the person across from us, and lean back. Just don't try this while we're actually in a rapid, though!

You know, life can be so exciting, can't it? I find that I often have a poor attitude about daily circumstances, but perhaps if we approach life with a spirit of adventure we may realize that on the river of life God can build teamwork, promote trust, and provide a lot of fun and laughs along the way, even when we do get wet. ;) Something to keep in mind as we float along!

Oooh, I think I see the rest of our group up ahead on the shore--with our lunch! So paddle hard and we'll all eat together. While we're eating, Vince and/or anyone else who's been rafting can share some of their stories with us! Then we can head back to the cabins, take a nap, and rest up before our nighttime canoe ride!

(Pictures are from the Bigfoot Rafting Co. website. If you want more than virtual rafting, be sure to check out their guided tours in Northern California!)


Casey said...

Ummm, I think I'll stick with the under-the-stars canoeing tonight, please. :))

My dad used to row boats down the river when he was growing up, it was how he spent his summers in the bottom of Oregon's gorges. He has some stories! :)

Blogger is being naughty- this is Casey.

vmres said...

Hi Amber:

I’m in for the rafting. I suggest everyone wear a rafting helmet if the water is not deep. The biggest danger is falling over the side and hitting your head on a rock. It’s not drowning.

Rafting is great fun. Give it a try!

BTW: My wife and I have never had a problem rafting but on our honeymoon we went canoeing down a wide, peaceful, shallow river which suddenly narrowed greatly around an unseen bend increasing our speed and throwing us over the side. Clothes, sunglasses, cameras, the works: in the water.

Beware canoeing when you don’t know what is around the bend!


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Eeeep! Rafting again this year? It's a good thing it's BEFORE lunch or somebody would have ended up wearing mine. :-P We have some class 3 and 4 falls in the mountains near my house but I've NEVER given them a try, I'm not nearly that brave LOL!

XOXO~ Renee

Amber S. said...


No problem! ;) I'm excited about the nighttime canoe ride!

Wow, that's so cool about your dad! I'm sure his stories are great! :) He must have seen some beautiful sights down in those gorges.

See you tonight!


P.S. I heard that Blogger was having issues with comments today, but I'm glad you were able to get one in despite the trouble!

Amber S. said...


Great! :) And good idea on the helmets--we want to bring everyone back to camp safe and sound!

And how sad about the canoeing! My dad and I can relate, except that we tipped over several years ago or so due to the wake of a motor boat. All our stuff got wet, as well--not really a fun experience at the time, although my dad had no trouble laughing about it after the canoe trip was over! ;)


Amber S. said...


Sorry! You're more than welcome to join Casey on shore if you don't want to come, although we'd love to have you join us! :) If we have a guide and you're wearing the proper safety equipment, it's great fun, as Vince said! Of course, I've only done it twice and I'm sure there are a lot of bigger rapids in the world than the ones I went down! ;)


Ariel said...

I've only been rafting once - my senior raft trip. It was scary because our partner raft flipped on the last set of rapids! I'm just thankful no one was hurt and it wasn't our raft!

Amber S. said...


That would be scary to see! I'm glad that no one got hurt!

If you want to go virtual rafting again, we'll do our best to keep the rafts upright and everyone safe and sound--although I can't promise it won't be a wild ride along the way! ;)


Linda Yezak said...

That looks so fun! Color me jealous-green!

Trinity Rose said...

I know i'm a party pooper, but I don't think I would like rafting. I don't like to get wet.
Looks like fun though.
Trinity Rose

Amber S. said...


You're welcome to join us for the virtual rafting! :) It'd be awesome if you got a chance to go "real" rafting, though--it's a lot of fun!


Amber S. said...

Trinity Rose,

Oh, it's OK! :) Maybe you'll join us for the starlight canoe ride, though?

Thanks for stopping by!


Katy said...

Rafting? Sounds like fun! I've never been...but as I mentioned, it sounds like a fun, wild ride! :-D

~ Katy

Amber S. said...


I think you'd have fun! You have an adventurous spirit, right? :) Just make sure to go with a guide who provides safety equipment and lessons on proper technique! ;)


Michelle said...

I wouldn't do the rafting today, but I did go rafting when I was a kid in the Russian River (CA). If I remember correctly, I was just a bit scared. ;-)

Amber S. said...


Well, as long as you've at least tried it! ;) That's neat that you got to go rafting when you were a child--I hope it was a fun experience!


River Rafting said...

awesome! i went white water rafting for the first time this past summer and LOVED it! was so nervous to start but adrenaline just took over once we got going!

White Water Rafting