Thursday, May 26, 2011

Campfire: Fourth Evening

I'm passing around the marshmallows again so we can use them for s'mores or a topping to our mugs of hot chocolate. I even brought whipped cream and chocolate chips if anyone wants some!

Last night we talked about hunger, and tonight I'd like to add a little bit to that discussion.

Here's another quote from the pocket inspirational called Jesus, Name Above All Names by Roy Lessin, which I shared from during our first campfire this week, regarding Jesus as "The Bread of Life":

"All who are spiritually hungry have been called to partake of the life of Jesus by faith. Jesus is God's manna to us. Like manna--the daily food God provided to the Israelites while they wandered in the wilderness--coming down from heaven, so Jesus comes to us from the Father. We don't need to store Him away and save Him for another day. He is ours every morning and He will sustain us throughout the day."

That last part really caught my attention. I'm the kind of person that likes to save things for later. For example, I have books in my TBR stacks that have been there for a while (or will be there for a while) because I'm saving them, because I'd be so sad to get through my whole TBR stack and not have something to look forward to. As another example, at meals I usually like to save a bit or more of something I really enjoy (like a roll, as I'm a big bread fan!) for the end.

But it's not that way with Jesus. We don't have to "store Him away and save Him for another day." We can have beautiful, satisfying experiences in His Presence every day! And because we can have a relationship with our everlasting Lord, we should never think of Him as something to objectify--He is God, and His love and provision have no end!

So don't ever worry about running out of joy in God's Presence. We can trust that each morning He will be there, willing to bless His children with His care. God is so good!


Amanda said...

Oh, Amen, my friend, God is so very good!! Thank you for sharing that beautiful quote and your beautiful thoughts :) I never thought about it that way before, Jesus being our daily manna from God, I mean. What a wonderful way of bringing it all into blessed perspective and making our need for Him even clearer! His mercies are new every morning and another day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before, right? When you think that food makes you grow, makes you strong and sustains you only for the day wherein you eat it, then you will need to eat again the next day, the same is true with Jesus. We can't live off our the time spent with Him in His precious Word and intimate prayer from yesterday. If we store Him away for another day that means we're not seeking Him daily or being renewed in our inward man day by day. After all we are called to "hunger and thirst after righteousness," Amen? Hunger and thirst - strong words and not easily satisfied. Only Christ can fill us and He wants to, to overflowing, every single day!!

Gosh, once again, dear friend, you have blessed me! Thank you :) I'm just loving our campfire time! I think I'll make a s'more now ;)


Amber S. said...


Thank YOU for joining me at the campfire and for sharing YOUR beautiful thoughts! :) I love what you say here:

"His mercies are new every morning and another day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before, right?"

Amen! :)

This is a lesson one would think I would have really learned by now, and yet how often I neglect it. :( I am so grateful for God's mercy and His patience, and for new opportunities each new day brings. :)

Help yourself to the s'mores! I might just have one more before bed... ;)


Casey said...

YES! That has to be such a comforting thought...we can NEVER run out of Jesus, because He is ALWAYS there and man have I really needed Him lately! He's never, ever failed me.

Amber S. said...


Definitely a comforting thought! :) And I have to agree--He has never, ever failed me either, and because of His grace I know He never, ever will!

Thanks for joining us!