Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Go Horseback Riding!

Today we have a special guest--my younger sister, Emily! She has been on countless horseback rides since she was four years old, and it is her lifelong dream to have her own horse. She is a very knowledgeable horsewoman, in my opinion, and today she's going to share some tips on horseback riding with us as we hit the trail!

Amber: Before we get on the horses, what should we do/know to prepare ourselves?

Emily: First tip: Always wear a helmet. Always wear cowboy boots when you go riding, because if you wear rubber boots or any other shoe your heel can slip through the stirrup, and you can fall off the horse and be dragged. I've heard a story about that!

When you're riding make sure you don't have the reins past the horn of the saddle, otherwise it will cause your horse to stop when you don't want him to.

When you're out riding, if your horse spooks, don't be frightened. The horses can sense fear, and they act really crazy! Instead, you should remain calm and soothe the horse.

Make sure the stirrups are at an appropriate height for your legs, so that you have better control of the horse with your feet, and that way your feet won't slip out.

Amber: Where are the best places to go horseback riding? (That is to say, are there places that are safer to take horses or more enjoyable to go riding?)

Emily: Rocky terrain is not good for a horse, because a horse can stumble, and it would be messy. ;) In the desert would be fine, if you live near a desert. Forest is fun to ride in, and so is a meadow.

It's not the best idea to ride horses on concrete. When you're trotting and running on concrete, you can't stop the horse, because if you pull back on the reins they would slip.

Amber: What do you love most about horseback riding?

Emily: Being with the horses! It's just fun being with the horses.

Amber: And that's all she wrote (or said, in this case)! ;) Thank you, Emily, for joining us and letting me put you on the spot!

Stay safe on those trails, everyone, and I'll see you back at camp tonight for our campfire!


Amanda said...

Your sister is so cute AND a very knowledgeable horsewoman! :) I love horses! Did you girls ever watch the movie Flicka, the one with Tim McGraw?? WONDERFUL movie and great to watch with dad! ;) My dad watched it with me and a couple times I looked over and he was trying to hide the tears (too cute!) then at the end when they played Tim's song, My Little Girl, he couldn't hold back. It's amazing the emotion God puts inside of our big, strong daddies when it comes to their little girls :)

Anyway, thanks to Emily I now know a lot more about horses and horse-riding safety! :) Off to go enjoy the trails!!


Casey said...

Today is the day I've been MOST excited for. :) I LOVE to go riding and would do it all the time if I had a horse. Thanks to Emily and Amber for bringing some here today!! ;-))

Amber S. said...


Yes, she is both! :) I love horses, too, although my sister is definitely the ultimate horse lover in our family. ;)

And I think we did see Flicka quite a while ago...perhaps I'll have to watch it again sometime! And I know just what you mean about dads--my dad had lots of tears in his eyes last night at Emily's 8th grade dinner, and later we talked about how nice it is to have a family that isn't stoic, but is willing (or can't help but) to show emotion. :) My daddy get's teary-eyed easily, but I think that just shows even more what a wonderful, feeling man he is, especially when it comes to his girls. :)

I'll pass along your thanks to Emily! I kind of put her on the spot last night and just wrote down her responses as she said them, but I'm glad she was still able to join us. :) Enjoy the trails!


Amber S. said...


Awww, that's great! I hope you had fun horseback riding today, then! ;)

(And I'm sure Emily is in complete agreement with you--I bet she would ride all day, every day if she had her own horse!)


Michelle said...

I've been known to joke and say the C family horse loving gene by-passed me. My father's family are absolutely wild about horses. My grandfather did put me on a horse once, I was 4 years old and it was the first and last time I ever rode one. It just isn't for me. ;)

That said, when I see the horses in the fields here in Kentucky, I can't help but think they are such majestic animals.

Amber S. said...


That's understandable. :) I love and admire horses, and I enjoy the occasional horseback ride, but I'm not exactly horse crazy. ;)

They are beautiful creatures, though, aren't they? So graceful. :)