Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Review of Forevermore (Abridged Audiobook)

Here's the description of the audiobook from "Like a dandelion in the wind, Hope Ladley blows from one farm to the next, helping cook for the field hands during the harvest. Illiterate and often twisting cliches and verses into mind-boggling observations, Hope leaves widower Jakob Stauffer baffled by her unconventional ways. But her sunny disposition and unstinting love make changes of a different kind around the place. His little daughter and the pregnant sister he's shielding from an abusive husband adore Hope, and things are getting accomplished even if Hope's methods are unique. Read by Brooke Sanford. 6 hours. 5 CDs. Abridged."

Note: I bought this audiobook from iTunes for my iPod, not from However, the product should be the same.

My Rating: Spring/Fall

My Review:

As far as the story goes, I thought it was really sweet. I love how the cover ties in with the story, and I love how Psalm 121 ties in, as well. God’s guidance, His strength, and His provision are all weaved in throughout the book, and I appreciated that part very much. I also really liked the protagonist—so fun and such a good example of putting others before oneself! Plus, her way of talking is too cute!

As far as the audiobook format goes, I have mixed feelings. The person who read the story did a great job with the voice of the protagonist (and some of the other voices), but when it came to the male lead it was a little strange to hear a female trying to read in a man’s voice! But I guess that’s how all audiobooks would be, and it wasn’t too distracting. I thought the music played during the transitions was good, but because the story was abridged it was a little choppy. For the most part, though, the story flowed pretty well.

All in all, it was interesting to have an “audiobook experience,” and it was just the right length to keep me busy almost all of the car ride up to Sunriver for vacation!

Another Note: I apologize for the different font for the review! I wrote my reviews during my vacation, and I didn't want to retype them on here. =)


Kav said...

I loved this book. I thought Hope was such an innovative character and the talent of the author to come up with all those slaughtered sayings. :-) Love how Hope lives up to her name as well.

bluerose_shelnut said...

I actually plan on addressing the audio book thing in my next post. :) I feel the same way, though. It was very distracting for the woman reading to try and sound like a man.
I'm looking forward to reading this one!

Amber S. said...

KAV: I really enjoyed the protagonist, as well! I agree--those "slaughtered sayings" were really creative! ;) This was definitely fun to listen to, but I'm sure the book itself must be even better in its entirety!

BLUEROSE: Cool! Audiobooks are sure interesting. ;) I guess it would be strange the other way around--listening to a man trying to read in a woman's voice! Hope you enjoy this one when you get around to it!