Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night..."

Hello from Washington D.C.! It's been quite an experience just getting here, and I confess that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. I'm so thankful for my blog and my followers, because I need something familiar to cling to right now!

The flight from L.A. to D.C. was fun, in that I enjoyed reading, blogging, and listening to/watching a movie on my iPod. I have to say, though, that I cannot wait to have real food again tomorrow! =) I haven't had much to eat today, so breakfast sounds really, really good right now!

Anyway, as we began our descent, we left blue skies to be surrounded by dark clouds. Hence, the title of this post. It doesn't seem to be raining now, but it sure was humid when we got outside! Now I know what all ya'll were talking about with the hot weather on the East Coast!

Upon landing our ride didn't show up (as far as we could tell). So we ended up having to take a taxi, which left me feeling a bit . . . well . . . frightened. The taxi driver was nice, no question. But my dad had a hard time understanding him at first, and I was simply hoping we would end up at the right hotel. But here we are at Arlington Court Suites--God was watching over us!

My aunt Timmy and her son, Mel, met us in the lobby, and we enjoyed catching up with each other. It's been quite a while since I've seen any of my dad's family, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them tomorrow!

Now, following are some pictures of our suite. My dad and I have quite a lot of room. Take a look!

This is my bedroom. There's also a T.V., closet, etc., but not much standing room in order to get a good picture! My dad has another bedroom that looks similar to this one.

Here's our kitchen! I wish we had some home-cooked food to go with it . . .

And here we have a nice little dining room table. Too cute!

Here's my daddy! After we were done visiting with Aunt Timmy and Mel, we quickly settled in with our laptops! =)

And here I am! This spot is where I'm sitting right now, comfy-cozy in my sweats, writing this post. Yay for blogging!

Now you know what our accommodations are like. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more exciting pictures for you, rather than pictures of our hotel room! ;) Hope you enjoyed the tour anyway!


Amber S. said...

OK, I lied. It's raining out, and I just saw a flash through the curtains and heard the accompanying thunder. Definitely a "dark and stormy night" here! What's the weather like for all of you guys?


lindsayw said...

Whoa, you've had a crazy day! The weather has been great here, it got up to low 70s today, bright and sunny with a few clouds. Beautiful! I love thunder storms, though, they always remind me of God's power.
Glad to hear you made it safely! Hope your visit continues to go well. Say hi to your dad for me! :)

Ariel said...

Leanne's ex-roommate is in D.C. too and mentioned on FB that is was stormy... Stay safe!!!

Casey said...

What a great room! How long are you staying? I don't know if I want more pictures, I am slightly jealous! :) Have a great time. :D

Amber S. said...

Hello everyone! :)

LINDSAY: Yes, it was kind of a crazy day. ;) The weather sounds wonderful in Oregon--wish it could stay that way for the beginning of fall semester! But I agree that thunderstorms are really cool, and we ended up having quite the display of thunder and lightning last night!

Anyway, thank you for stopping by, and I told my dad you said hi! ;)

ARIEL: First of all, that's a cute term: "ex-roommate." ;) Although it sounds a little negative--I don't think I'd want to call Lindsay my "ex-roommate"! ;)

Second, thank you! We'll try to stay safe, and right now it's not too stormy. Just kind of gloomy. But thank you for brightening my day by stopping by! :)

CASEY: Isn't it, though? We have quite the suite, and I'm grateful for all of the space! It's quite comfortable. :) And I'm sorry I'm making you jealous! Hope you won't mind if I do decide to share some more pictures. ;)

Thank you for visiting!


Amanda said...

Hey Amber!!
I'm SO sorry I missed your send-off, my friend :( But I just read through your past couple blogs and they were GREAT! Loved the photos and that funny video, LOL- you guys just had a blast! Beautiful memories to be cherished forever :)

And how cool that you got to post from the air! I'm happy you and your dad arrived safe, but I'm sorry about the rainy and humid East Coast welcome- we're usually a lot nicer ;)

Praying you have a wonderful time!! Can't wait to hear more about it...

Amanda Stanley

Kav said...

LOL, Amber your hotel suite looks bigger than my whole little house! The kitchen is definitely palatial compared to mine. I bet you have air conditioning too (she says enviously). Glad you arrived safe and are able to catch up with family. I bet you'll sleep well on that queenly bed tonight!!!

Amber S. said...

AMANDA: Don't be sorry! I believe we've already had this discussion about not spending too much time on the computer (which I still have to be careful of!), so I would be a bad influence if I asked you to comment ALL the time! (Although I do LOVE your comments!)

I'm so glad you enjoyed my posts, and yes--we had a wonderful time in Sunriver! :) Wasn't that video too funny? I thought it was great that my dad was videotaping then, although that poor guy never knew what hit him! ;) Just kidding!

Anyway, thank you for your sweet words, and since it hasn't been too hot for our sightseeing, I'll forgive the previously stormy weather (and the rain today). ;) Thanks so much for checking in!

KAV: Ummm...we *might* have air conditioning... ;) I'm sorry to be showing off the suite, but I do confess that I'm enjoying it! Thanks for stopping by!


lindsayw said...

Yep, it's pretty sad how the weather falls apart in time for school to start. :P Oh well, maybe we'll be lucky this year!

Oh, and thanks for sending your dad my greetings! <3

Laura Frantz said...

Oh Amber ~ what fun you're having!! Woo-hoo! And we get to come along vicariously:) Bless you bunches!

Amber S. said...

LINDSAY: Yes--silly weather! ;) But one can always hope!

And you're welcome! It's always great to hear from you!

LAURA: Thank you! This is an amazing experience--fun, emotional, and overwhelming. I can't believe I'm already leaving tomorrow! I hope you get a chance to read some of my more recent posts (when you have time!). :) Thanks for stopping by!