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Discussion 4 (Conclusion) ~ Emily of New Moon Read-Along

Welcome to the fourth and final discussion of the Emily of New Moon read-along! ♥ If this is the first you've heard of the read-along, you can learn more about the schedule in this invitation post.

Today we're going to discuss chapters 25-31. If you've already read them, you can share your thoughts in the comments section or in your own post! (Feel free to use the image above, linking back to the Emily of New Moon read-along tag.) If you still need to catch up, you're welcome to check in whenever you're ready. :)

Hope you enjoy the discussion!

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Emily of New Moon: Chapters 25-31

Discussion format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and five questions to answer for each week's reading

Favorite Quotes
  • "I can pray in my mind—I'm sure God can hear thoughts as well as words. It is nice to think He can hear me if nobody else can."
  • "You look like a star—you have a radiant sort of personality shining through you—your proper habitat should be the evening sky just after sunset—or the morning sky just before sunrise. Yes. You'd be more at home in the morning sky."
  • "If everybody had always been happy there'd be nothing to read about."
  • "Teddy will paint pictures and I will write poetry and we will have toast and bacon and marmalade every morning for breakfast—just like Wyther Grange—but never porridge. And we'll always have lots of nice things to eat in the pantry and I'll make lots of jam and Teddy is always going to help me wash the dishes."
  • "Time went on and autumn passed and winter came with its beautiful bare-limbed trees, and soft pearl-grey skies that were slashed with rifts of gold in the afternoons, and cleared to a jewelled pageantry of stars over the wide white hills and valleys around New Moon."
  • "Though I may not be very good-looking now, when I go to heaven I believe I'll be very beautiful."
  • "Elizabeth Murray had learned an important lesson—that there was not one law of fairness for children and another for grown-ups."
  • "For heaven's sake, girl, don't write what you can't understand yourself."

General Impressions

Confession time: I finished Emily of New Moon about a week ago and promptly proceeded to read Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest (completing the trilogy). I was eager to see what happened to Emily and her friends and how the series ended! Don't worry; I won't talk about those other two books and spoil anything here. ;) But if anyone else reads them and wants to chat, please feel free to comment below or message me through Goodreads or via email (! I'd love to hear your further thoughts on these characters and their lives. ♥

As for the end of the first book, I definitely found it intriguing. Emily has a couple of near-death experiences: one that leads to her friendship with Dean Priest, and another that leads to solving the mystery behind Ilse's mother's death.

Dean...I'm so torn about him! In some ways, his friendship with Emily is so charming and heartwarming. In other ways, some of the things he says when he first meets her (after saving her life) are a bit...shocking. But then, big age gaps in relationships are not uncommon in my family, and there's even a story I heard about my great-great grandparents (I believe) wherein my great-great grandfather saw my great-great grandmother when she was a little girl and he was a young man, and he knew right then he was going to marry her someday. So...! It's definitely not an unheard of thing, but it does feel a little jarring, hearing Dean hint at romance with a girl who could be his preteen daughter. Especially when he talks possessively. And yet, I couldn't help but be intrigued by what might come of it all in time. Maybe, down the road...?

Speaking of romance... Again, I realize Emily is a little young yet! But there are some really sweet moments with the boys in her life in these last chapters. Teddy and Emily share a secret adventure in the Disappointed House. While Emily doesn't seem to like the idea of marriage at this point, I think their daydreams of delicious breakfasts and helping each other with the dishes is pretty adorable. :) And then there's Emily's illness and the way Perry keeps watch through the night, so worried about her and wanting to know she'll be all right. ♥

We must talk about the new teacher in town! I love that Mr. Carpenter turns the education system upside down, just like Muriel Stacy in Anne of Green Gables. And I love the way he balances encouraging and challenging Emily in her writing, even if the challenges come off more strongly than the encouragement. ;) I'm so glad that these kids finally get a different teacher who is able to joke, wants to help the students excel in what they're best at, and doesn't treat them like Miss Brownell!

I loved seeing the relationship between Aunt Elizabeth and Emily grow and mature at the end. Aunt Elizabeth recognizes how she wronged Emily and actually asks for forgiveness! And Emily hurts when she realizes she hurt Aunt Elizabeth. It's realistic to know things don't become perfect after that scene, as is said in chapter 30: "Their points of view were so different that there were bound to be clashes; they did not speak the same language, so there was bound to be misunderstanding." And yet, I'm happy that there's been such progress and there is such hope for them. :)

As with other sections in this book, so much happens and develops in these chapters. And as I mentioned earlier, the introduction of these characters and their adventures made me want to read more and finish the trilogy to see how it all turns out! Also, isn't it neat how these last chapters set up the title of book 2, Emily Climbs? :)

Discussion Questions

Answer any or all five of these questions in the comments section or in your own blog post!

1. What did you think of Emily's first meeting with Dean Priest (and the near-death experience that brought it about)?

2. How would you feel about having Mr. Carpenter as a teacher? Do you agree with his teaching methods and how he critiques Emily's works?

3. Were you surprised by the truth about what happened to Ilse's mother? How did this chapter ("When the Curtain Lifted") make you feel?

4. Which scene in this book was the most adorable (or romantic) to you?

5. What was your favorite part of Emily's story? What are you hopes or predictions for what will happen to her in the rest of the series?

Thank you for joining us for the Emily of New Moon read-along! I loved chatting about the book with you! 


Julie said...

I too am torn about Dean! I really think he is too old. And if it were nowadays I would think he was a pervert. But then again, he was sweet and kind to Emily. Soooo, who knows? I liked that Elizabeth and Emily have come to understand each other. It doesn't change who they are, but it helps them to understand a bit. I like the flare of the gothic tale again in finding out what actually happened to Ilse's mother. I've already started EMILY CLIMBS! Looking forward to seeing how Emily's life unfolds. I'll have to email you as I read so we can discuss. Thanks so much for hosting the read-along. I so enjoy discussing books with you! Here is my final post for the read-along:

Amber Holcomb said...


Yes, it's an odd situation, especially because of how young Emily is when she first meets him! I don't think the age difference is quite as striking when the younger person is already an adult, but it does feel bothersome for Dean to act this way and hint at things when Emily is still a child. :\

And yes, I love Elizabeth and Emily coming to understand each other a bit better, as well, even if it doesn't make everything perfect between them. There is hope! :)

That's a great point about the revelation of Ilse's mother's fate having a Gothic flair, as well!

I'd love for you to email me your thoughts on the rest of the trilogy! It would be fun to discuss it with you even if we don't do a formal read-along for the rest of the books. :) Enjoy Emily Climbs, and I'll swing by your conclusion post soon!


Chloe the MovieCritic said...

I've read another book from that time where a young man met a little girl, and it was like your great-great-grandparents! Maybe it was a writing trend. Though Ms. Montgomery might be hinting otherwise, I like to think of Dean as Emily's replacement father.

Oh, those moments you mentioned with Teddy and Perry were so sweet! I really am torn about who it will be in the end!

Whoa, until you pointed it out, I didn't even think of how all the "climbing" set up book #2's title! I'm glad that you were able to set me straight!

Thank you again, and again for hosting this! I had such fun. Here are my thoughts for the last bit:

Amber Holcomb said...


Oh, how interesting! And with Dean being her father's age, I can totally see Emily viewing him as a father figure. It is really sweet that he understands her and is able to share about his adventures and his love of books with her!

Yes, Teddy and Perry are both so sweet in their own way, and those scenes were precious! ♥

And aw, no problemo! ;) That idea of "climbing" does seem to be a big thing for Emily!

I'm so glad you had fun with this read-along. I totally did, too, and I've loved discussing the book with you and Julie! Thank you so much for participating!