Monday, March 17, 2014

A St. Patrick's Day Surprise! (Fairy Slippers)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't have any four-leaf clovers for you...but I do have some fairy slippers, which are also a rare and lovely find. :) (Well, at least the flower is - hoping you'll find the story to be sweet, too!)

Yes, Fairy Slippers - the short-story sequel to Bleeding Heart featuring Zachary Taylor the cook - is now available! Instead of publishing it as a separate ebook, which was my plan earlier this year, I was inspired by my cover designer's latest project, Take a Picture. The way she so sweetly combined her two short stories made me want to do the same for "The Heart's Spring" short stories, especially since both stories are such quick reads (about 6K words for Bellflower and 5K for Fairy Slippers).

So the cover for Bellflower got a makeover - with a brighter background and a note at the bottom about the extra short story being included. And now the combo ebook is available for $.99 at the following sites!

Here's some more information about the ebook...

"The Heart's Spring" Short-Story Combo eBook 

BELLFLOWER: Short Story Prequel to Forget Me Not 

Spring 1880 

Annabelle knows only one way of life. Jacob knows only one way to feel secure. When their paths cross in a Western mining town, can they find a way for love to bloom? Discover the story behind two hurting hearts in this short but sweet retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

FAIRY SLIPPERS: Bonus Short Story Companion to Bleeding Heart 

Spring 1888 

Margaret is fragile. Zachary is tough. Both are lonely. Will a dance in a redwood lumber town bring them together—or drive them apart forever? Discover the continuing story of the cook from Bleeding Heart in this short but sweet retelling of Cinderella
If you've already read Bellflower because you subscribe to my newsletter or you got it for free on Smashwords, I hope you'll still find Fairy Slippers to be an encouraging little afternoon diversion for a buck. :)


To celebrate the official ebook release day, I've got a couple of special offers for you!

Forget Me Not is Free for Kindle!

Today (March 17th) through Friday (March 21st), Forget Me Not is FREE in Kindle format! Click HERE to pick up your copy. Bellflower is the prequel to Forget Me Not, so this is the perfect chance to read both together for only $.99! You can actually read the whole series (minus Book 3 - Morning Glory - which should hopefully be released this summer) for less than $4!! The paperback versions of Forget Me Not and Bleeding Heart are also both available now for only $8.99 each.

All that to say... If you've been waiting to pick up your copies of these books and dive into "The Heart's Spring" series, now is the time! ;)

A Cinderella Giveaway!

I've been holding onto this horse & carriage beaded bookmark from Belle on a Budget for a few months now, waiting to use it for a Fairy Slippers giveaway - isn't it just darling? Even though there are no horses or carriages mentioned in Fairy Slippers, I think it's perfect to celebrate a Cinderella-themed story. I hope you agree! This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, and you can enter via the Rafflecopter form below:

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St. Patrick's Day Spotlight Participants

Check out these super sweet bloggers who are helping me spread the word about all this bookish news today!
One last note: If you're interested in learning more about fairy slippers (the flower) or the setting for Fairy Slippers (the story), be sure to visit The Heart's Spring series blog today! I'm sharing a little bit of the story behind the story in honor of release day, and I've got some neat YouTube videos for you to check out. :)

What do you think of the updated combo cover? Do you enjoy getting to learn about secondary characters in a series through short stories?


Julie said...

I enjoyed both books Amber! Love the cover too! :)

Melanie Backus said...

I love the combo cover and I love short stories.

mauback55 at gmail dot com

Amber Stokes said...


I'm so glad - and thank you so much for your post and kind words! :) Didn't Lena do a great job on the updated cover?


Amber Stokes said...


Yay! Glad to hear it - on both counts. :) Thanks for stopping by!