Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Blue Blossom (Paperback Arrival!)

It's so strange... In some ways, it doesn't really feel like your book is "real" until you see it in paperback. And in other ways, after seeing the cover and interior and everything about the book on the computer, holding the paperback is just one more step on a journey that's been very "real" all along, but also so surreal.

Receiving my second release in paperback didn't feel the same as it did for my debut. Not as much squealing; not quite as much excitement for doing the photo shoot. I think part of that might be due to my grandma's absence... Not being able to run up to her house and hand it to her. Not being able to point out the dedication to her and see her reaction. Not being able to share the moment with her as I did for Bleeding Heart.

And yet, I still felt a thrill when I opened my mailbox and saw the package from CreateSpace. I still grinned like a little girl when showing it to my mom. And even though my response the last few days has been subdued (probably also partly due to the fact that I've been consumed with my short-story project), it's been a special time in its own way. I'm so happy with the Western-y look of the cover, and the way the model fits so perfectly. (Huge thanks to Lena Goldfinch for designing such a wonderful cover!) My mom and I got to take my proof copy to the care home where my grandpa is staying and show it to my grandpa and some of the others living/working there. My mom and I also found just the right spot for a photo op yesterday (Monday). And I've ordered a box of books, so I'm looking forward to signing and sharing some!

All that to say - thank you for letting me share this adventure with you, dear readers! Even though I know you don't really have a choice in what I post (LOL), you always let me be myself, sharing your understanding and your support. I'm grateful to be celebrating this moment with you. After about seven or eight years of having this story with me, Forget Me Not is now available to have and to hold! God is so very good. ♥

Sally and Elizabeth sitting next to each other on my dresser.

And here's a side view - always more flattering, right? ;)

Elizabeth and I by the river. We're in California instead of Colorado, but still a perfect spot to correlate with Chapter 1! Can't you just picture David galloping over on Liberty, ready to do battle with the rapids...?


Would you like to have the lovey Elizabeth grace your shelf? You can pick up a copy of Forget Me Not now on any of the following sites:

The list price is only $8.99 (it *is* a little shorter than Bleeding Heart, so Elizabeth's a bit thinner ;)), and you can get it for $8.54 on Amazon.

And if you'd like to learn some random "fun facts" about the story, be sure to check out the series blog today!


Lena Goldfinch said...

Hugs on missing your grandma, Amber. Sending warm thoughts. Glad you got a chance to visit your grandpa and share your news. Love the photo by the river -- so fitting! :)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Yay! Congratulations. How exciting.

Bluerose said...


That IS the perfect place for a photo! I can totally visualize David and Liberty behind you! :)


Rissi said...

WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you have your second book to hold now and Sally can now sit on your shelf with her friend. ;)

BIG congrats - cannot wait to nab a copy for myself, too. :)

Amber Stokes said...


I really appreciate those hugs. *Hugs back* Thank you for giving me such a gorgeous paperback - I truly love it! It's so perfect for the story and the series. :)

My mom and I were trying to find the right place to take a pic yesterday evening, and then it hit me how a river shot would be so fitting! Glad you like it. :)


Amber Stokes said...


Thank you so much, my friend! I'm grateful for your support. :)


Amber Stokes said...


*Hugs back!*

Yay! I'm glad you can picture David and Liberty in the pic, too. ;) Thank you for the encouragement!!


Amber Stokes said...


Awww, thank you for sharing my joy, dear friend! And thank you for being willing to purchase a copy! ♥

Now Sally and Elizabeth just have to wait a few months or so for Felicity to join them... ;)


Audrey Sauble said...

Congratulations, Amber! That's an exciting package to get. :-)

Cindy V said...

Congrats, Amber!! I have a hunch your grandmother was there, looking down and watching you. She would be very proud of your hard work and accomplishments.

Amber Stokes said...


Thank you!! :) It's definitely an exciting package - thanks for sharing my excitement!


Amber Stokes said...


I really appreciate the sweet words. ♥ Thank you! *Hugs* (and *cuddles* to Buckley & Bogey!)


Michelle T. said...

Congratulations, Amber! I'm so happy for you, and this exciting season in your life. God has truly blessed you! I just purchased the Bellflower/Fairy Slippers combo, and I'm so looking forward to reading it (as well as Forget Me Not).

Please forgive me for being MIA much of the time. My substitute teaching schedule has changed quite a bit, and I'm working nearly everyday, which has crowded out much of the free time that I used to have. I do get your email updates, and think of you often. Praying that you and your family are doing well.

Love & Hugs,

Amber Stokes said...


Thank you so much!! You're so sweet to swing by with your busy schedule, and I'm touched by your kind words and prayers. ♥ I truly am blessed, especially with such dear friends and readers like you!

I so hope you enjoy Bellflower/Fairy Slippers & Forget Me Not! And I hope all is going well with your substitute teaching. That's a bummer to have less reading/blogging time, but I'm sure it's great to have more work! :)

Love, Hugs, & Prayers Back!