Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seeking Reviewers for Sweet YA Reads!

I'm putting together a reviews-only blog tour for my fabulous cover designer/formatter/mentor/friend, Lena Goldfinch! We're looking for bloggers who are passionate about clean YA (Young Adult) books and interested in receiving an e-book (or four!) to review. The blog tour is scheduled for March 9-15, with the reviews happening March 10-14. While it's a reviews-only tour, there just might be a giveaway and some other fun extras, so do consider joining us for a fantasy-filled celebration this spring!

Here's a little info about the books available for review:

The Language of Souls: This was the first story I read by Lena, and it's what caused me to jump at the chance to be her beta reader...which led to our awesome business partnership today. It's a touching, engaging, and romantic fantasy novella - an endearing little read!

Aire: I had the pleasure of beta reading this book and offering some feedback. It's an intriguing fantasy novel featuring royals, danger, romance, a seer, and a shapeshifter.

Songstone: My favorite of Lena's books so far (though I've loved them all!), this one made my "Favorite Reads of 2013" list. I was one of the editors of this thoroughly enchanting, intense, and beautiful island fantasy romance novel.

Haunting Joy: And here's a novella with a paranormal flair! I also edited this story - the perfect read for those who are curious about the paranormal genre but unsure about the "scariness" or "gross factor." This is a sweet ghost story with a hint of melancholy and a touch of romance.

Interested in signing up? Just fill out the form below! You can choose one, two, three, or all four of the books to review, as long as you can commit to posting your review(s) during the tour. And if you have an open schedule, I'd love to feature some more bloggers earlier during the tour!


Hannah said...

Hmmm, I do want to read Aire, so maybe I'll do this. I'll have to see how my schedule goes.

Amber Stokes said...


Aire is a great read! I'll keep the sign-ups open for a while longer, so you can just let me know if it works out for you. :)