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My Review of Sun & Moon

Here's a description of the book from the author's website:

"She has a past. He has a secret.

Katja Stoltz is a risk-taking singer-songwriter, hoping to make it in the indie music scene in Dresden, Germany. Micah Sturm's a brooding uptown banker on a quest.

Driven to the streets, Katja is picked up by Micah - but he doesn't want what she thinks he does.

There’s an undeniable attraction between them, a gravitational pull they both struggle to resist. Katja knows she mustn’t fall in love with this handsome enigma. There’s something dark lurking beneath the surface. He could be dangerous.

And even if her life isn’t on the line, her heart most definitely is."

My Rating


My Review

A creative approach to NA (New Adult) contemporary romance, Sun and Moon is an interesting read. I enjoy Strauss's writing style, and I appreciate that she offers such a wide variety of stories with the romance I love and minus the explicit content I'd prefer to avoid. (Note that this book does contain a little bit of language, some innuendos, references to drinking, and some heavier kissing scenes, though - definitely for the NA crowd and above.)

This book starts out with such intrigue that I found myself transported to Germany and unwilling to leave through the first quarter of the story. Micah is the kind of guy you'd hope to meet if you were ever in a rough spot or a dangerous place. But that locked door in his apartment... Yeah, I loved the Jane Eyre/Bluebeard vibes! A unique and artsy setting + a handsome and kind stranger + a mystery = a great beginning.

The mystery was solved a little earlier than I expected, and I did miss the promising plot, as it sort of fizzled into a day-to-day romance. Very sweet, certainly, but the main tension revolved around how far they were willing to go physically and will they/won't they stay together. I hoped for a little more excitement, a little more challenge - just...a little more something.

The ending did take a different sort of turn, and what I appreciated the most was Katja's character growth. I would have loved more depth to Micah's character (maybe some of his POV), and I would have appreciated a less superficial look at their beliefs. Even still, the decisions Katja made and the way her attitude started to change were satisfying.

The especially neat thing about this book is the peek at the indie music scene and the songs included to enhance the reading experience. I checked out the Bandcamp page and enjoyed getting to hear "Katja" (songs actually performed by Kim McMechan) and the lyrics sprinkled throughout the story. Strauss has pulled off a really clever idea, and I'm curious to hear more about (and hear more music from) the Minstrel Series!

*With thanks to the author and NetGalley for providing me with an e-copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Songs from The Minstrel Series

You can listen to and purchase the songs mentioned in the story HERE.

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