Saturday, December 28, 2013

Contentment Reading Challenge 2013: December
This year is coming to a close - as is the Contentment Reading Challenge. I re-read 5 books in 2013 (the "Floating" level). I was initially going to try "Swimming" (15 books), then "Wading" (10 books)... But still, I got two more than I got when I created and hosted the challenge in 2011! Here are links to my posts regarding the books I re-read:
  1. Snow Angel by Jamie Carie
  2. Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania by Cerella Sechrist
  3. To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer
  4. Recalled by Cambria Hebert
  5. Watercrossing by Krissi Dallas
...everything from inspirational historical romance to YA fantasy & paranormal! All were great reads and ones I enjoyed revisiting.

The new year will bring a lot of new reads, I'm sure - including Cerella Sechrist's latest, which I can't wait to share more about on the blog, as well as Karen Witemeyer's latest, which I hope to review! However, even though I'm closing down the "official" Contentment Reading Challenge, I do hope to revisit some old book friends in the coming months/years. Here are the ones on the top of my list (books I loved and really want to read again):
 How about you?

If you participated in the challenge, do let us know your total in the comments section (including a link to your wrap-up post, if you'd like)! I'd also love to hear about your favorite re-reads and why you enjoyed revisiting them.

Whether you participated in the challenge or not, please feel free to share a few titles of books you adore so much that you'd like to revisit them in the future! (Or perhaps ones that challenged you or intrigued you so much, you want to re-read them just to figure out the different layers.)

As 2013 and the Contentment Reading Challenge come to an end, let's take this moment to share about some of the stories that have blessed us!


Beth said...

My final post is up! I made it to 84 books this time!
Thanks for hosting the challenge.

Amber Holcomb said...


You are awesome!!! You dove way deep this year - totally blowing the challenge out of the water! ;) I'm so glad you participated and found it to be an enjoyable thing. Even though I didn't post as often or re-read as much as I should have, I did enjoy hosting this again!