Monday, September 9, 2013

Bleeding Heart News!

If you've been waiting...
  • to purchase a paperback copy or
  • to download a Kindle copy is the day!

It's a doubly exciting celebration, because not only is the paperback version of  Bleeding Heart "in stock" on Amazon, but you can also download a Kindle copy of the book for FREE between now and Thursday night!! Before summer officially turns into fall, you can take one last vacation - to the American West of the late 19th century. =) I hope the story blesses you in some way!

In other news...
  • If you missed author Michelle Griep and Serena Chase's reviews of Bleeding Heart, they've been posted in new places! You can read the former at Novel Reviews and the latter at Edgy Inspirational Romance.
  • I shared about my self-publishing journey so far at Novel Rocket - "Seasons of a Self-Publishing Journey." I incorporate the titles of my books, so do stop by if you're curious!
And one last thing...
  • If you end up purchasing a paperback copy of Bleeding Heart, I'd be thrilled to see a picture of you with the book! (Or of the book on your shelf, desk, etc.!) There's certainly no pressure to do so, but if you wanted to share a pic I'd love to pin it to my Bleeding Heart Pinterest board. =)
Thank you for all you've done to support me during this season of my writing career! 


Linda Maendel said...

I'm so happy for you, Amber! Congrats on getting your book published! I'll have to get my hands on a copy sometime soon.

Amber Stokes said...


Aww, I really appreciate that! :) Thank you for being so encouraging! I hope you enjoy the book if you do read it sometime. :) *Hugs*


Patricia said...

Is this book genre Christian or possibly clean read? I love the cover image.

Patricia aka Mamaw

Amber Stokes said...


Yes, Bleeding Heart is Christian fiction, and I'd consider it a clean read. :) However, it is a darker story, and there are mentions of alcohol and prostitution in fitting with the time period and the frailties of human nature - but there is no explicit content, and I firmly believe it is a hopeful story. I hope you agree! :)

Thank you for the interest! And isn't the cover beautiful? Lena Goldfinch designed it, and she is absolute delight to work with. :) We've already started working on the cover for the prequel!


Susan Anne Mason said...

So happy to get a copy of your book, Amber! Can't wait to read it, but it will have to wait a while.

Happy sales!


Amber Stokes said...


I'm so happy you did! :) And no worries - I know how daunting those TBR stacks can be! Just hope you enjoy Bleeding Heart whenever you get a chance to read it. :)

Thank you for the support!