Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn Bash 2013 ~ Coming Soon!

In place of my annual End of Summer Bash celebrating the change of seasons, I'm doing a strictly fall-related party this year. But don't worry - the Autumn Bash will still include a fantastic author line-up, fun interview responses, book excerpts, and giveaways! It's all autumn-themed this time around, and there will also be a cover reveal and review or two thrown in there to round out the occasion. So mark your calendars, and please grab the button if you'd like to help spread the word!

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Autumn Bash 2013 Schedule:
  • Sunday, Sept. 22nd ~ Laura Frantz (Love's Awakening)
  • Monday, Sept. 23rd ~ Anne Elisabeth Stengl (Goddess Tithe w/cover reveal)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 24th ~ Melissa Tagg (Made to Last)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 25th ~ Elizabeth Ludwig (Dark Road Home)
  • Thursday, Sept. 26th ~ Jolina Petersheim (The Outcast)
  • Friday, Sept. 27th ~ Jessica Dotta (Born of Persuasion)
  • Saturday, Sept. 28th ~ Winners Announced
I will note the rules for each giveaway on its corresponding post. I'm still undecided as to whether I'm going to put together Rafflecopter forms for the giveaways or just have you enter via the comments section... The former would probably be easier and more organized for me, but if the majority of you don't like to use those forms, I want to keep things simple for you, too! So do chime in with your thoughts and preferences on entering giveaways, if you're so inclined. =)

Can't wait to celebrate the new season with you and these wonderful authors! What are you most looking forward to about autumn?


Barbara Thompson said...

I would prefer comments. I use a Kindle Fire because of my disability and it will not load a Rafflecopter. So, when any giveaway is a Rafflecopter, I cannot participate.
Thank you!!
Barbara Thompson

Marissa said...

I prefer comments as well! But you decide what to do!

Amber Stokes said...


Good to know! Thank you for the feedback. :) I think Rafflecopter works well for the blog tours and cover reveals I set up, so that each participating blogger can take the same code and gather entries for the same giveaway. However, for giveaways strictly on my blog and for events such as this, doing it via comments works just fine. :) I'm glad to know what is easiest for you!


Amber Stokes said...


Thank you for chiming in with your preference! I'm thinking I'll go with the comments-method this time around. :)


Jana said...

I nominated you for the Elegant Blogger Award!

Jamie Lapeyrolerie said...

Sounds so much fun!! Looking forward to it!

Rafflecopter never seems to work for me, they told me to download Chrome and that should work, but I've just been lazy. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to do it :)

I can make either one work and I know its much easier that way!

Juju at Tales of said...

Yay. I look forward to it. :D

Rissi said...

Woo-hoo! Sounds like a cannot-be-missed week; thanks for the heads-up, Amber. :)

Best thing about fall? The gorgeous weather! :)

Amber Stokes said...


That's so thoughtful! Thank you! :)


Amber Stokes said...


Yay! So glad you think so! :)

Oh, that's a bummer Rafflecopter hasn't worked for you before... I'm not sure about Chrome and how that all works, but here's to hoping! ;) There'll be a U.S.-only Rafflecopter giveaway tomorrow for a client's cover reveal, but I think I'll go the comments route for the Autumn Bash - so you should be able to enter some giveaways, regardless. :)

Thank you for your kindness and feedback!


Amber Stokes said...


Huzzah! I know you loved Jolina's book (I still need to read it!), so you should enjoy her interview - hope you'll enjoy the others, too! :)

Thanks for swinging by!


Amber Stokes said...


My pleasure! Anticipation is half the fun, right? ;)

Oh, I love fall weather, too! And the colors, and the apple cider, and the fun events... ;) So much to love!