Monday, August 6, 2012

My Review of My Prince Will Come

From His Princess Ministries website:

All of Sheri Rose’s best teaching in one great book.

Refresh your soul and enjoy a journey as you draw close to your Prince…Jesus.

Filled with heartwarming stories, life changing truth and the timeless wisdom of the word of God, this inspiring book gives all of us an eternal view of who we really are: 'The Bride of Christ.' It hits the heart of every woman who wants to experience true freedom.

Topics Covered:
  • Discovering your Royal Call 
  • The Art of Loving One Another 
  • Emotionally Free 
  • Eating for Excellence 
  • Getting Ready for our Lord’s return 
Great for group or personal study.

My Review

My Prince Will Come is a lovely little book - one that is what it says it is, although it seems to also reach for more than it can offer. That is to say, this book has it all: written prayers to read, encouraging and imaginative "letters from God," personal stories from the author's own life, and suggestions on how to approach everything from one's habits to one's relationships as a woman of God who is aware of eternity. But with all that it tries to tackle, it loses a bit of focus. The uniting factor is the princesses and "happily ever after" theme, which keeps everything on track. But there is some confusion even in the organization of the book: is it a daily devotional or is it a "self-help" book? If it was divided a bit differently, it could read rather like a devotional. But the four chapters with subdivisions make it possible to just approach it as a shorter non-fiction read.

Going off of the synopsis and the evident theme displayed on the cover, My Prince Will Come delivers. It didn't completely engross me for the most part, but once I finally took the time to sit down and read it, I found that there were some powerful personal testimonies and some great words of advice - especially in the chapter regarding relationships.

In some respects the book comes off as a bit shallow and "fluffy," with imaginary "love letters" from God and princess references and acronyms (etc.). But the Scripture scattered throughout, the important and helpful issues addressed, and the quality of writing keep things balanced. For those already skeptical about the book, I think there are some good points to be found if one keeps an open mind. For those who are already hooked on the premise, I think this book can be an enjoyable read - just don't let the "love letters" and prayers included substitute for studying the Scriptures for yourself and praying openly to God (a reminder which the author seems to advocate, as well).

*With thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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Amanda Stanley said...

Amber, I think you wrote an awesome review! You have a real talent for book reviewing, my friend, which is a good thing considering that's a big part of your blog ;) Some try but you have such a clear voice, touching on all points, breaking things down just right so a reader knows what they're getting while preserving some mystery to look forward to discovering on their own. You also let your opinion be known in a very classy, delicate way, not forcing your view. Needless to say, you are at the top of a very short list of reviewers I trust :)

I also think with how awesome you are at reviewing you would make an excellent editor! Anything freelance come your way at all yet? Will continue to pray for you concerning that!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. I always love hearing about these sorts of books. I totally agree with the last point you made about not using written prayers as substitutes for personal communion with God. Always standoffish with things like that so I'm happy to know the author agrees.


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! :) To be honest, I was really afraid that I had been too harsh in my review of High Desert Haven (although the author was super kind in our e-mail communication), and when I didn't hear from you in a while I thought maybe you disapproved. I still think I was too nit-picky and that, in general, I could do a better job with some of my reviews, but I'm so grateful to know that you find my reviews helpful overall! I'm sorry for letting my imagination get carried away with me - I think that's what can make e-communication so hard, not being able to see what the other person is thinking or feeling! I really value your friendship and your evaluations of my writing, and I want other people to be blessed by what I write. :) It definitely is a comfort, though, to know that God is almighty and He can work for our good despite of and through our imperfections and weaknesses. :)

Anyway, sorry for the long tangent, and thank you again for your encouragement and for sharing your thoughts! A while back I did some brainstorming for starting a free-lance editing business, but I've been waiting to hear back on some names of professional web designers... I'm hoping to move ahead in that soon regardless, as I feel like I can't fill out my business license application without having the website URL, and I can't really start getting business without having a venue to work through. I really appreciate your prayers, and may I trust in God's perfect timing! Perhaps I needed to wait a bit what with the stress of driving and vacations/family time and whatnot... Or maybe God has something else planned? If it's God's will, I'm excited to see where all this can go! :)