Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disney Birthday Bash with Ashley!

Today's guest is a dear blogging friend, Ashley from After All, Tomorrow is Another Day. It's a pleasure to host her here, and I think you'll love her responses to this Disney-themed interview!

Thank you so much for joining us today! Since this week’s theme is “Disney,” could you share with us your favorite Disney movie and why it’s your favorite?

Ashley: Hands down, Tuck Everlasting has to be my fave Disney movie. Because, it’s the saddest movie you’ll ever see, yet you can’t help but watch it again and again. It’s romantic without being oushy-goushy and there is the element of adventure and wonder that comes with the thought of living forever, that sucks you in from the very beginning.

Amber: Great choice--I love that movie, as well! Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World? If so, do you have a fun memory you could share with us about one of the rides/attractions?

Ashley: I’ve actually been to both parks, and they’re both amazing, however the memory that stands out the most for me is when: my sister, my mom and I were at Disneyland, in Story Bookland (any place about books has to be good, right?), where there is this boat ride that takes you down a river and through the mouth of the whale that swallowed Pinocchio. On the banks of the river are miniatures of several of the Disney character’s houses. Before, my family and I got to board the boat, the operator of the asked if my sister and I could sit in the front and be the shark watchers. At the time, I was only 5 yrs. old, and I truly thought there were man-eating sharks in the water. But luckily, none decided to attack that night.

Amber: Hahaha, very cute! ;) Which Disney character from any of the Disney movies do you most identify with?

Ashley: I know we all will say Belle, and now that I’m older, I totally understand wanting more to read a good book, then to spend time with an arrogant (if handsome) and insufferable man like Gaston. However, when I was younger, I always fancied myself to be more of a Sleeping Beauty type. I loved the thought of having long golden hair, the ability to understand animals, and three fairy Godmothers, dressed in green, red and blue. But never yellow, mind you, for that would be a crime of fairy fashion.

Amber: That's sweet! Have any of the Disney movies reminded you of a spiritual truth? If so, could you share an example?

Ashley: In the beginning of Beauty And The Beast, where the prince refuses the rose from the old “hag” and turns her away with hateful words, that really reminded me of how Jesus was treated here on earth. He came to offer us such a simple, but beautiful gift, and we not only didn’t want it, we crucified Him for it. We are all ugly beast without Jesus’s love. We may not look like one on the outside, but in the inside, our hearts are vile, and riddled with sin like cancer. But there is a Beauty that is constantly showing us love and our need to be loved by the King of Creation, all we have to do is except that love for now and eternity.

Amber: That is beautiful, Ashley! So glad you shared that with us, and I completely agree. So, what do you love the most about Disney movies?

Ashley: That no matter what’s going on in your life, the moment you turn a Disney movie on, you can believe for a moment that dreams really are wishes your heart makes and that with a wonderful thought, some faith and pixie dust, you can fly.

Thank you so much Amber, for the fun interview and I pray you have a blessed and magical birthday this year.

Amber: Thank YOU, Ashley, for visiting us today and for your wonderful responses!!

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Renee Ann said...

I agree--Tuck Everlasting is a sweet movie that brings up such interesting themes. And I love your metaphor comparing Jesus' reject to that first scene in Beauty and the Beast. Great post, Ashley and Amber!

Bluerose said...

Beautiful interview!!

I almost hate to admit that before this week, I didn't know there was a difference between Disneyland and Disney World. Sad, huh? Obviously, I've never been to either.

And I wasn't entering at yesterday's post. As much as I really want to read Gallimore, I have a huge stack of review and won books that I want to read. :)

Amber S. said...

Renee Ann,

Yes! I love Tuck Everlasting, and it certainly has some beautiful and intriguing themes. :) And wasn't Ashley's analogy great?!

Thanks for stopping by!


Amber S. said...


So glad you enjoyed it! It was such a blessing to interview Ashley. :)

And I do hope you get to go to either Disneyland or Disney World sometime! I'm sure you already know this now, but just in case: Disneyland = California (where I'm going) and Disney World = Florida. :) I think there are other Disney Worlds in different countries, too...but I've only been to Disneyland.

You're more than welcome to enter as many drawings as you want whenever you want, although I completely understand about the huge TBR stack! ;)

Thanks for dropping in!


Project Journal said...

Oh Ashley, hey lil sis! Great interview : ) Disney, such a magical topic, isn't it? Lol, gotta love, love, love it!! I LOVED your faith and pixie dust comment, reminds me of another Disney song. we go again, girl ; )

"I am not a child now. I can take care of myself. I mustn't let them down now, musn't let them see me cry. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm too tired to listen. I'm too old to believe all these childish stories. There is no such thing as faith and trust and pixie dust."

What movie??? This one's trickier I think, might stump ya!

Anyway, great interviews, ladies. It's good to hear from you both. Haven't had a late night convo lately, Miss Ashley lol hope you're ok, hun!
Love to you both,

Amber S. said...


Disney is definitely a magical topic, and I loved Ashley's last response, as well! :)

And oooh, oooh, pick me!! I actually DO know this one--Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland! That's such a sweet movie. :)

Glad you could stop by! Love ya!


Project Journal said...

Well DARN! I thought I'd stump you on that one. I really did lol. I'll get you, my pretty!! And your too! Oh wait...this is a Disney themed week...isn't it? I'm in the wrong movie *smacks forehead* whoops!

Yeah, sorry I missed camp, trying to make it up this week. Things have been crazy. My medical stuff is all out of whack and the plugs have really thrown me for a loop, not gonna lie. Be sure to stop by my blog if you wanna try making your own peanut butter cups, sooooo good! Lol!
All my love,

Amber S. said...


Hahaha, we'll just see if you can catch me... LOL! ;)

Don't worry about missing camp--I know you've been really busy and going through a lot lately. Hang in there, girlie!

And I did see your post with the peanut butter cups--yum! That was very kind what you said to Ariel. :) She's a sweet friend!

Thanks for stopping by!