Friday, June 3, 2011

Disney Birthday Bash Finale!

Thank you to my guests, as well as my dear readers, for helping me celebrate my birthday this week! It's been a lot of fun discussing all things Disney. Today I'll announce the winners first, and then I'll add my two cents' worth to the Disney discussion! ;) I'd also love to hear your thoughts on any of the questions!

The winner of Yesterday's Tomorrow by Catherine West is...


And the winner of Gallimore by Michelle Griep is...

Renee C!

Congratulations, ladies! Be on the lookout for my e-mail!

And now here's my Q & A with myself regarding Disney:

Question: Since this week’s theme is “Disney,” could you share with us your favorite Disney movie and why it’s your favorite?

Answer: OK, I don't think we bloggers realize how difficult our questions are until the roles are reversed! Definitely hard to pick a favorite Disney movie. Some of my favorites have already been mentioned by others this week, including Tuck Everlasting, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Beauty & The Beast. But one of my other favorites is Brother Bear 2. The first one was very good, as well, but I just love the sweet romance, as well as the music, in the second movie. The theme of love overcoming fear and sacrificing for others is wonderful!

Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World? If so, do you have a fun memory you could share with us about one of the rides/attractions?

Yes, I have! I've been to Disneyland twice so far, with this next week marking my third vacation there. (I haven't yet been to Disney World, but it sounds awesome!) As for a fun memory, I like sharing the one about meeting my "twin" at Disneyland. When my family and I were attempting to get an autograph from the Mad Hatter, he assumed that another girl who was the same height as me, with the same color hair (about the same length), and wearing glasses like me, was a member of my family. (Or maybe he just thought it was funny we looked alike--I don't know!) He put an arm around each of us and we ended up getting a picture together, even though we had never met! ;)

Then there was the time I got to play Jafar at Aladdin's storytelling place... That was interesting!

Which Disney character from any of the Disney movies do you most identify with?

Answer: I'm going to be a copycat and say Belle. I love to read, I have brown hair, and "I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere." What can I say? ;)

I'll also say Cinderella, because for my senior prom in high school a couple of years ago I got to wear a blue poofy dress and be Cinderella for one special evening. It was so fun to dress up and dance the night away like a princess!

Have any of the Disney movies reminded you of a spiritual truth? If so, could you share an example?

One somewhat recent example is from The Princess and the Frog. When Tiana is in the graveyard with the villain, he tries to get her to give up the talisman she's holding by tempting her with the fulfillment of her dream--her own restaurant, just like she and her dad had always wanted. But when Tiana thinks about her dad, she realizes that even though he didn't have what he wanted, supposedly, he had what he needed. He had love.

The difference between wants and needs is something I really need to take heart. With God, we have everything we could ever need. He provides for us, and in Him we find an all-encompassing love. Sometimes He gives us our wants, but sometimes He knows that what we need doesn't match up with what we want. So may we have what we need (according to God), rather than what we want.

What do you love the most about Disney movies?

I love how Disney movies are positive in general. They encourage people to love others and to really live life--a life full of dreams, adventure, and hope. As they quote in Meet the Robinsons: "Keep Moving Forward."

(Brother Bear 2 picture is from, and The Princess and the Frog picture is also from


Casey said...

LOVE the picture of you!! And....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Anne Mason said...

Happy birthday, Amber! Hope it's a great one!

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Thank you so much for choosing me as a winner and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a blast today. :-)

XOXO~ Renee

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my dear daughter!!! Love you more than words can say!!! Watch out Disneyland here we come!!! Woohoo!!!

Amber S. said...


Thank you on both counts!! :D And thank you so much for your beautiful post this morning on your blog--that means so much to me! :)


Amber S. said...


Thank you!! I appreciate you stopping by! :)


Amber S. said...


You're welcome, and thank you!! :D I was very excited when your name came up on's List Randomizer--I've been wanting to get a copy of Gallimore into your hands! ;) I know you'll love it!


Amber S. said...

Anonymous (AKA Mom or Dad),

Thank you!!! I had a wonderful, lovely birthday party last night, thanks to my dear family! :D And I am so excited to spend vacation with you in Disneyland!!! We'll take the park by storm! ;) Wahoo!


Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet friend!!! Sorry it took me so long to get here but I thought of you often today :) Loved your interview! And you looked so pretty in your Cinderella dress!

God bless you this day and all year through and may you and your dear family (your parents are so cute!) have a wonderful time at Disneyland!!! Make sure to take lots of pictures! ;)


Amber S. said...


Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, and please don't worry about not getting here until now--we're all keeping busy! :)

Thank you for the kind words, dear friend! Since my dad is coming on this trip, I'm sure we'll have tons of pictures! (My dad really likes taking pictures of the family...) ;)

Talk to you soon, and happy *almost* birthday to you!!! :D


Bluerose said...

Sorry I'm a day late...but Happy Birthday!! I hope it was fun and hope you enjoy Disneyland! :)

Amber S. said...


Aww, no worries! Thank you so much! :D


Michelle said...

My wishes are late, but heartfelt just the same. I pray that you had a wonderful birthday, Amber! Looking forward to hearing about your trip, and seeing pictures. : )

Amber S. said...


Thank you so much!! And please don't worry about being late--I'm sorry I was late in responding to you! Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship. :)