Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Review of Leather and Lace

Here's a description of the book from Goodreads:

"Casey O'Hare forsakes life with an outlaw gang to start anew in 1884. WANTED posters across the country attribute various crimes to her of which she is innocent. The outlaw leader, Davis Jenkins, and her brother Tim ride in her pursuit, while a stranger by the name of Morgan enters her campsite in the snow-covered mountains of Utah. Under gunpoint, he leads her down the icy slopes to safety, but Casey learns Morgan is using her to get to Jenkins-and vows to escape him, too. Will Casey's past catch up with her, or will she find a place to rest in the arms of love?"

My Rating: Fall/Spring

My Review:

The beginning drew me in right away: a female outlaw, running away from one possessive man only to be caught by another vengeful man. The descriptions of the cold, the scenery, the night sky--beautiful! From the start I sensed an intriguing adventure to come.

While an adventure did follow in the rest of the story, it wasn't quite as thrilling or action-packed as I hoped it would be. There are some great lessons and reminders throughout the book that come a little close to preachy but still make this an edifying read. The various paces of the book frustrated me a little--in some cases the timeline of the story sped by, and in others issues seemed too drawn out--but overall it was still a fun and interesting read, as well.

*With thanks to Bluerose for a chance to read this book through a book swap!*


Katy said...

I have this one in my TBR pile. Can't wait to pull it out. :-D

~ Katy

Joy Tamsin David said...

Pretty cover, but from your review it doesn't sound like I'd love it.

Amber S. said...


I hope you enjoy it! It's an interesting and sweet read. :)


Amber S. said...


Isn't it a pretty cover? :)

Everybody has different taste, so I can't say for sure how you'd like it, but yes, I didn't really "love" it, myself. It had a really interesting premise, but it didn't quite fulfill all of its potential, in my opinion.