Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow in Salem!

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, it has snowed in Salem, Oregon! I heard it was coming, and it had snowed off and on yesterday without sticking. But what a pleasure to wake up to a winter wonderland outside my window this morning! Here are some pictures:

This is the scene right outside the back door of the second floor of my dorm. So pristine and beautiful!

I guess I wasn't the first one up this morning, judging by those footprints! ;) I slept in until almost 9:00 AM because I don't have class until the afternoon today.

And here's my bed and the window--such a lovely view! And yes, my roommate and I had so much fun decorating for Valentine's Day, we haven't had the heart to take our decorations down!

Hope your day is beautiful, whether you have snow or blue skies!

Oh, and tomorrow I'm hoping to have that Courting Morrow Little book discussion here, so I hope to see you then!


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Ewwwwwwww! Snow is a four letter word here in PA right now! LOL! I hope you enjoy it, I for one am ready for Spring and summer!!!!


Ariel said...

YAY SNOW! :D We got it too!!!! I was so thrilled :D

Casey said...

We heard you were going to get some snow! Which also reminds me that we wouldn't have been able to come this weekend because of the weather anyway. You will have to let me know how the event goes!! Enjoy the snow, Salem doesn't get it very often! :D

Michelle said...

The snow looks pretty.
My favorite picture is the bottom one with the cat and Valentines window.

Diane said...

I haven't read that book yet but want to. The cover art is gorgeous! Enjoy your snow. :O)

Amber S. said...


Hahaha--snow is an exciting thing here! ;) But it will be nice to see summer headed our way, because that means I'll get to be home with my family without homework! :)

Here's to warmer weather where you are!


Amber S. said...


Yay! I'm glad you got some snow, too!!! :D So pretty and fun!


Amber S. said...


Oh, yes, it definitely wouldn't have worked out this weekend anyway with this sort of weather! I do hope we get to meet sometime soon, though!

And thank you--I'll for sure have to let you know how the conference goes. :)


Amber S. said...


I agree! Nothing like a light dusting of snow over the hills and trees to make everything look clean and pretty. :)

And I'm glad you like that last picture! That's my stuffed cat my parents gave me before I came to college to remind me of my cat and my sister's cat. No real cats allowed in the dorm room--but this one is realistic-looking enough! ;)


Amber S. said...


Oh, I do hope you get to read it soon! The cover art is even more beautiful in person, and it's an amazing book!! Feel free to stop by tomorrow anyway--I'll try to give warnings before I give away any big spoilers. And be sure to stop by Laura's blog, as she's giving away an gift card to a commenter!

And thank you! It just started snowing again, and it looks so pretty! :D


Amanda said...

Oh, girl, that's not snow, it's a dusting of powdered sugar! I'm gonna have to agree with Renee on this one, LOL! ;) But even though we've had enough snow to last me till the rapture I'm very happy YOU got some! :D It is beautiful BUT only in moderation!

You do have such a lovely view from your window! Seems very inspiring for writing ;) And, I am SO excited for tomorrow!! See you then, girl :D


Amber S. said...


Well, any snow here is a big event! ;) But you're right--I'm sure this does look just like powdered sugar compared to the thick vanilla ice cream ya'll have been getting over there on the East Coast!

We have two windows since we're in a corner room. :) The view out of the other window is of the parking lot, some trees, and the gym on the hill, but I do love the view of the hillside and distant Salem from the window pictured above. Definitely inspiring for writing! It was so pretty with snow lightly falling off and on today...

I'm so glad you're excited about tomorrow, too!! :D Talk to you soon!


P.S. Just sent you an e-mail. :)

Michelle said...

There's something beautiful and pristine about the world when it's covered in white. That's what I usually think at the first snow fall of the year. Right now though, I've had enough.

It looks so pretty, I hope you were able to enjoy it.

Amber S. said...


Yes, I agree! :) Since we hardly get any snow here, it's a treat when we do get some, and it looks very beautiful. But I can imagine that ya'll would be fine with a little less of the white stuff. ;)

Thank you for stopping by! I definitely enjoyed seeing the snow come down and sparkle on the ground. :)