Monday, January 3, 2011

My Review of Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska

Here's a description of the book from Summerside Press:

"A former marine is no match for the spunky Sam Sinclair. Bryce Stone has returned to his hometown of North Pole, Alaska, and he’s not very happy about it. “The Town Where It’s Christmas All Year Long” does not appeal to the self-admitted scrooge. What’s worse, Bryce must postpone his dream of opening a furniture shop when his aunt Olive retires and leaves him to manage the family’s cluttered Christmas boutique. When Bryce underestimates Sam, the inexperienced young woman he hires to run the store, it becomes a battle of wills, and the two soon find that they’re fighting for more than just the shop."

My Rating: Spring/Summer

My Review:

Don't wait until next Christmas to pick up a copy of this sweet book--it's a holiday treat that should be enjoyed any time of the year! This book is like the charm bracelet from the movie The Santa Clause 2. The interesting date "Santa" finds himself with his first time around has a Christmas charm bracelet, which she say she wears "year round to keep the spirit alive." Well, this book is set in North Pole, Alaska, about which is said, "Where the Spirit of Christmas Lives Year Round." It's a wonderful place to visit through the pages of a book!

I love how creative this book is! The characters are unique, from the former Marine who hates the commercialism of Christmas (and yet has to run a Christmas shop!), to the upbeat and spunky Samantha (who has a culinary degree and yet ends up managing said Christmas shop!). The story kept me turning those pages, and while it was a really fun read, it also included some sadder and deeper moments. The ending came together a little abruptly for me, but once I finished the epilogue I was quite satisfied.

With great Alaskan and Christmas imagery, great characters, and great lessons on love, patience, and understanding, this book is delightful!

P.S. I just had to let you know that Summerside Press has information and cover images up for their new and upcoming "Love Finds You" books (for early to mid 2011) available on their website now! Click HERE to go and check out the latest--and then feel free to come back here and leave a comment on which one you're looking forward to the most! For me, I can't wait for Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island, Canada, but really, they all look so good!


Kav said...

I'm really enjoying Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio, Amber! Thanks for this review and the link to the new Summerside releases. I'm really looking forward to the PEI one -- and the one by Melody Carlson as well -- Martha's Vineyard. Two places I've always dreamed of visiting.

Ariel Wilson said...

I like the sound of the Camelot one :D Is it sad I STILL haven't read a LFY book???? :/ Hahah ;)

Michelle said...

I think I would like `Love Finds You in
Camelot, Tennessee`

Amanda Stanley said...

Don't feel bad, Ariel, I still haven't either :( But, Amber sure does make them sound wonderful, huh? Amber, your review is great and this story is very intriguing- I really like that the hero is an former marine ;D And it's good to know that even though the LFY books sound fun, they also have some deeper elements to them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my friend, you're always a great source for reading material! :)


Bluerose said...

Yah!! I'm so glad there's one close to my state! Finally. :)
I'm definitely looking forward to the Tennessee one.

Amber Holcomb said...


Yay! So glad you're enjoying it. :) Sugarcreek is a good one, and quite unique, I think!

I'm glad you liked this review, as well! And I just had to include the links, since I was so excited to see the new covers all in one place! :) I would definitely LOVE to go to Prince Edward Island, and I'm still hoping that will happen someday. :)


Amber Holcomb said...


I agree--the Camelot one sounds super cute and fun! :D And I guess I'll still be your friend even though you haven't read any "Love Finds You" books yet... Just kidding! ;) Of course it's not bad, but I do hope for your sake you get to read some eventually! :)


Amber Holcomb said...


Me, too! Sounds sweet and intriguing! :)


Amber Holcomb said...


You, too? OK, here's hoping you get to read some soon! ;) They're fun!

This one was really good, and I like that the hero was a former marine, as well. :) He definitely stood out in the story, and he fit nicely with the perky heroine. Balanced each other out, maybe? ;)

Thank you for your kind words, and I'm glad that you like the reviews and recommendations on this blog! I enjoy writing them. :)


Amber Holcomb said...


Cool! I think it's neat that they now have a Tennessee one and they're branching out northern-wise. ;) Can't wait to read more of these! I've got some Texas ones (Poetry and Humble) I hope to start soon...


Cher' Shots said...

Okay,now my curiosity is up! You see - Love really did find me in North Pole, Alaksa. After losing my first husband to leukemia, I reconnected with a high school classmate who also lost his spouse to cancer. He lived in North Pole and after going for a visit we fell in love and got married. TRUE story.

Amber Holcomb said...

Cher' Shots,

I'm so sorry about your first husband; I can't imagine what kind of suffering he and you endured. But that is wonderful that love found you again--and in North Pole, Alaska, no less! What a sweet story about a second chance at love. :)