Monday, June 14, 2010

My Review of Wildflower Bride

Here's the description of the book from Barbour Publishing: "Welcome to the wilds of Montana, where humor, romance, and suspense ride the range. Glowing Sun, a white woman raised by the Flathead tribe, has vague memories of her former life, including a name—Abby Lind. When she’s forced to sever all links with her adopted family, Abby wonders if she’ll ever find a home again. Tenderhearted Wade Sawyer, responsible for Abby’s survival during the village massacre, convinces the knife-wielding woman to return with him to the Sawyer Ranch, never realizing danger lurks behind every corner. Can they survive long enough to fall in love?"

My Rating: Spring

My Review:
This book certainly delivers on "humor, romance, and suspense," as Barbour Publishing's description suggests! Connealy's word choice, her descriptions of the characters, and the crazy situations they find themselves in are very clever, and many of the lines are laugh-out-loud worthy. I enjoyed reading this book!

There were a couple of aspects of the book that bothered me a little, though. While there was certainly a realistic element to the story with Wade's father's temper and anger, I felt that Abby's reaction--the words she said to him and her attitude towards him--was disrespectful and uncalled for, especially because Mort was Wade's father, not Abby's. Also, I felt that the situation with the Native Americans was unresolved, and while that is understandable to some extent, I think it could have been addressed a bit more before the end of the story.

However, I really enjoyed reading more about the characters from the previous two books in this series, and their parts of the story were just as intriguing--and very sweet and fun! Reading about the relationship between Cassie and Red made me wish I had read the first book. I think it must be a compelling read!

I think that of the two I have read in this series, I liked The Husband Tree better (mostly because of the characters in that book, I think). However, I still think this is a fun read! (And I adore the cover--lovely color scheme!)


bluerose_shelnut said...

This is another series I'm really looking forward to reading. :) I love the cover, too!

Amber S. said...

Connealy's writing style is very fun to read, and I think the first book must be very good, as well--so I'm sure you'll enjoy reading the series! :)

Glad you agree on the cover! It was so sweet: I got this on my birthday, and even though it was gray outside, I had this beautiful cover to look at!


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I loved this book but I'm slightly dissappointed that I haven't read The Husband Tree yet because almost everyone says that that one is their fave. Great review!

XOXO~ Renee

Amber S. said...

Oh, yes! I think you would love The Husband Tree if you ever get a chance to read it! ;) I feel the same way about the first book, Montana Rose. I think I would really enjoy reading about Red and Cassie's story!

Anyway, thanks and glad you enjoyed it! :D