Friday, April 30, 2010

Songs About Food

Who wouldn't want to sing about food? We sing about all of the things we love, like people, places, and memories. So it's only natural to add to that list something as delicious (or not so) as food, which helps us survive. There's plenty of different types of food to choose from, so I'm sure there are quite a few songs about food out there. Here's a video I found on YouTube with a food song I like from Owl City:

I was introduced to Owl City this year at college, and I'm really liking this artist's music. Hope you enjoy the song--it's kind of a different type of music, so it may not be for everyone. But I really like it, so I hope you do, too!

Well, how about you? Do you have any fun songs about food (or songs that at least mention food) that you would like to share with us?


Ariel said...

Oh Amber, I love your blog posts. They make me smile. :)

I can't think of any food songs off of the top of my head but I just wanted to say I will miss seeing you over the summer! I hope to visit you guys as much as can next year, assuming I'm around to visit you all. Have a great summer Amber!

Amber S. said...

Thanks, Ariel! :)

I hope you have a wonderful summer, as well! You better go to some square dances next year (yes, that is a threat). And I better find a ride so I can go, too! ;)

Thanks for your friendship!


Anonymous said...

I suddenly have a craving for chocolate-covered strawberries. =D

Amber S. said...


Ooooh! I just had a couple of those last week! Yum!

Wish I had some now, too... :)