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Discussion 2 ~ Heidi Read-Along

Welcome to the second discussion for the Heidi read-along! If this is the first you've heard of the read-along, you can view the schedule in this invitation post.

Today we'll be discussing chapters 9-13 (part 1). If you've already read these chapters, you can share your thoughts in the comments section below or in your own post. (Feel free to use the image above, linking back to the Heidi read-along tag.) If you still need to catch up on the reading, you're welcome to check in when you're ready. :) We're happy to have you join us whenever you can!

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Heidi: Chapters 9-13

Discussion format: your favorite quotes, general impressions, and three questions to answer for each week's reading

Favorite Quotes*

"How do you do, Lady Gracious?"
"And why not!" said the grandmamma, laughing. "Is that what you say at home? Did you hear that in the Alps?"
"No; no one among us has that name," answered Heidi earnestly.
"Neither has anyone here," said the grandmamma, again laughing, and patted Heidi affectionately on the cheek. "It's no matter! In the nursery I am grandmamma, and you shall call me so."
  • "You see, the dear Lord is a good Father to us all! He always knows what is good for us, if we do not know it."
  • "Rushing into the corner and into the grandmother's lap, she seized her arm and her hands and snuggled up to her, and was unable to say anything more from delight."
  • "What a blessing you have brought me!" exclaimed the grandmother, when the rolls did not come to an end, but one kept following another. "But the greatest blessing is you yourself, child!"
  • "Now a red glow fell over the grass at her feet; she turned round; there—she had forgotten the splendor, and never had seen it in her dreams like this—the rocky peaks on Falknis flamed up to the sky, the broad snow field was all aglow, and rosy clouds were drifting high above. The grass all round on the Alm was golden; from all the heights it glimmered and gleamed down, and below, the far-reaching valley swam in a golden vapor. When Heidi stood in the midst of all this glory, bright tears of joy and rapture ran down her cheeks, and she had to fold her hands, and, looking up to heaven, thank the dear Lord aloud that He had brought her back home again."

General Impressions

What an interesting and ultimately happy section this was! I really enjoyed getting to meet Klara's grandmamma. I love that she was so welcoming and encouraging to Heidi, making her feel like she could be herself while also nudging her to learn and grow in her reading, faith, etc. I also love that Heidi finds joy in reading—while we still see that books and stories aren't a substitute for the real relationships and life Heidi craves.

Then there's the whole "haunted" bit, which was rather comical! It's funny how everyone was affected by the thought of a ghost...except for the little "ghost" herself. :)

I'm glad the doctor was able to diagnose Heidi's true ailment and help bring about her journey home. And it was very sweet the way Klara wanted to give to Heidi.

It's a little surprising that Sebastian was so quick to entrust Heidi's care to a stranger, but I guess "all's well that ends well," so at least she made it up the mountain safely. And what touching scenes when she returns to the grandmother and Peter and her grandfather! I love her reunion with the grandmother, how full of love and joy it is, and I love how her grandfather was still his gruff self but obviously happy to have his Heidi back, the same humble and playful girl in essence as she'd been. Hugging the goats, resting peacefully in her cozy hay bed—such sweet scenes!

I'm really glad Heidi is back with those she loves. Now it will be interesting to see how life might change on the mountain and if there will be any mention of or reunion with the people she'd come to know in Frankfurt.

I love the descriptions of alpenglow in this book!
Here's a post I wrote about an alpenglow experience in Montana.

Discussion Questions

Answer any or all three of these questions in the comments section or in your own blog post.

1. What struck you most from the grandmamma's (Frau Sesemann's) interactions with Heidi?

2. Do you think Heidi could have learned to thrive in the Sesemann house over time, or do you think she truly needed to go back to the Alm in order to be healthy and happy again?

3. What was your favorite part about Heidi's return home?

Join us next Friday for our third discussion! 
(Part 1: Chapter 14 and Part 2: Chapters 1-4)

*Johanna Spyri, Heidi, trans. Helen B. Dole (New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 1945), 118-119, 131, 162, 163, 165.


Julie said...

Love the quotes you chose Amber! I think your version may be slightly different than mine because the scene with what Heidi was to call Frau Sesemann was a bit different. I like yours better! ha! But the gist of it was in my book too. And it seems there are a couple of different spellings for Clara's name. Mine was Americanized I see! Wasn't Heidi's homecoming the sweetest? I loved it! I could feel her little heart soaring as she saw her mountains again! Great post Amber as always! Here is mine:

Carissa said...

I enjoyed this section. I loved Klara's grandma. But my favorite part of this section was Heidi's homecoming. Here's my post:

Amber Holcomb said...


You're probably right that we're reading slightly different translations! Wasn't that scene with Frau Sesemann too funny and sweet? :) I'm glad the gist is the same even if the wording is slightly different in our books; it's fun we can chat about the same book but have different experiences with it, even in the wording. :D

Heidi's homecoming was totally the sweetest! ♥ I loved it too, and I love how heartwarming this book has been in general!

Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your post! I hope to come comment soon. :)


Amber Holcomb said...


So glad you enjoyed it! Me too. :D I agree that Klara's grandmother and most especially that chapter with Heidi's homecoming are both wonderful!

Will plan to come comment on your post shortly!


Chloe the MovieCritic said...

Yes, Sebastian's behaviour makes me a little nervous. Couldn't he have just gone up the mountain? Oh well. Such sweet scenes fill this section!

Amber Holcomb said...


I know, right? Especially since Heidi is still just a young girl that he sent up the mountain with someone who was a stranger to him!

I so agree that there were tons of sweet scenes in this section! ♥ This whole book is full of them!

Thank you for commenting!