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A Beautiful Fairy Tale with Unique Style | Review of Ten Thousand Thorns

About the Book

Princess Morning Light meditates in a hidden temple surrounded by ten thousand thorns. Guardian of a long-lost sword skill, the princess is destined to wake after a hundred years to return justice to All-Under-Heaven.

Or so legend says.

As the Vastly Martial Emperor extends his brutal domination across the world, rebel leader Clouded Sky flees the capital for the safety of his martial sect at Wudang Mountain. Meanwhile, the renegade martial artist Iron Maiden seeks a hero to awaken Morning Light. As bounty hunters and imperial guards close in, Clouded Sky must determine who he can trust - and who may be planning to betray him.

An action-packed retelling of Sleeping Beauty in the style of a Chinese martial arts epic! Novella, approximately 39,000 words.

Releasing November 30th!

My Rating


My Review

This story is beautiful... Epic, yet sweet. Profound, yet fun. Challenging, yet comforting. Ten Thousand Thorns is a version of Sleeping Beauty that has a life, message, and style all its own. I loved it!

I will say that the unique style of this book could possibly make it slightly difficult to follow at times. A lot of words are capitalized, and the names of techniques/stances/titles are often long and different (but also clever!). Please don't let that deter you, though, because this story has so much to offer—and once you get used to the wording and dialogue, it's engaging.

The main characters are so fascinating. Clouded Sky is relatable in his recognition of how little he knows and how incapable he feels in fighting evil and standing up for what is truly right. And Iron Maiden is the mysterious martial artist with a different approach to combat and thoughts that make both Clouded Sky and the reader ponder their own motivation, drive, and heart.

Ten Thousand Thorns is populated with other intriguing characters, littered with twists and challenges, and permeated with an underlying sense of honor and warmth. I love fairy tales, especially new retellings that leave me with something more. This story reminded me that we must make important choices in our life, and we need to make them with courage and a reliance on a strength beyond our own—the strength God offers us. As Iron Maiden says,

The martial skill is important, but so is the ocean-embracing vision and the reliance on Heaven.

I've read a couple other novellas by Suzannah Rowntree, but this is my favorite so far. I look forward to reading more of her work, and I definitely recommend this novella that packs a powerful punch!

*With thanks to the author for providing me with an e-ARC of the book.*

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