Thursday, September 21, 2017

Waves of Gratitude | Our Wedding Day

A wedding is such a wild, wonderful thing.

Leading up to the event, there are so many questions to answer and choices to make. So many little details that are somehow supposed to fall in place.

And somehow, they do. :)

Our wedding day was everything I hoped for, with waves upon waves of love and beauty and joy...

Getting ready with my bridesmaids and family was crazy, fun, and so sweet! My "something borrowed" was a pearl necklace that my grandpa gave to my grandma, which my mom let me wear for the occasion.

My bridesmaids, dad, and I trekked down four flights of stairs and across a parking lot to get to the ceremony location. This picture of my bridesmaids and I on the balcony, with my dad poking his head out of our hotel room, is one of my favorites. ;)

Josh's childhood pastor married us, which made the ceremony extra-special.

It was so surreal, preparing to walk into that room and exchange vows with the man I love.

And here we are at the start of our journey, our vows sealed with a kiss. ♥

The venue was simply gorgeous. Driftwood Shores took my dreams for the site and made them tangible. The colors, the lights, the decor, and of course the view...all were perfect for our little beach-themed wedding!

While I didn't taste nearly as much as I wanted to of these desserts, the cake and cupcakes lovingly crafted by The Frost Queen were delightful. :)

My dad and I love to dance, and we chose to dance to "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin in memory of my grandparents and their love story.

I love this picture of Josh with his grandma. The reception was such a treat, to be able to visit with the family and friends who joined us on the coast.

The Holcomb family ♥

The Stokes family ♥

Josh with his great group of groomsmen. :)

I adore my husband's smile, more than words can say!

My beautiful sister was my maid of honor, and she gave the sweetest toast ever at our reception. 

It was a precious gift to have these dear friends by my side that day.

I blame it on Pinterest...but I really wanted to get in the waves and have our awesome photographers take some pictures. ;) 

Best of all, my darling husband patiently and sweetly joined me for a photo session on the beach. 

On this day, World Gratitude Day, I look back on July 15th with so much thankfulness in my heart for the people who gave so much of their time and support to make our wedding beautiful. And I'm so especially grateful to be the wife of Josh Holcomb, a man with adventure running through his veins, dedication and care showing in his work, and love overflowing from his heart. God is good and gives such good gifts. ♥

Photo credit (all photos): Leah Banick Photography


Rissi said...

Amber, these photos are beautiful. Your special days looks stunning, these photos are beautiful, and even more important, you two radiate happiness. (And your respective families have joy to be a part of celebrating this special day with you.) What a wonderful day you had - the decor, the setting and of course, the beach. :)

Wishing you and Josh so much joy as you go on this journey together.


Ann said...

Amber, I love your post. I was so thankful we could be there. You seem like the perfect bride for Josh. May God bless you together for many years to come. We love you.

Emily Ann Putzke said...

This is so beautiful!!

MovieCritic said...

These picures make me so happy!!! You were such a beautiful bride!!!! It looks like you had such an amazing day!!!

God bless you now and always, and me He grant you happiness always!!!!!!!


Laura A. Grace said...

What to say when my heart feels all warm and excited from your gorgeous wedding?! BEAUTIFUL!!! Truly, a beautiful wedding and loved that it was beach theme! <3 Thank you so much for sharing with us, Amber!

Julie said...

Oh Amber! Absolutely beautiful wedding and setting! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

Rachelle Rea Cobb said...

I squealed.

So beautiful. So precious. So happy for you. :)

Carissa Miller said...

You were a beautiful bride and it looked like a beautiful wedding. So happy for you.

Emily Kopf said...

So sweet! I love he colors and your dress! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

Miranda Atchley said...

The pictures are beautiful, Amber! Congratulation to you both! :)

Amber Holcomb said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet words! I'm so grateful for each one of you, for your friendship, love, and support. ♥

*group hug*


Vivacious Ramsey said...

Just simply beautiful! all the best wishes!

Rebeka B. said...

Awww Amber, you are a gorgeous bride! Much love to you! I am so happy for you! <3 God bless!!! ~John 3:16~

May the K9 Spy (and KC Frantzen) said...

Quite literally have HAPPY TEARS!
Oh Amber... Thrilled for you both.

The photos are stunning. Can't imagine how joyous it must've been in real life. Love your colors and the theme and setting.

SNOOPY DANCING for you my friend!

Love to you both, in Christ, always...

Lena Goldfinch said...

Amber, thanks so much for posting these wonderful photos of your wedding! I got teary eyed as I looked through them and could feel the happiness and joy leaping off the images. I felt as though I was almost there. I especially love the ones of you and your father dancing (so sweet), your mother putting the pearls around your neck, and the romantic shots of you in your wedding dress on the beach and you and Josh together on the beach (go Pinterest!). Wonderful!! <3

Sandra Leesmith said...

Oh Amber, I'm so honored that you wanted to share your photos and news with me. What a gorgeous and romantic bride with a real hero -handsome and loving. You are blessed. I love the beach photos. I love the colors you chose. I loved seeing you dance with your dad. You are having your real life HEA. smile

Liv K. Fisher said...

I'm totally late to this post, but CONGRATULATIONS, AMBER!!!! You're so beautiful and you two make such an adorable couple. <3

Joyce said...

Congratulations, Amber!!! I'm sorry to be so late. What a beautiful post- thank you for sharing your special event with your readers. May God bless you with a lifetime full of good memories built on this special day.

Shantelle Mary said...

Eep! You're married! I haven't been on your blog in years ... but came across you (with a new last name) on Twitter recently. So happy for you, Amber! <33 What a beautiful bride! ^_^

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. God bless you and your husband!