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Litfuse Tour: Making Marriage Beautiful {Review}

About the Book

What kind of marriage do you want?

If you have been married longer than forty-eight hours, you know that you have bound yourself to an imperfect person who will have his or her own preferences, will disagree with your impeccable logic, and will cause you to confront your limitations. How you respond to this predicament shapes you and your marriage.

It's easier to focus on how your spouse needs to change, but to become a mature, joyful husband or wife with a flourishing marriage, you have to allow Christ to change you. Easy? No. Possible? Absolutely.

Through grounded faith, disarming candor, and the real-life stories of eight diverse couples, Dorothy Greco equips you to
  • create an honest and intimate marriage
  • acknowledge and resolve your hurts and disappointments
  • discover how family and cultural expectations affect your marriage
  • exchange unproductive relational patterns for healthy alternatives
  • become an agent of healing for your spouse
  • learn how to love sacrificially and faithfully
Making Marriage Beautiful provides wisdom, encouragement, and hope, regardless of whether you have been married four weeks or forty years.

Includes "Going Deeper" sections for individuals or couples

My Review

I greatly appreciate how this book reminds me I have no strength apart from Jesus to be the person my husband-to-be needs...but it doesn't let me off the hook from doing the hard work of turning to God again and again to help me love well.

I believe my favorite chapter in terms of how insightful and convicting I found it to be is "Unmasking Counterfeits: How Disordered Attachments and Addictions Thwart True Desire." Not exactly a lovey-dovey topic! But so important to address. This chapter discusses different kinds of addictions, noting that we all have the propensity to become addicted to something, and outlines the stages in a very clear, eye-opening way. But this section is not without hope, as the author balances compassion with a real look at the cost of sin.

I'd say that word—balance—is something that stood out to me about this book as a whole. It doesn't ask us to deny our own needs or identity; yet it also doesn't back down from asking us to be willing to change, grow, and open our own hearts.

Some other chapters I especially liked are found in the first half of the book, ones that discuss the expectations we bring to marriage and how we should handle our disappointments. I found myself underlining different quotes and lines throughout the book. Lots of great food for thought, and lots of great examples from Christian couples!

In some ways I think Making Marriage Beautiful could be a bit more readable in terms of word choice, and there are so many big topics addressed that it feels a little overwhelming. But I know the truth is that marriage really is a big commitment, and it would be worrisome if doing it right didn't feel a little overwhelming. ;) The author's analogy at the end brings it all together as she encourages readers to persevere in the hard but worthwhile endeavor of allowing God to work through us and our spouses to make something beautiful.

*With thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion, to be shared during the Litfuse Publicity blog tour.*

About the Author

Dorothy Greco and her husband, Christopher, have spent their entire twenty-five-year marriage helping men and women create and sustain healthy marriages. They have served numerous churches in the Greater Boston area for thirty years. Dorothy's writing has been featured in Relevant magazine, Christianity Today, Sojourners, and Her.meneutics. She is a regular contributor for Gifted for Leadership, Today's Christian Woman, and Start Marriage Right. The Grecos have three sons and live near Boston.

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