Thursday, November 19, 2015

For the Love of Pinterest (A Storyboard Party)

When I heard that author friend Elisabeth Grace Foley was planning a Pinterest Storyboard Party, I was all on board that train - no looking back!

You see, Pinterest has played such a large role in my story brainstorming process. At first, it was more of a way to try to convey visually what I had already created, but now the process has evolved to the point where I'm pinning visual inspiration before and during the writing process. It's a combination research and motivation tool, from pinning helpful articles and reference pictures to beautiful quotes and character look-alikes.

Today's event is sort of a "show-and-tell," as Elisabeth put it. :) Below you'll find glimpses of my projects that are already out there and ones that are to come. (Be sure to click the top/title of the widgets to see all the pins.) I'd absolutely love to hear if a certain board or pin intrigues you!

And if you're a writer with a storyboard(s) of your own, I hope you'll link to it/them in the comments section, so we can hop over to Pinterest and take a peek!

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Amber's Storyboards (in Alphabetical Order)

Bellflower | Short Story

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast in an 1880 mining town

Highlights: Really love these actor picks for Annabelle and Jacob (Robin Wright and Randall Batinkoff). Also, some of the Beauty and the Beast images are so fitting!

Follow Amber Stokes's board Bellflower | Short Story on Pinterest.

Bleeding Heart | Novel

An inspirational Western romance about five bleeding hearts on a profound journey

Highlights: Lots of personal photos mixed into this board for my debut novel. And there are some absolutely perfect (and poignant) quotes that fit the theme of the story. (Bonus: You'll find a personality quiz tucked in there, too!)

Follow Amber Stokes's board Bleeding Heart | Novel on Pinterest.

Fairy Slippers | Short Story

A retelling of Cinderella in an 1888 redwood lumber town

Highlights: Lovely fairy-tale-esque pictures and some cool pins of the fairy slipper orchid.

Follow Amber Stokes's board Fairy Slippers | Short Story on Pinterest.

Forget Me Not | Novel

An inspirational Western romance about remembering the good amid heartbreak

Highlights: Gorgeous scenery shots - and a pic of a young John Cusack as Harry in The Journey of Natty Gann (that's definitely a highlight!).

Follow Amber Stokes's board Forget Me Not | Novel on Pinterest.

How a Star Falls | Novella

A new adult contemporary romance about a girl who claims to be a star (not the Hollywood kind!)

Highlights: Beach, stars, and romance - need I say more? I think the mood of this board really worked its way into the story.

Follow Amber Stokes's board How a Star Falls | Novella on Pinterest.

Morning Glory | WIP

An inspirational Western romance set in Oregon and featuring Myghal from previous books in the series

Highlights: This board feels like a reflection of different points in the brainstorming/writing process. It's a little all-over-the-place, showing the spurts of direction and the aimless wandering through inspiration. Hopefully this will all come together at some point!

Follow Amber Stokes's board Morning Glory | WIP on Pinterest.

When Frozen Days Melt | WIP

A young adult contemporary romance featuring younger sister Chloe (from How a Star Falls)

Highlights: The overall tone of the board - it's just so happy, dontcha think? I like the fashion pics, the yummy ice cream images, and the glimpses of home.

Follow Amber Stokes's board When Frozen Days Melt | WIP on Pinterest.

Where Trains Collide | WIP

A new adult contemporary romance featuring middle sister Trisha (from How a Star Falls)

Highlights: Autumn and trains - two of my favorite things! I want to hug this board. ;) Also, the scene from The Office (for some reason, it makes me happy every time I glance through the board) and the cool GIF pin at the bottom.

Follow Amber Stokes's board Where Trains Collide | WIP on Pinterest.

While You're Awake | Novelette

A contemporary re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty with a barista and a freelance editor

Highlights: Cute German shepherd pics and interesting facts about honey bees.

Follow Amber Stokes's board While You're Awake | Novelette on Pinterest.


I'm deeply inspired by music. To discover some of the musical inspiration behind these stories, check out the "soundtrack" boards:
(Note: The other stories have some music pins mixed in with the other pins on the main boards.)


Anonymous said...

Aw how fun, Amber! :) I love your pin and soundtrack boards! They're so much fun. I am in need of a fresh burst of inspiration myself so I'm going to head to my pinboard for A Rose Long Awaited.

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

I'm so glad you joined in! Like I told you before, my favorite of your boards is Where Trains Collide with its railroads and autumn scenery (autumn is my very favorite time of year), but I love the German Shepherd pictures on While You're Awake, too—I have a German Shepherd, and she's my favorite dog I've ever owned or known. When Frozen Days Melt looks adorable too.

By the way, there's a linky in my post, if you want to link up there!

Amber Holcomb said...


Thanks so much! I had a blast putting together this post. :)

And your board for A Rose Long Awaited is definitely inspiring! Lots of poignant quotes and scenes. Looking forward to hearing more updates on this series, friend!


Amber Holcomb said...


I'm so happy you organized this! Really enjoying the party - participating, and seeing what everyone else is sharing. :)

And the board for Where Trains Collide is a favorite of mine, too. :) So many happy and lovely things tucked within. The premise of the story is quite dear and personal!

Glad to hear you like those other contemporary storyboards, as well! How neat that you own a German shepherd. :) My parents both had German shepherds when I was younger - and my dad actually had quite a few of them for a time when he was in law enforcement and training the canines for bomb/drug detection. Some of them scared me, I confess...but there were some sweeties in the bunch, too. One wasn't strictly a German shepherd (not sure of the breed; my dad could tell me!), but he looked like a fluffy German shepherd with his coloring. His name was Leon, and he was a big teddy bear with a lion's mane. ♥

Thank you for commenting! I linked up my post. :)


Courtney Clark (The Green Mockingbird Blog) said...

I love that you've showcased your boards. It's so fun to browse authors' Pinterest boards to get a feel for a story or the characters behind one. It provides a little more visual context for us readers!

And am I sensing a season theme with some of yours? :) How a Star Falls = summer, Where Trains Collide = autumn, When Frozen Days Melt (which "looks" adorable!) = winter!

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Mmmm, young John Cusack.

I think "When Frozen Days Melt" is my favorite of your boards. Has a really yummy feel to it!

Amber Holcomb said...


Aww, it's awesome to hear that you enjoy browsing authors' boards! I love creating them, and it makes me happy to hear readers like looking through them. :) They do set the mood nicely, don't they? And I think it's fun to see the characters and setting come to life in a different way!

Ah, yes... My seasons theme. ;) It's definitely prevalent in my books! Although funny enough, How a Star Falls is technically set in winter. I think it's the coastal setting that makes it feel so breezy and summery. :) And it doesn't get SUPER cold in Humboldt County...although winter temps can get chilly (especially at night, or with the wind blowing). So, the characters did need sweaters for the most part in the book, and they encountered some rain and fog (very common in my home county!). But we'll go with it being a pleasant winter afternoon for that cover shot! ;)

(Can't you just hear Derrick? "Would you hurry up and take the picture, Trisha? We're going to freeze to death!" Hehe.)

But yes, Where Trains Collide will be set in the autumn, and While You're Awake was set in the spring. I'm planning on When Frozen Days Melt also being set in winter/spring. At least the historical novels are set in summer to round things out! :)

Happy to hear you like the board for When Frozen Days Melt! I'm having a lot of fun pinning! Now I just need to get writing! (But hopefully after I finish WTC...)


Amber Holcomb said...


Mmmmhmmm. ;)

I had such a crush on him when I was in high school after watching The Journey of Natty Gann (over and over again, admittedly)!

And yay! So fun to hear which board's your favorite. :) I really like the mood of the board and the way the pins all work together! Hope that translates into a cohesive story...!


Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Hee! I first saw it as a child, and I thought he was really cool, but didn't have a crush on him cuz I was too young for that. Then in college I suddenly discovered John Cusack, watched oodles of his movies, rewatched Natty Gann and fangirled a lot over it :-D Still love that movie! Can't wait for my kids to be a little older so they can enjoy it too.

Amber Holcomb said...


I love it!! Yay for fangirling over Natty Gann (and specifically, John Cusack)! ;) That will be so fun for you to share the movie with your kids at some point. So good!