Tuesday, October 20, 2015

While You're Awake Release Day!

It's here! *throws flower-shaped confetti and sets out a plate of baklava drizzled with honey*

I'm thrilled to introduce to you my new contemporary novelette, While You're Awake. Read on to learn more about the book and find out what prizes are up for grabs in the celebratory giveaway...

Sweet New Adult Contemporary Romance Novelette

There’s no rest for the fearful.

Ava always knew the bees would come. Just when she’s settled into a place of her own, freelance editing and savoring her independence, her rental house is invaded by a swarm of honey bees. And with their arrival, her lifelong fear morphs into a full-fledged panic that steals her sleep—and her peace of mind.

Keegan knows all about fear. When he meets Ava at the coffee shop where he works, he can’t help but come to her rescue. Together with his German shepherds, Sun and Moon, he sets out to break the “curse” that hovers over Tired Girl. But is it possible to conquer nightmares and live a dream while you're awake?

This sweet novelette is a contemporary re-imagining of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale that sheds light on the worries that bind us and the love that leads to peace.

(Don't have a Kindle? No problem! You can download the free app for your computer or other device.)


Enter to win a little something sweet from Ava, Keegan, and the author (that's me)! One winner will receive a lovely yellow and gold flower necklace & earrings set from Baubles, Beads and Stuff; a $10 Starbucks gift card (delivered electronically); and a Kindle copy of While You’re Awake (can be gifted to a friend, if desired!). Open to US residents only due to shipping costs.

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P.S. Want to see more pictures of the jewelry prize and check out the details of the lovely pieces? Click HERE to see the reserved listing on Etsy!

P.P.S. Baubles, Beads and Stuff is a brand-new Etsy shop run by a dear blogging friend of mine, Rissi of Dreaming Under the Same Moon. Won't you join me in congratulating her on the opening of her shop? :) And please do browse all the pretties!

Fun Extras!

  • I love this picture (above) for Keegan and Ava! From a quick Google search, it appears that these actors are from the show Under the Dome. Not really my cup of tea. ;) But I like the pic!
  • I think this song is fitting for Ava and Keegan's story. :) Plus, it's Owl City - you really can't go wrong listening to an Owl City song, in my opinion! (Can you tell I'm a fan?)
  • And if you would like to try my other new adult contemporary romance novella, it's FREE for Kindle today and tomorrow (October 20-21)! You can get How a Star Falls HERE.
Thank you so much for stopping by to help me celebrate this day! And many thanks to my street team (AKA the Gems) for helping to spread the word on their blogs, as well. ((Hugs))

I didn't set up any author interviews for this release, but if you have any questions you want to ask about this story, the characters, my writing process, etc., please leave a comment. :) And help yourself to another piece of baklava and a big cup of mochaccino!


Julie said...

Congratulations Amber! Loved the story and am so excited for you :)

Here are your questions you asked:

1) What is your coffee of choice? 2) What is one of the things you fear most? 3) Are you a sound sleeper or a night owl?

1. I don't drink coffee. NEVER. But I love coffee flavored candy or cakes(so weird I know). My preferred hot drink is hot chocolate with mint.

2. Talking in front of people is one of my fears. I absolutely hate it.

3. I don't sleep well so I am a night owl and an early riser.

How about you Amber?

Abbi Hart said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read this book, it sounds so good!

1) Not a coffee drinker, or really any hot beverages, I'm a sweet tea girl all the way!

2) One of my biggest fears is doing the wrong thing.

3) I used to be a night owl but then I got a job where I have to be up at 5 so that ended my night owl ways. But I have always been a sound sleeper!

Sherida Stewart said...

Amber, wishing you a happy celebration of While You're Awake! Fairytale stories are so fun, so this one as a Sleeping Beauty-like tale will be great. Congratulations!

1. We drink Arbuckles coffee in the morning....a strong cowboy brew my hubby likes. I like all coffees and all teas...so easy to please on the drink choice.
2. I fear heights! I'm a hiker and have tried to hike to some 13k and 14k mountain tops....but paralizing fear strikes...and I truly can't move. Hubby has to calmly talk me back down.
3. I was a night owl, but hubby is an early lark, so now I'm both. I can identify with Tired Girl.

Congrats to Rissi on her new shop.

Thank you for the baklava...one of my favorite treats!

Blessings and prayers for success and fun with your new story!

Emily Ann Putzke said...

Yay!!! Happy release day, Amber! "While You're Awake" was such a lovely read! I really enjoyed it. =)

Amber Holcomb said...


Aww, yay! Thank you so much. :)

And great to hear your responses! Thank you for asking about mine.

1. We are total twins! Well, except that I'm not a huge fan of coffee-flavored anything...but hot chocolate is also my hot drink of choice. :) I either get that or a cold Refresher when I'm at Starbucks. I made Ava a coffee drinker because it seemed fitting, but at least she likes lots of chocolate in her coffee, haha.

2. Ooh, talking in front of others is hard, for sure! I didn't really enjoy class presentations when I was in school. *sigh* As for my fears... Hmmm. This is really making me think! On a surface level, I'm afraid of spiders and other bugs. I don't have quite the level of fear that Ava does when it comes to bees, but there's definitely some fear there. I'm also slightly afraid of making phone calls. On a deeper level, I'm afraid of being single forever... And I'm afraid of disappointing people/letting people down. I'm sure there are more fears I could list if I really thought it through!

3. I'm sorry to hear you have trouble sleeping! That's rough. I'm a night owl, too, but more by choice. Usually I don't have much trouble sleeping; it's taking the time to actually get to bed at a decent hour that's difficult for me. (As is probably evidenced by the time I'm writing this comment...)

Great to chat with you!


Amber Holcomb said...


I'm so glad the story sounds good to you! I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

1. A fellow non-coffee drinker! You are welcome here. ;) Very cool that you enjoy sweet tea! I haven't quite developed a taste for cold tea; I prefer mine hot. I think it's just what I'm used to.

2. Oh, I can certainly understand and sympathize with that fear! Does that fear extend into a difficulty in making choices (because you're afraid you'll make the wrong one)? Or is it more the fear of messing up in some way?

3. Five in the morning? Ouch! That's great you were able to adjust, though - and that you're able to sleep well. :)

Thanks for sharing!


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you so much! So wonderful to see you here. :) Really appreciate your comment! And aren't fairy-tale retellings fun? I love reading them, too!

1. How fun! That's great that you're so flexible and can enjoy a wide variety. :) I wish I wasn't so picky!

2. Heights can be terrifying! I've never really been a fan of things like ropes courses, where you have to climb. Even with the harness. :\ Sounds like your husband is a wonderful guy to have by your side during those times, though!

3. I can identify with Tired Girl, too, as I'm still a night owl but I have to get up in time for work. ;)

Funny thing about baklava: I tried it when I was in Israel and ended up really liking it! But then I had a piece one day at home after eating a bunch of not-so-healthy food, and it made me feel awful. So I've sadly avoided baklava since then. :( I might have to give it another try sometime. For now, I'll join you in savoring some virtual treats!

Many thanks for those prayers and kind words!


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you!! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the story; I appreciate your review! :) And thank you once again for that review you wrote for How a Star Falls a while back - I loved it so much. :D


Julie said...

Starbucks hot chocolate is sooo good! I bought one one day and had them add 3 extra shots of chocolate to it(they usually put 2 shots), needless to say when I finished my heart was pounding and my head was killing me! I found out that YES you can overdose on chocolate(who knew?!). I learned my lesson and now just take it as it comes :)

I have many more fears other than the public speaking. I have a healthy respect for bees, but not the crippling fear that Ava has in your story. I try to let nature do its thing when I am outside, but if the critters come into my house then they are fair game and must die! Scorpions especially! I hate those things! I think on the flip side of your fear of being single forever, I have a fear of losing my husband someday. I think fearing losing a loved one is probably a pretty popular fear as is the idea of being alone. I fear social settings. Large crowds cause me much anxiety. Wow, thinking on this subject makes me wonder, "how in the world do I get through life with so many fears?" Simple answer, give it all to God. Continually. The great provider, peace giver, mercy extender is there to help us in our times of fear. AMEN. :)

Yay for Night Owls! I love having that time all to myself. While my girls are grown and out of the house and it is just my husband and I, there is still something to be said for having some quiet time at the end of the day. Just me and my book until midnight or so(last night it was almost 1!).

Anonymous said...

One of my worst fears are Hospitals. I do not like coffee, and i like to stay up late and i hate getting up in the morning till i feel like it.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Amber! I'm sorry I've been so remiss lately in following your blog--life has been hectic. I need to update my own blog at some point. I hope to read this new release at some point--it looks adorable. And I LOVE Owl City! :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Amber. I like coffee. Afraid of dogs and bugs. Like staying up late.
Good Luck Amber

Amber Holcomb said...


Oh my goodness! LOL! That's good to know that you can indeed overdose on chocolate... I'm sorry you had to suffer to discover that, though! Thank you for passing on your wisdom. ;)

I'm with you when it comes to bugs in the house... Once they've invaded your space, it's hard to have any sympathy on them! And ick to scorpions!! Those freak me out. :P

You make a great point about fear - how even when we have what we want, that doesn't make the fear go away; we then fear losing it. A good reminder, as you say, that we can only truly be content and at peace in the Lord. :)

There's definitely something to be said for that quiet time at night! All those hours without interruption. ;)


Amber Holcomb said...


Oh, I can completely understand the fear of hospitals! And I'm also a night owl who isn't a fan of coffee. We have a lot in common, it seems. :)


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you!! And no need to apologize at all! I totally understand about the busyness of life. I hope it hasn't been a bad sort of busy for you. It would be great to hear an update from you on your blog sometime. :) I hope you enjoy While You're Awake when you get a chance to read it! And huzzah for another Owl City fan! I LOVE his music. Have you heard his Sky Sailing album? That and Ocean Eyes are my favorites, I believe. :)


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you! Great to hear your responses. :) I'm not a fan of bugs either... And yay for another night owl! ;)


Anonymous said...

Really cool concept! I like your writing! -Luke

Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you for checking out my blog, and for your kind words! I appreciate your encouragement. :)


P.S. It was really great talking with you!

Alicia said...

Coffee of choice? For everyday purposes :-) -- hazelnut with cream, no sugar... But I love seasonal coffee, too, like peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice. :-)

Amber Holcomb said...


Nice!! If I liked the taste of coffee, a peppermint mocha would be right up my alley, I believe. :) Thanks for sharing!


Faith said...

Congratulations on your book, it looks fantastic. I'm not sure if I signed up to promote this one with you or not, because if I did then I'm really sorry because I must have missed the emails, or totally forgotten. I've been searching my inbox and wracking my brain, because I hope I didn't forget.
Anyways, congratulations! And I'm really sorry if I did forget.


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you so much, friend! And please don't apologize - I took a quick look at my street team list, and I don't think your email is on there. So I'll send you the info if you'd like to sign up. :) I'm mostly communicating through the e-newsletters now, so I'd definitely love to have you on board!

Always appreciate your support!