Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Night at a Lighthouse

If you ever wonder where my characters get their impulsiveness from...well, wonder no more!

A few weeks ago when my sister and I visited Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast, the lighthouse tour guide told us about the bed and breakfast operating out of one of the former lightkeeper homes. I was delighted at this discovery and definitely intrigued at the possibility of staying the night in such a beautiful location.

My thought was to come back in winter sometime, when the rates are a little cheaper (being off-season). But then last week I saw that one of the smallest rooms remained unreserved for Labor Day. After double-checking to make sure I could get Tuesday off, I promptly booked it.

And I'm ever so glad I did. :)

My comfy bed. (And that pile of papers? That's what I have so far for Where Trains Collide. Per my dear friend Lena's suggestion, I printed it out and read it. I think perhaps Trisha and Paul's story isn't hopeless!)

The breakfast room. (Seven-course meal, friends. Seven. Courses.)

The grand porch, perfect for sunny-evening reading.

See what I mean? (I re-read Daddy-Long-Legs. Once again delightful!)

A peek at the lighthouse.

Sunset glory.

A view from above.

The bed and breakfast.

Last light.

Next morning.

Hello from Heceta Head!

A distant view of the lighthouse (left) and B&B (right).

Such an amazing, relaxing, unforgettable experience! (The lighthouse at night, surrounded by stars? A memory to cherish.) I totally recommend Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast - and even just a visit to the lighthouse. Light is such a magnificent thing, isn't it?

And now that I've finally finished another story (the first draft of Sting Me to Sleep - didn't I tell you? :)) and had a chance to look back on my poor neglected novella, I feel grateful and encouraged and motivated to tackle Where Trains Collide once again. Wish me luck!

(Don't you think that Heceta Head Lighthouse should appear in a future story? Me too!)

P.S. This post was not sponsored by Heceta Head Lighthouse B&B. I just wanted to share some pretty pictures and gush about the beauty of it all!


Allison Ruvidich said...

That is SO lovely! It sounds like you had a great trip! : )

Sandra Leesmith said...

What a lovely place and I do love the scenery at Heeta Head. I'm so glad you are getting inspired to finish your novel as I love your stories. Holiday vacations are lovely, aren't they?

Stefanie MacWilliams said...

This is SO beautiful - can I just LIVE THERE forever?!

Rissi said...

What a beautiful place you visited, Amber! Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad you enjoyed a relaxing couple of days away and were renewed in your excitement with your novellas and stories. Great post. :)

Amber Stokes said...


Isn't Heceta Head beautiful? I love the Pacific Northwest!

And yes, I had an absolutely wonderful little trip. :) Thanks so much for checking out my pics; hope you had a great Labor Day weekend, too!


Amber Stokes said...


It's gorgeous, for sure. :) Love this part of the world!

And thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm touched by your words, and I really hope I get to share a new story with you soon. :) Excited for your next release, too, friend!

Yay for WIPs and holiday weekends!


Amber Stokes said...


Oh, I'm totally with you! It's such a wondrous place. ♥

Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)


Amber Stokes said...


That's so kind of you to say! It's wonderful to store up memories to look back on when you need some rejuvenation or inspiration, isn't it? :)

I hope you had a lovely weekend, as well, friend!


Linda Maendel said...

Lovely post! I would to go there myself now. Yes, definitely should go into a book.

Emily Ann Putzke said...

WOAH! Oh my gosh, that place looks AMAZING. That's awesome that you got to stay there! Oooh another story?! Yay!!

Eliza Noel said...

What an amazing getaway for a writer! I would love to go there someday :)
Btw, Hi Amber! I'm Eliza. I'm a Christian homeschooled fifteen year old and I am currently editing my first novel. I recently started following your blog :)

Amber Stokes said...


Thank you! And I definitely recommend a stop at Heceta Head if you find yourself on the West Coast. :)

Doesn't the setting look wonderful for a story? Inspiring!


Amber Stokes said...


It truly is! I loved my stay. :)

And yes! The novelette I just finished is a Sleeping Beauty story. :) (At this point, I don't think I'll be entering it in the contest...but the contest did inspire me!) Now to work on Where Trains Collide, etc. ;)

Thanks so much for your interest in my stories and your support, friend!


Amber Stokes said...


I completely agree! And I definitely recommend a trip to the lighthouse - it's a beautiful, beautiful spot.

And thanks so much for following and introducing yourself! It's nice to meet you. :) That's wonderful that you're editing your first novel! Hope things are going well for you. Exciting times!

Please do make yourself at home here - hope to see you around. :)


Cindy V said...

Wow, Amber!! Sooooo gorgeous!! What a perfect place to get the little grey cells firing and ready to write. So glad you had a fun getaway!! All the best with Sting Me to Sleep.

Amber Stokes said...


I know, right??? It's a fabulous getaway destination. :) Thanks so much for your kind comment!


Kara said...

What a beautiful place to spend a long weekend! It looks so relaxing and peaceful. And yay for writing!! I am confident that WTC is still in you, just waiting for the perfect moment to finish itself. (Meanwhile, I will enjoy your newest novelette! :)

Amber Stokes said...


For sure! I truly loved staying the night there; would do it again in a heartbeat. :)

And your faith in me and WTC means so very much! It's a blessing (and mercy) to know that others haven't given up on the story, despite my delays in getting it out there. Thank you for understanding - and for your help with my novelette! ♥


Olivia K. Fisher said...

This place looks utterly gorgeous!! And that room is so charming!

Amber Stokes said...


Yes to both!! :) This place is beautiful, for sure. ♥ Highly recommend a visit!