Monday, August 24, 2015

Whatever Is Lovely

Here's a bit of color and inspiration from a lovely rose garden my mom, sister, and I recently visited to brighten your Monday. :) Hope you have a wonderful start to the week!

And look at this beautiful, exciting discovery!

Morning glories - the same color as the ones on the cover of Morning Glory (work-in-progress). Be still my happy heart!

These two ought to be nicknamed Myghal and Felicity, dontcha think?
A morning glory and a heart - it's just too perfect!

And here's the happy author! ;)

*Pictures taken at Owen Rose Garden in Eugene, Oregon.


Grace M said...

Lovely post, Amber! Still patiently waiting for "Morning Glory's" release.... :-D

Meghan Gorecki said...

How lovely, Amber! To be not only be Amongst the Roses but to have found beautiful Morning Glory. <3 Flower book titles for the win! LOL

Amber Stokes said...


Aww, thank you! I really appreciate the fact that you haven't given up on Morning Glory and are still waiting for it. ((Hugs)) That means a lot, and I hope the wait won't go on too terribly long! ;)


Amber Stokes said...


Oh, that's perfect!! Love it. :D

Can't wait to hear more about Amongst the Roses, by the way!


Sherida Stewart said...

Thank you for the summer view of lovely flowers. What a "God thing" to see your morning glories with the heart-shaped leaf! Blessings!

Amber Stokes said...


My pleasure! And I definitely feel blessed to have stumbled upon the morning glories (in a rose garden, no less!) - and that heart-shaped leaf! So awesome. :)

God bless you, friend! Hope you're doing well. :)


Kara said...

Beautiful! And I loved seeing the morning glories, especially next to your cover. :D

Amber Stokes said...


Aww, thank you! It was so exciting to spot the morning glories, especially since they're a perfect match for the ones on the cover! :)