Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gingerbread Man Snack Size Reviews

While some of her stories are hit and miss with my personal preference in content, I often enjoy Lee/Elle Strauss's books. Her writing is very engaging. And now that all three of her "Gingerbread Man" episodes have released, I had to sample a taste!

Gingerbread Man: Run Run Run (#1), As Fast As You Can (#2), You Can't Catch Me (#3)
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I bought and read all three episodes in this serial series in one night - to give you an idea of how intriguing the stories are!

Run Run Run drew me in with its realistic (sometimes aggravatingly so) main characters and the strong suspense elements. It also drove me absolutely insane with the unanswered questions throughout most of the story - as well as the those typical moments where you want to shout at and shake a particular character because they're being way too gullible and about to make a really, really stupid decision. *Attempts to calm down* Anyway, this first episode in the series is quite enjoyable in a "I must find out what's happening" sort of way.

As Fast As You Can continues the drama and intrigue, and I especially liked the moments when the characters for whom the series subtitle is named for worked together and got to know each other. They make a great team, and their relationship is great fun to watch unfold, despite the dangers forcing them to race against the clock.

You Can't Catch Me was a satisfying conclusion, but probably my least favorite of the episodes simply because of the separation between characters and the stark new setting that takes up a good deal of the book. The Eager McBeaver part of me just wanted to get back to the main mystery and relationships, although the writer in me can appreciate the plot twists and revelations.

All in all, this series makes for a fun and crazy evening of reading, and I'll be interested in hearing more about the next serial series featuring some of the same characters ("Life Is But a Dream").

Content Note: If I remember correctly, there is some swearing in this series. And while there is no explicit sexual content, there are references to rape, violence, physical attraction, and drinking, as well as brief allusions to homosexuality.

Thanks to Juju of Tales of Whimsy for the inspiration regarding mini reviews!


Jack said...

I love characters you want to shake. I don't know why...maybe I find them more believable and real. Maybe I like to shake people. Either way, I should see if my library has these.

Amber Stokes said...


That's a great point - you've gotta appreciate a character who can at least elicit some sort of emotion out of you, right? ;)

If you're an ebook person, you can get all three episodes in this serial series for about $2 on Kindle. :) Hope you enjoy the story if you decide to take a chance on it. Thanks for reading my review!