Monday, August 4, 2014

"I Have Confidence in Me"

My dad nailed it when he told me the one thing that might hold me back in my new job is confidence - or the lack thereof. I'm at the point where I've got a full plate, with a number of exciting possibilities and responsibilities...but I have the tendency to keep seeking approval on every little step instead of moving forward in strong strides. Can you relate?

Then this song and these notes of advice are for you, as well as for me! (Snippets of lyrics from "I Have Confidence" by Rodgers & Hammerstein are in italics.)

Oh, I must stop these doubts, all these worries....

I must dream of the things I am seeking: 
I am seeking the courage I lack -

The courage to serve them with reliance;
Face my mistakes without defiance;
Show them I'm worthy, and while I show them,
I'll show me!

Note to Self #1:

You're going to make mistakes. You're young, you're new - and you're not perfect. Be humble enough to face them and be better for them. Remember what your coworkers and supervisors have told you: Some things just aren't worth sweating over. Let the little things go so you can focus your energy on all those exciting projects you have to tackle.


So let them bring on all their problems - 
I'll do better than my best.
I have confidence they'll put me to the test,
But I'll make them see I have confidence in me.

Somehow I will impress them....

Note to Self #2:

You were hired for a reason. This is what you've studied and warmed up for. And your supervisors believe in you, as they've said in both their words and the very fact that they've hired you. So have confidence! You're where you need to be, with the skills and grace and support you need to do your very best.

The longer you work here, the more they'll "put you to the test." What sort of place would it be without room to grow and improve - not only yourself, but also as part of the company? Don't get overwhelmed. Stay organized, and do "better than your best" because you're grateful to be here and you're excited to be doing what you love. Don't forget that!


With each step I am more certain,
Everything will turn out fine.
I have confidence the world can all be mine.
They'll have to agree I have confidence in me!

Note to Self #3:

Celebrate the victories, big and small. Let confidence breed confidence. Trust that God's taking care of you, and trust that He's caring for your coworkers and the company. As your supervisor said, this isn't life and death. (God's already got that covered.) So take charge of the tasks you've been given, and let your confidence shine. You and the company are going places!


Strength doesn't lie in numbers.
Strength doesn't like in wealth.
Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers....

Note to Self #4:

...get some sleep. You'll thank me in the morning.


Miranda A. Uyeh said...

This answers (some) of the questions I wrote in the email I sent you today. :)

Also, I, Miranda, have confidence in you, too! For goodness sake! It's the reason I hired you to be the editor of my debut novel, isn't it? ;)

Meghan Gorecki said...

Oh, goodness, can I relate. I've been working for almost three years at the same office, and it's taken me this long to let things go, stand up for myself when necessary {long story behind tht one} and just be confident in my abilities that *have* grown and are continuing to grow since I started.

You've got this Amber--and God's got *you* and this job He's given to you. He is growing you, and teaching you through any mistakes you may make. <3

Ganise C. said...

Very nice. Good reminders for the heart. I pray God gives you the confidence and encouragement you need to continue. He -- and we-- believe in you :)

Rissi said...

Beautiful post, Amber - and yes, I can completely relate! Keep at it, girl, you'll shine and do wonderfully. I love what you say about owning up to any mistakes and learning from them - that IS important. So long as we learn from our errors, it's okay to make mistakes. :)

I know you'll be great.

Emily Ann said...

I can definitely relate! Thank you for sharing this post, Amber. =)

Cindy V said...

Amber, my young friend,

After working with you on four different projects, there's one (of many) thing(s) about you that really stood out to me -- you are a VERY quick learner! From the first time I watched you do a blog tour with KC, to the last blog tour you did for me, I could tell how much you had grown, and how much more you'd learned along the way. You're very sharp and mature beyond your years. And don't forget, your deep desire to do a good job is a "good" thing, and makes you even more valuable to your employer.

Don't worry -- put yourself into God's hands and He'll walk with you through this entire learning process. He's obviously got big plans for someone like you! Someday, you'll look back on this time with happy memories!

Also, I owe you a real email -- just finishing up the final chapts of Buckley's new book. Buckley, (being heavy into plotline twists, of course) has added a few extra chapters and expanded things a tad . . . You know how he is . . . Besides that, he's been working hard at growing his Pinterest following, in time for the release of his next book!

Hugs and prayers from us all!

Amber Stokes said...


Well, glad I could answer some questions! ;) But sadly, I haven't received that email... Did you send it earlier today? Which email address did you send it to? Hopefully I'll get it soon!

And aww, thanks for that vote of confidence, my friend! So glad you hired me and gave me the chance to work with you on To Die Once. :) *Hugs*


Amber Stokes said...


Aw, it's hard, isn't it? To learn to let some things go, and to learn what things you ought to stand up for (and when you ought to make a stand)... We're all growing and learning. I'm glad to hear you've been gaining confidence! :)

Thank you for encouraging me and reminding me that God's in control of all this, and He's providing all I need. ♥


Amber Stokes said...


Thank you so much! I'm grateful for those prayers, and for your faith in me. :) I'm glad you found the notes in this post to be good reminders! So nice to see your comments here, my friend.


Amber Stokes said...


Thank you muchhly for the kind words, and for understanding! I was chatting with my supervisors about this the other day, and how it's like my personal blogging experience in that you'll never get anything posted if you're always second-guessing and worrying and wanting to show it to everyone before your post. You've just gotta do your best and realize that (at least in blogging) you can indeed make edits after the fact and then keep plowing ahead. ;)

Thanks again for reading my post and offering such sweet encouragement!


Amber Stokes said...


It's always a comfort to know you're not alone in your feelings. Thanks so much for letting me know that you relate - I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! :)


Amber Stokes said...

Aunt Cindy,

Awww, thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me like this! It's been an absolute pleasure working with you on projects, and I'm honored and humbled by all your generous words/compliments. ♥

God has been very good to me, and I'm blessed with coworkers and supervisors who are both thoughtful and understanding, while also trusting me to do the job I was hired to do. :) I'm grateful for the variety of opportunities God has given me - including the chance to work with fabulous authors like you!

I'm sorry I haven't been better at emailing either... So no worries at all! I'll look forward to chatting with you soon when we both have the chance. Happy to hear that you're wrapping up Buckley's new book - not surprising that he wants to add "just a little bit" more. ;) Bet it will be awesome when all is said and done!

Hugs & prayers back to you, my honorary aunt, and I'll talk with you soon!


Allison Ruvidich said...

You've got this, Miss Amber! : D You are a constant inspiration to aspiring writers like myself. Think of how you craft a character; their doubts only make them more lovable and human.

Amber Stokes said...


You are too kind!! I'm touched by your words and encouragement. ♥ I've definitely got my share of doubts in navigating this writing/publishing thing...but then, so do we all, right? It's a constant learning process. :)

I read a great quote on Pinterest this evening - not sure to whom the credit goes, but here's what it says:

"It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now."

While I think preparation and quality control are very important, I do love the gist of this quote, that we can keep second-guessing ourselves right on through tomorrow and never reach a point of being "ready." Sometimes, you just have to seize the moment, take the risk, and learn as you go. :)

Thank you again for your sweet comment!