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Still: Author Interview with Eniola Prentice

It's always exciting to tour a debut novel 'round the blogosphere! Still is a story of med students, penned by someone who recently went through medical school, herself. Here's a more informational look at the book...

A broken soul, 
an alcoholic, 
a certifiable genius, 
a Christian man,
and a secret that will destroy the bonds of their friendship. 

When self-proclaimed atheist Fadesola gets into medical school, she believes that it’s a fresh start of sorts for her. Until she discovers that her classmate is charming and handsome Tayo Smith, a man she encountered in a violent moment years ago. This revelation shatters Fadesola’s already fragile emotional state, but hope comes where she least expects it. A seemingly innocent friendship with Tayo’s friend, Ladi, slowly develops into a smoldering relationship, with both afraid to acknowledge their mutual feelings. Things get even more complicated when Nikky, Fadesola’s classmate and friend, ignores her desperate warnings and decides that Tayo is the man she is meant to be with. However, within the complexities of this friendship these flawed individuals will experience God’s redemptive grace in a setting each believed his love would never find them. Still, the first book of a four-part series, is a coming-of-age story about navigating through medical school in the first year, complete with hilarious hookups and breakups, legendary parties and incessant studying, and experiencing the triumph of success and disappointment of failure. 

Eniola Prentice, in her extraordinary debut novel, has written a gripping and thought-provoking story that examines Christianity, mental illness, suicide, and alcoholism.

An original and intriguing premise, no? Let me introduce you to the author...

* * * 

Amber: Congratulations on your debut, Eniola! How would you describe your journey as an indie author so far?

Eniola: Thank you so much! I would describe it as definitely interesting and challenging. I have had a steep learning curve. I have had to change my plans and adjust, as things changed. My best advice for anyone is that you have to press the mute button at some point. There is so much advice out there on writing, publishing, marketing - some good and others definitely bad. It’s important you trust God and drown out other voices and just take the leap of faith. It has also been a rewarding experience because indie publishing can be very nurturing and collaborative. I have formed connections with people that I never thought was possible.

Amber: I understand what you're saying about the overwhelming amount of "advice" out there. And so true about the wonderful relationships the journey fosters!

So, what have you learned/gained in the medical field that helped you grow as a writer? Anything we can learn from, as well? :)

Eniola: LOL. That is definitely an interesting question. I would say perseverance. My journey through medical school was not typical and it took a dogged faith in God to get me through. Most times I don’t believe it’s my faith that got me through but by His grace. You experience a lot of rejection while writing and publishing a novel; it’s inevitable. The determination I learnt from medical school enabled me to continue writing, continue pushing, continue marketing, to continue doing what I had to do when most times I did not feel like or did not even believe in my novel anymore. However, the perseverance God has given me helped me get up again whenever I felt discouraged.

Amber: Great takeaway! Now is Still part of a series, or is it a stand-alone?

Eniola: It’s part of a series just because I wanted to present an accurate portrayal of each year of medical school. Although it’s part of a series, I want to plan the series so any reader could read any novel of the series and enjoy it without having to read the preceding series.

Amber: Nice! Which of your characters are you most eager for readers to meet? Which character’s story resonates the most with you as the author?

Eniola: I am most eager for readers to meet Nikky. She’s very feisty and she’s the character whose personality mirrors mine. She has the personality I show my close friends. She’s also very childlike and I love her innocence.

Fadesola’s story resonates with me the most. She was the most difficult for me to write because I put exaggerated portions of the more challenging aspects of my life in her. Even during the editing process I did not like to read her parts in the novel because it was difficult. She resonates with me the most because she does not understand her strength even in her brokenness. Like a lot of us, she has yet to grasp the width of God’s love for her. The love she has been searching for is right in front of her.

Amber: Nikky does sound like a fun character! And characters like Fadesola, though not as "fun," certainly have a lot to offer both the reader and authors in their journeys, don't they?

My blog being what it is, I have to ask - what is your favorite season? How might it tie into the current “season” of your writing career?

Eniola: LOL. I really do love these questions. My favorite season is spring. It’s not too hot and not too cold. It ties in perfectly to the season of my writing career because it’s a time of new beginnings for me. I am publishing my debut novel and starting medical residency in a new city all at the same time. It’s almost a time for me to reset and open the next chapter of my life. I would like to walk into it boldly and with grace and I am enjoying every minute of the “newness” of the journey.

Amber: Glad you liked the questions, Eniola. :) Thanks for responding to them! I can totally relate to you with that "spring" season of life right now. God bless you in this new beginning!

* * *

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