Thursday, April 3, 2014

Precious Book Mail

I received such a sweet package from my cover designer yesterday! I was one of the editors for both Haunting Joy and Take a Picture, and Lena was kind enough to send me my own (signed!) paperback copy of each. Take a look at the cuteness!

Front covers

Back covers

Side view

A professional photographer, I'm not (unlike the hero of Take a Picture *wink*), so I know these photos don't do the paperbacks justice. But believe me, these are the most adorable paperbacks ever! Here's why:
  1. They're both so small and sweet (you know the best things come in small packages, right?). Take a Picture is practically pocket-sized (well, if you have a big jacket pocket...but still!). 
  2. The covers are soft! I love soft covers. (My own covers are glossy, which I guess can be kind of classy. But I'm thinking I might want to try a soft cover for my next release - after Morning Glory, of course.) 
  3. The colors! So bright and pretty and fun. 
  4. The interior formatting is whimsical and awesome.
Hope you all don't mind the gushing. ;) I'm so privileged to work with Lena. As a huge fan of her work, I have the fun job of reading Lena's books early and editing them - then promoting them to all y'all, which is really not that hard to do! And then I get to work with her on my own gorgeous covers and formatting. It's seriously like the win-win scenario of the century, LOL.

If you'd like your own adorable copies of Haunting Joy and Take a Picture, they're both available on Amazon (along with Lena's other books):
You can learn more about Lena's books and cover designs at

Tell me, have you received any fun book mail lately? Let the gushing continue!

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