Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday for the Military: Military Wives' New Testament (Giveaway!)

Happy Monday, everyone! It's been a long, long time since I've shared a "Monday for the Military" post, but when Rachel from Zondervan contacted me regarding a giveaway opportunity, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

If you're a military wife (or you know of one), this giveaway is for you!

About the Military Wives' New Testament

"When a woman’s husband serves in the military, she is required to sacrifice as well, adding a level of strain to everyday life that most people can’t understand. Frequent moves, unpredictable schedules, extended deployments, reintegration—and, in some cases, caregiving—all make a military spouse hungry for the stability and peace found in God’s Word.

The NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs is designed to address the unique needs, hopes, fears, struggles, and insecurities of military wives. With 90 devotionals written by military wives and edited by Jocelyn Green, a former military wife who actively ministers to wives whose husbands are serving, this New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is designed so that women in this unique situation feel as if they have a companion on their journey.

The NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs includes:
• Devotions that provide hope, encouragement, and spiritual growth
• Preface written by Jocelyn Greene
• Scripture from the New International Version
• Topical Index and other study helps

'The military wife fights battles of their own with unseen enemies: loneliness, weariness, fear, discouragement,' said Green. 'The truth of God’s Word is both her weapon and her shield. With special devotions written by and for fellow military wives, this New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs serves as soul armor for the heroes at home.'

As military wives serve their country in their own way, the words of Green and other seasoned military wives bring help and hope, alongside God’s Word, to encourage and embolden them."

The Editor

Did you catch that name? The devotionals included in this version were edited by Jocelyn Green! I had the pleasure of interviewing Jocelyn twice in the past for my "Mondays for the Military" feature regarding the devotionals Faith Deployed and Faith Deployed...Again. (You can read those interviews HERE and HERE.)

But if you weren't aware of her non-fiction, it's quite possible you've heard of her recent fiction releases, Wedded to War and Widow of Gettysburg. I haven't yet read them (although they're both on my Kindle), but I've heard good things about them!

You can learn more about Jocelyn and her works at her website.

Buy 1, Give 1 Free!

In addition to the giveaway below, Zondervan wants to share this special offer:

With every purchase of the NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs, you will receive an additional copy to share with a friend for free!

To get your free copy:
  • Visit and create an account 
  • Add 2 copies of NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (9780310421078) to your cart 
  • Enter promo code BD5W11 at checkout 
  • Offer valid 5/1/2013 through 5/31/2013

Now, to enter the giveaway for a copy of the Military Wives' New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs...
  • Leave a comment with your e-mail address. (The e-mail address is required so I can contact you if you win.) If you've read one of Jocelyn's books, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Or you can just say why you'd like to win (i.e. "I'm a military wife," or "I have a friend who would be blessed by this," etc.).
  • A winner will be chosen via and announced on the blog next Monday, May13th.
  • Good luck! And thank you so much to Zondervan for offering this giveaway!


Julie said...

Two of my nieces are military wives. One is an Army wife and one is a Marine wife. They both have children and I know they sacrifice a lot when their husbands are deployed. What a great gift this would make!

Julie said...

Oops, forgot my email address. I think you have it though ;)


Amber S. said...


So glad you entered! Military wives do sacrifice so much, and I imagine it's even more difficult when the husband is deployed and there are children at home. My grandpa was out to sea when my grandma had their first child... It would be so hard not to have your husband with you at such a scary but then special time!

I'm grateful for the sacrifices our military men and women AND their families make. And I'm pleased to tell you that since you're the only one who entered, you're the winner of this giveaway! I really hope it blesses one or both of your nieces. :)

I'll put together a blog post to announce it and then I'll e-mail you! :)


Julie said...

Thanks Amber! I too appreciate the men and women who serve in our military. My dad was in the air force and stationed in Korea when I was born. He didn't get to meet me until I was 5 months old! My husband and I weren't married when he served his 4 years in the Marine Corp. Honestly I don't know if I could have been as self-sacrificing as military wives have to be. Both of my nieces have had babies while their husbands have been deployed and I can't imagine what a stressful time that was for them. I look forward to sharing this New Testament with one of my nieces.

Amber S. said...


Wow! Your family has sacrificed a lot for our country - thank you to all of you! My daddy was in the Navy, but that was all long before I was born. I'm proud of him and my grandpa for their service. :)


Anne Alexander said...

this sounds very helpful. My husband is retired military, but working overseas as a goverment contractor as an advisor and mydaughter is a soldier single parent also
God bless u

Amber S. said...


It sounds like your family has sacrificed a lot and certainly gone through a lot! I'm grateful to your family for your service to our country. Thank you!

This giveaway may be over, but there's still time to redeem that "Buy 1, Give 1 Free" code, if you're interested. :) I hope that it blesses you if you decide to purchase it!

God bless you, as well!