Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Celebrating Crafts and Christmas with Casey!

The "Celebrating Crafts and Christmas" blog party continues with another Etsy shop owner - Casey Herringshaw!

Many of you book bloggers out there know Casey through Writing for Christ... The Audience of One, Casey's personal blog. That's how I first "met" Casey. But I've also had the pleasure of meeting her in person (as shown in the above picture!) - along with the pleasure of being one of her jewelry customers!

Casey is a sweet, talented, and creative person, and her jewelry sparkles just like her personality. =) I've bought some of her pieces for myself and for family and friends, and I've been quite pleased with the quality and the colors of her jewelry! (You can click on the various jewelry pictures throughout this post to go to those pages on her online shop and do some shopping!)

Keep reading to learn more about Casey's crafts - and about her fun giveaway!


Amber: Welcome, my friend! One definition of the word “craft” is: “an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill…” How did you get started in the jewelry “craft,” and what special skills does your craft require? 

Casey: I got started in making Bug’s Beads when the owner of the company decided she didn’t want to keep upon the time it took to make all the bracelets and necklaces as her daughter was leaving for college. For me, taking the jewelry was a step out of my comfort zone because I not a crafty person, but slinging beads on a wire, fortunately, doesn’t take a great deal of talent and I can play with colors and patterns to my heart’s content. =)

Amber: Sounds like a good deal to me! Please share one of your favorite Etsy shops/jewelry businesses. In what ways does it inspire you to keep working on your craft?

Casey: I think definitely Denise’s Jewelry Designs. I’ve bought a couple things from her and love her innovative style and performance. It takes patience to build a store on Etsy, so I’m slowing working towards at least a consistent business with a well-crafted product.

Amber: What do you hope to share through your craft?

Casey: Fun. Joy. A smile when you put a bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings on. I know it’s only jewelry, but sometimes just that little bit of “pretty” makes a day more cheerful. I know I’ve had days like that. I love to see my jewelry go all across the country—it’s a unique style that points right back to the designer, something I love about it!

Amber: Very nice!

So, your personal blog URL includes the phrase “enjoying the writing craft.” Could you share a little with us about this other craft of yours? 

Casey: I love to write Christian romance with strong women’s fiction elements and share the joy of love and life with other readers. So far, I haven’t had the chance to actually share my writing with the public, but I hope someday, Lord willing, I have that chance. I’m currently writing a story about a hopeless romantic on the journey to find her prince charming and discovering every day is worth living as though it were your last.

Amber: Sounds great!

Since the Christmas season is upon us… Will you be doing something special this season that involves your craft (either your jewelry business or your writing)? 

Casey: I plan to do a big Christmas Bazaar that is always held the first Saturday of December here in my hometown. A great many people come out for this craft bazaar and I love to put together special orders specific to the person’s style and request. Makes me happy and =).

Amber: These next two questions are "just for fun": What is your favorite color? 

Casey: Oh purple, definitely! ;-)

Amber: Bracelets, earrings, or necklaces? (Which is your favorite to wear and/or make?)

Casey: LOL! All three. I love to wear jewelry, whether made by me or someone else. Though I have to admit…I feel a mite undressed when I don’t have on a pair of earrings. Just doesn’t seem right. ;-)

Amber: So fun to host you, Casey! Thank you for joining us!



Find Casey on:


Casey has generously offered to give away a hand-crafted bracelet to one of my readers! The bracelet is size "Large" and measures 7" long.

To enter, just leave a comment with your e-mail address. Please note that you must have a U.S. mailing address in order to enter the drawing. A winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday, December 7th.


Amber S. said...

((Waving to Casey!)) Thank you for letting me feature you today! :)

Also, note to self: Remember to enter Danie in this bracelet giveaway. (Refer to Goodreads messages!)


Casey said...

Waving back Amber! I'm so glad to be here...thank you for having me!! The post looks awesome and I'm excited to send that bracelet to the winner!!

Julie said...

Hello girls! Two of my favorite bloggers! :) Great interview and fun craft Casey. Jewelery making is one craft I have never delved into, but it looks fun and the pieces are sure pretty. Thanks for sharing with us today :)

Julie@My Favorite Pastime

Kav said...

Beautiful winter Blog look, Amber. Loved the interview with Casey. What a great idea for a cyber business. I've cruised around Etsy but have never bought anything on it. I think I'll have to change that.

JillStengl said...

I love looking at all the beautiful pieces you've created, Casey! Thank you for this opportunity to win the bracelet. :-)

Carissa said...

I love the jewelry

Carissa belovedgraceful(at)bellsouth(dot)net

Amber S. said...


Aww, that's so sweet of you to say! :) ((Hugs)) Good luck in the drawing!


Amber S. said...


Thank you - I always have fun re-decorating for each new season! :)

Glad you enjoyed the interview! And you should definitely check out Casey's and Christy's (see Monday's post) shops on Etsy. :) I've found some great gifts through Etsy-browsing!


Amber S. said...


Her pieces certainly are pretty! :) Good luck in the drawing!


Amber S. said...


Me, too! :) Good luck in the drawing!


Casey said...

Thanks all for stopping by! I'm so glad you took the chance to try out Amber's post. :D

Bluerose said...

BOTH of you are such talented young ladies! I'm not surprised the two of you have became "real life" friends. ;)

Casey, your jewelry is gorgeous!

bluerosesheart at yahoo dot com

Amber S. said...


You are too sweet!! :) Thank you for your kind words!

And I agree - Casey's jewelry is lovely! Good luck in the drawing!


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Oh my gosh Casey you are a girl of many talents. I've fallen in love with a few of your creations and I especially love the necklace and bracelets that are pictured above. I've thought about staring up a shop with my mom but it's not feasible for us right now. Maybe soon!

I'd love to be entered to win!

Thanks so much ladies!

Renee C.

Amber S. said...


Agreed with your words to Casey! :)

And it would be so fun if you started up a shop someday! I loved those pictures you posted a while back of the book purses you made. :)

Good luck in the drawing!


Michelle said...

Love this post! Casey's jewelry is fantastic! I have about 10-15 of her bracelets! I love mixing and matching them with different outfits! :)

Thank you for the giveaway, ladies!
Scarphappy71at sbcglobal dot net

Amber S. said...


That's awesome! :) And you made it just in time for the giveaway - I'm getting ready to enter this week's names into the List Randomizer on!


Michelle said...

Hi Amber! Just popping in to say hello to you. I hope you're enjoying the Christmas season, and time with friends and family. :)

Merry Christmas!

Amber S. said...


You are too sweet! :) Hello and happy holidays to you, too! My family and I have been fitting in some Christmas-movie-watching time and some fun activities, so yes, we're enjoying the season. :) Can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching, though!

I hope you and yours are enjoying this season, and a very merry Christmas to you, as well! ((Hugs))


P.S. I'm going to send you an e-mail, too! :)